Sunday, March 31, 2013

Aaron Yan on Bai Wan Xiao Xue Tang

Aaron Yan returns to Bai Wan Xiao Xue Tang!!! (1Million Student)
Last year when he was on the show he successfully answered 8 questions by himself breaking his record he set at7! So now he has returned once again to break 8 questions!!! Does everyone have confidence in him!!!

Lets all watch his great challenge!
Aaron also met up with an old friend Wu Xiong! Who he hasnt seen in who knows how long but the two still caught up with eachother and then WuXiong commented on weibo: Havent seen Mr.Yan in so long still as handsome as ever! He did amazing today only one more question to break!! Wow! His music concert coming up now I cant sleep too~Insomnia!!!

Sister Keep Going premieres in Taiwan

After its successful run through in Mainland now Sister Keeps Going will aire in Taiwan! Hopefully the results will be as good and I'm hoping for no dubbed voices! Well lets all watch Sister Go Go Go!

Eason and Ming Ming are coming!!

Happy Birthday To Dr.Wu (Aaron'sDad)

Happy Birthday to Dr.Wu! Aaron Yan's dad just passed 03.29.2012!!
Aaron uploaded a photo of the whole family this year! That means MingPei came home to see daddy too!
Aaron also commented on his FB status that Even though in his father's eyes now is only his dogs meimei and cookie, he still loves his dad!

Happy Birthday Dr.Wu!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wu Chun in endorsement HEFNA make-up HK

Wu Chun in endorsement HEFNA make-up HK [23/03/2013]

[0323 News] endorsement Wu Zun Han Fenna make-up the Han Fennuo Group (Hong Kong) Limited 2013-03-23 Source Wu Chun, : Han Fennuo Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., the endorsement Han Fennuo makeup, the superstar lead makeup fashion , Wu Zun endorsement Han Fenna makeup brand advertising shooting in Guangzhou. The cross-border endorsement Chun Han Fenna makeup and their own perception of fashion and make-up tips passed to the love of beautiful women, a perfect fashion for women Beauty Festival. Adhering to the brand concept of "the trend of women dedicated to the quality of the natural and fashion colors Korean series makeup!" Han Fenna makeup, focus on fashion, health, beauty makeup career, to build confidence beauty of oriental women. Han Fenna make-up with a time of less than two years to complete the network coverage of nearly 85% of the country, the brand development speed ahead in the domestic industry, Han Fenna has become the brand of make-up industry the most potential in China. The the Wu Zun endorsement Brand advertising towards a new stage of filming, also marks the the Han Fenna brand development strategy

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Aaron Yan in Hong Kong

Aaron Yan went to Hong Kong for a press meeting and expressed that with his leg still healing the only difficulty is walking around. "I dont dance so it's not as complicated, singing for everyone is all i wish to do."
The young Artist express gratitude for everyones patience because he had to roll in with his wheelchair before proceeding onto stage. After his performance he met with the media for a press conference and once again he thanked everyone for their help & support.

Fans all had heartaches for their beloved idol, but he smile and reassured everyone he was doing better!
This May is to be his congratulations concert with only a month left to recover and practice many blessings have been sent his way.

calvin found fahrenheit

"I found this in one shopping mall of Melbourne. Backed to Melbourne today:)"

calvin posted on his weibo; he found Fahrenheit when he returned to Melbourne! Which is legit! because that poster is from 2006!
Calvin bring Fahrenheit back with us:)

Jiro finishes performance in NanChang Heads to Ning Po

Jiro Wang has been busy with his mainland performances and has been on the run.
he finished his performance last night in Nan Chang, now he is headed to NingPo to another autograph session!
The Rocker who had waited 12years to perform his music finally attained his goal and is running around like crazy! Congrats though Jiro!
He also posted on his weibo to thank all his fan for their support and love!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Calvin Busy With 3PeasInAPod

Calvin Chen has been having a lot of fun traveling around for his 3PeasInAPod Movie along side Alexander and Jae. The Fahrenheit sunshine has posted endless photos on how he spent White Valentines Day and how he is enjoying all the sight seeing!
Calvin recently expresses in that he loves the Sunshine! (Sunshine Boy)
Wishing to see him on the big screen soon!

Aaron Yan 3rd Surgery/ Malaysia Autograph Session

Aaron Yan went missing off the internet FB/Weibo sites making many fans worry yet he still never appeared after his Japanese Single was released for The Moment.
The 27 year-old Singer has had a bad knee problem that everyone has been aware of. When shooting for the Fahrenheit MV "I have my Youth" he injured himself. Having already had surgery twice no one expected he would need another one. But Aaron is known to surprise his fans he never warns us ahead of time, he went ahead and had his third surgery.
The Private Moment Autograph session was not stopped due to his injury though, it was carried on as expected. Aaron successfully preformed 5 songs with a bright smile to greet all his fans. He insisted on standing to sing but all the fans told him to sit so his leg could relax. Being very obedient he sat down and sang.
Thanks to all the Malaysia Fans of Aaron Yan he was also able to get to and from the van and airplane very easily without too much ruckus. Hoping Aaron will have a quick recovery before his performance in May!

photo credit: Yes!Magazine/ Pudding fans

Happy White Valentines Day

In Asia majority today was White Valentines Day. (3/14/13) one month after Valentines Day.
So everyone curious how Fahrenheit spent their White Valentines...
Calvin: was working with the crew on 3PeasInAPod! Jae and Xander are his companion this year xD

Aaron: Still no updates but the silent prince is profound about this and most likely has been super busy with his albums and new promotions underway. Probably spent today with MUSIC and FAMILY; the things he loves the most.

