Monday, April 30, 2012

Jiro's New Movie " I want a boy boy boy boy friend!"

I don't know very much about this one yet but I do know that Jiro flew to Beijing yesterday for this! He is working on and on whether it's dramas or movies, music videos or commercials you name it he's booked! I want a boy boy boy friend has gone and prayed for good fortune already today and they will start shooting very soon!

Fahrenheit no longer Taiwan Ambassadors

As of May...tomorrow Fahrenheit contract with Taiwan as their Ambassador's sad truthfully you really don't want it to end but it is! Especially now too! I waited so many years tried so hard and now I can't get off the plane and see Fahrenheit! It's okay I guess but seeing all four together will become more rare now! The contract ends and Fahrenheit is thanked continually for bringing so many people to Fahrenheit! I'm going to spill a little okay ;after Fahrenheit was accepted into this job the tourism raised by 70% in Taiwan! Anyhow now we only have to say that the time was nice and let's whoever will be next will do a great job!
I'm expecting maybe LollipopF or SodaGreen or possibly BigMouth (DaZhuiBa) to take over! LollipopF has a upper hand because all their hard work does look like Fahrenheit just before they were put out on the job...but the continual rumors may get in the way! Oh wells! Fahrenheit Forever!

Arron Yan receives blessings from DeathGirl partners

AK member Alan Chen Yi (A) has asked everyone to tell all your friends to not miss out on A Miracle For Alice! But of course he wasn't the only one! Zero the director of Gloomy Salad Day/Death Girl Arron's last drama also gave him best wishes on his drama because she could see his hard work show up in this drama as compared to the last! Everyone heard it now Mau 20! Let's anticipate! 10:00 A Miracle For Alice!
Arron also asked how many days are left! Only 20!!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Love Buffet in Japan!

Calvin and Arron in Japan for the promotion of Live Buffets DVD box set! The fans buddies up in great numbers for the two superstars! In Tokyo the two were even questioned if they were to get married how and where would they propose? Arron said I wish while my own concert just suddenly stop and propose to her! (I'm going to be serious here because I find it scary when all of a sudden an idol I like says the way he wants to propose is how I'd like to be proposed too! Especially since he's done it twice!-xm) anyhow Calvin on the other hand wants it less open he said he wishes to be somewhere beautiful like an island and with family members and close friends tell them all everything she is to him and propose to her! The two also at the meeting told everyone of their first kiss where it was and how old they were! Truthfully im still taken aback by Arron's because she took his kiss lol! He lost it when he was 14 yrs old it was at her roof top it was really windy and when the wind blew she came directly to his face of course the mood was right as for Calvin he was 16 and it was at a park but he didn't dare to kiss her till dark!



A Miracle For Alice preview

After watching this I had to rewatch it then I couldn't stop! Loving it! I can't wait till it premieres!!!! A Miracle For Alice has music love struggles dreams...The drama I've been waiting for so much! This one I hope will win Arron a chance at Golden Melidy Awards he wants so much!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dadong is getting a haircut

His hair has gotten really long covering up his eyes for his job he's gotten cut it off! Question is do you ever wonder how he looks with long hair oh wait! Ep2 of absolute darling he looks great as Dong Mei!

Haneda Airport Arron and Calvin

Fans spotted Arron Yan and Calvin Chen in the Haneda Airport in Japan! The two good brothers look amazing n personally I think they ate representing the seasons again! Sunshine boy smiles and Winter prince is simply solid faced! Then again they look good but Arron needs to remember to take care of himself said his mon because he just got better!

Behind the scenes of Sister Keeps Moving part1 part2
JiroWang drama sister keeps going with RubyLin the behind the scenes! Geng Xin and Jiro Wang have to kiss N everyone of the ladies are so happy they keep smiling and when Jiro notices he is also taking off his clothes he says I'm going to ask my producer now why exactly does my character Eason have to take off his clothes do much! He asked Ruby and she said its for the audience not me I'm just jiejie!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hope Primary School

"Hope Primary School"
Wu Zun prepare written articles assembled into a book for charity, the event for it will look into donations!
Wu Zun has been bringing out attention to many different things on the world this past few months whether it be the health of others the children that are running about or the worlds environment all together! Wu Chun hoping that Hope Primary School will be a success!

