Thursday, May 29, 2014

5-30 : Aaron Yan "DRAMA" album released!!!

The album "Drama" is the first mini album to his back to back releases of two albums "Drama" & "CUT" ...
The ideas behind drama is to show the diversity behind Aaron's passion towards his job, showing that besides being an artist he is also an actor, and that he can do both to is best abliities.
So through his music he will be expressing his feelings and though his new tactic of daring styles and music videos that have been giving everyone some good amount of "chills" ...

"Drama" consist of 6 tracks.
1. 1/2 one out of two- Aaron Yan ft.G.NA
          ~(A sweet upbeat duet from the opening of Fall in Love with Me)
2. Zhe Bu Shi Wo  That is not me
          ~(The ending theme of Fall in Love with Me)
3. Duo Yu De Wo  The Unwanted Me
          ~(The song featured in the teasers of Fall in Love with Me)
4. Mei Gui Zhe  Unlimited
         ~(featured in Fall in Love with Me as an insert)
5. Wei Yi De Mei Gui   The Only Rose
         ~(featured in Fall in Love with Me as an insert)
6. Dang Bu Zhu De Tai Yang  Unstoppable Sun
        ~(Ending theme song of  the drama Just You)


You can buy the album on Yesasia:


We will be holding a competition soon, and fans will get a chance to win Aaron Yan's album so please stay tuned!!! You may have a chance to get Aaron's album for FREE.


  1. I'm looking forward to some of those insert songs!