Jiro: still busy running around whether it's for promotions extra moments who knows what he'll be up to next haha he's so busy! But he was able to upload a quick joke on weibo stating... "Yo! David how do you wanna spend today? David: I have no lover I can only spend what two lovers cannot."

WuZun: fitness zone uploaded a picture to celebrate the occasion and Wu Zun being so busy with his 3 shops and promotions for General Yang soon to premiere in April. He probably spent today working again~

Thursday, March 14, 2013

KO(2) Returns! Fans meeting

Ko Returns had a successful come back so in order to celebrate with all the fans there was supersized fans meeting held. Jiro Wang, Pets Ceng, SpeXial, Qiu'er, WuXiong were all present...and Pets,Jiro,SpeXial all preformed their songs from the soundtrack.
KoReturn ended with a different couple then it started and Jiro was gone for some time so as his comeback phrase he asked pets... "did ya miss me?"
The arena was filled with fans and lucky ones got signed Pingpong balls or tshirts!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saving General Yang Goes onto Kang Xi Lai Le

Watch Kang Xi Lai Le

During the promotional tours in Taiwan, the Saving General Yang cast decided that the only Taiwanese entertainment show they would make an appearance on would have to be Kang Xi Lai Le (Kang Xi Is Coming) ... This variety show is personally one of my favorites aside from Yue Le Bai Fen Bai (100% Ent)...but Saving General Yang Cast brought back Wu Zun who hasn't been in Taiwan for some time now.
Xiao S (female host) points this factor out very quickly and instant picks up a topic as to what Wu Zun has been up to lately: (There r no subs in the video so I'll talk about all Wu Zun convo.)

XiaoS: Long Time No See what have u been busy with?
WuZun: Back in WenLai (Brunei) working with the business (Gym/Fitness Zone).
KangYou(male host): how many do you have now?
WuZun: I have 3 now.

So to round it up Wu Zun has been busy ..super busy with filming the Kidachi case files, going around to model for Iphone5/Dior Watches/ and ALT fashion shows. BUSY MAN!

later as the conversations go on with the others, ZaiZai (vic chou) is brought up with his rumors.
Wu Zun is put on the spot again when it occurs to XiaoS she can make another age joke with the man acting as their father. (General Yang)

Wu Zun had expressed once during the media-meeting of the movie "Saving General Yang"
"The hardest scene for me was when I had to carry my dad (g.yang) on my back while riding away on the horse."
Xiao S: Did u mean it in a bad way likes he's too old or??
Wu Zun: No, No ...well yes in a way. I simply meant the difficulty of that scene was intense; there are two of us so the horse has double the weight on it and also you cannot control the person behind you who has their eyes shut and is unconscious basically. He is also of age so I was very worried for him. Plus it was the first day of shooting so we all were not completely comfortable with the horses abilities.
G.Yang: yes, yes that makes perfect sense I had the same worries and pray so much before that scene.

XiaoS curious as to if anyone fell off the horse asked around everyone admitted they had  fallen once or twice and she was shocked that even Wu Zun who has already shot two other Ancient Films with horse riding had fallen off one.
WuZun: Yes, I feel off it was when that first scene with my dad was taken. that was the only time we fell off.
 The show carries on and they chit chat about how the 2nd brother had harder parts, Vic (the 4th brother) horse wouldn't listen to him; and how everything

"The director wanted us actors all to do all the scenes, there were no stunt men included!"
Which for the reality of the movie works, plus with 7 of the highest ranking stars working together the budget must've ran tight.

April will be the premiere of Saving General Yang, and then May is the international showing, I have heard eng. dubbed. versions of this movie so there is a chance of it showing in areas outside of Asia.

The United States and Singapore keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jiro Wang faces off with Huang Tae Kyung

Hwang Tae Kyuang sound familiar because if your watches the K-Drama that swept the nation with its beautiful songs and amazing script this story shouldn't be new..."You're Beautiful" recently remade in Taiwan had finished shooting and many people have expressed that through the trailer they found many similarities but there was a few things they Jiro possesses they hope to see expressed. For example his way of expressing Taiwan's natural humor. In every dream he natural possesses a way to cultivate the audience with his acting skills and now it will be compare to that of The Korean original. Is he ready for the test though?

Saving General Yang media conference ticket

The Taipei Ticket to get in for the news session of the movie "Saving General Yang" looks very elegant and very well matched up to the movie!
The movie will cover the story of the great Yang family of soldiers and the great general Yang and his seven sons with their conquest to save both China and their father!
Wu Chun has worked hard and even celebrated his birthday with the crew while shooting the movie last year! Anticipating so much!!!
April isn't too far away!!! And May is do close!

(Photo credit @Yaya幸運草)

RazorTv interview 3PeasInaPod

Three peas in a pod interview before they departed for Australia...
The chemistry between the 3 of them actually I really good. And personally Jae seems like a cool girl! Haha very pleasant just like Calvin said!

3 PeasInAPod Starts shooting

U-Kiss Alexander, Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen and the lucky new comer Jae Liew have all gathered in Melbourne,Australia for the new shooting of 3PeasInAPod directed by Michelle Chong!
Shooting day 2: everything looks great and all the characters look so cute ...the movie looks so comfortable and easy going!
Calvin plays Perry. Who seems to appear as the book worm out of the three. These 3 university kids have their journey still to take. Anticipating ! Plus Calvin is living it up having a great time in Australia!!

(Photo credits to 3PeasInAPod twitter and CalvinChen FB)