Jiro Wang models for American Eagles Outfitters

He was in HongKong last night for the party of American Eagle Outfitters! Jiro Wang also thanked everyone for such a great night full of high attitudes and happy moods! He has been pulling in a lot of attention after the braid cast of Absolute Darling his HK fans are adorable and even today I'm seen post about how happy they all were to see Nightly!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Calvin message for the beautiful area he loved

CalvinChen :the 4months w/you every second I spent together for you I left my family but with you I felt everything was worth it! I think I've really fallen in love with you...Goodbye my love till next time

He has finally finished his drama and is now returning back to Taiwan but he has fallen on love with the beautiful area! Calvin I hope one day to hear you say these words to another person who can cherish you completely!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fahrenheit represents Taiwan with pride

  飞轮海三子聚少离多,上周六趁著台湾观光局举办的“Time for Taiwan”(旅行台湾就是现在)而合体。由於吴尊已宣佈单飞,而飞轮海三子也各有各忙,因此此次专程为海外歌迷而难得合体。虽然吴尊已离队,但仍脱离不了飞轮海,尽管媒体从没开口谈及吴尊,但三子却情不自禁二度提起吴尊的名字。








The media faced the Fahrenheit 3 and when the media asked who was the stingiest with food Arron replied that Wu Zun was already no longer there. Pulling Wu Zun down continually with jokes the media journalist all started to laugh...later when a request was taken up about taking a photo with the three posing handsomely Jiro Wang couldn't help so he slipped the joke out ," Are you planning to photoshop Wu Zun into an empty space we leave." everyone laughed at this joke.
Fahrenheit three sons, in the arrangement of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, met with the media of Japan and Malaysia to share the beauty of Taiwan's attractions. Calvin preference for the "highlands" observation, the most important Yangmingshan, and refers to the park at night is very charming, and the outdoors and outdoor activities, and overseas visitors come to experience the pure servant style.
Arron claimed that he preferred the ground, devaluation of the Hsinchu City God Temple, we can pray for divine in the temples!
During the conversation, Arron accidentally disclosed Calvin has to temples to pray for marriage, but Calvin put a Oolong, originally worship, incense sticks round and round within the stove, but Calvin to the body around the incense burner spin, which shows he was very eager to Cupid's come.
Jiro is highly recommended scenic fresh water, Fisherman's Wharf and Street, otherwise known as Dan Shui, the local sea and restaurants unique visual enjoyment of the class.

The last three did not forget a responsibility to make Taiwan tourism ambassador "to overseas friends the arrival in Taiwan play.

Fahrenheit will do their best I can see to bring in more people I will be one of them very soon! Thank you guys:)

A Miracle for Alice YLBFB

Arron Yan's drama A Miracle For Alice not only has a breakthrough bed scene but also he spilled that they 3 beds were shockingly broke and so they had to be switched also that there were double cameras used! Why? Well they say you just have to watch to find out! And Lara who tries out in the drama fit a singing competition said that when she was 12 she did this once and the judge was the same one for this drama! So coincidental she felt so Weird in this position! Arron also has become very serious with his violin Ge practiced about two to three times a week just to play a few songs perfectly and he feels really interested in it hoping one day to hold just a musical concert!

Also May 30,2012 is now the official release date!

Monday, April 23, 2012

When Love Walked In Finished Shooting Premeire in October!

爱情穿进门杀青了! 感谢所有工作人员也感谢我们努力的演员们,大谢导演!谢谢每一个对爱情闯进门的努力!成果就在八月的时候了!
 When love walked in finished shooting today Calvin thanked everyone for their hard work and for all the efforts out for this drama! The drama will broadcast in October of this year! Anticipate!