Thursday, May 1, 2014

Qi Wei & Jiro Wang's great relation- "My Broadcasting Girlfriend"

Jiro Wang and Qi Wei showed good chemistry when they made their first appearance for "My Broadcasting Girlfriend" press meeting, today though that good chemistry has yet to change.

As the two tease and joked around, the photos show even greater chemistry. Qi Wei the female lead in the movie recently released her photo book and happily gave one to Jiro not forgetting to mention
 [To: Dear Jiro Wang] in her opening for the book's autographing and presentation to him.

Qi Wei uploaded onto weibo a photo of the two on a poster for the promotion of the movie, while stating : " How many of you dare to use simple words to describe your first love? I have that courage he was cute and spontaneous."

[Photos of QiWei&Jiro]


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