Saturday, May 31, 2014

WTC HK invites Mua-Jo for soccer space theme designs

The European Cup has started up and HK has specially invited Jiro to use Mua-Jo and designs in assisting to re-sculpt their mall's centerpiece in favor of supporting the European Cup and selling their merchandise.

Jiro who has recently returned from Japan, and has been busy with producing his upcoming movie the "BIG HERO"which he is also starring in and including recording for his upcoming album has been so busy it has been said he is getting less than 5 hours of sleep daily and possibly having restless nights regardless trying to think of the landscape for the designs.

Finally though, he did finish all the layouts and decided upon using JO the robot design originally designed in TOKYO for his mother as the main centerpiece and also going with a soccer and space theme for the shops ideal market eye catcher. 

Jiro has risen from actor/singer to producers and also picking more and more outside endorsers into Mua-Jo, which has yet to publicly open up a store but is still a strong moving onward online fashion line.


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