Saturday, April 30, 2011

Letting go

sometimes letting go 4 the best, is all you can do 4 a person
why hold on, when in the end, u know your gonna hurt the other person, including yourself
sooo HAO MEI has decided, maybe its best to let go, even if it hurts you, it'll be better, seeing that 1 person suffer

Monday, April 25, 2011

XiaoMei has to say this

My Yan Yalun CD is finally in my hands...yeah i'm so freakin happy! but oh parents had their 35th anniversary and it was a success though i did get yelled at a lot all day but its part of growing up I have to say...Arron isnt the only one with a fiery temper haha just saying...but it is true he does have one but its so cute...yalun jiu shi tai ke ai le ...(arron is just too cute)
HaoMei no matter what ni you jia you ( you have to work hard)

If every fahrenheit member is working so hard than every fan should be working matter what xiao mei will be supporting you at a distance...even though i know i get kinda annoying at times....

Thursday, April 21, 2011


You zheme duo ren zai wo shenbian de zhege shijie, dan weisheme zhege shijie dui wo gandao ruci  kongxu xianzai
 [There's so many peaple around me in this world, but why does it feel so empty to me right now]

Theses past few days have been rough, I dont know why, life seams to be getting harder and harder, but no one also said that life was perfect. There's up sides and down sides, but to me, I can only look forward and move on.
If I fail, I have to find the strength to move forward, If i fall down, I have to find the strength to get up
I can cry alone, but theres only me
I can cry on friends shoulders, but there's only me, who knows the exact feeling i am feeling,
I can do many things, but in the end, my world feels empty
I can smile all i want
but my smile will soon fade
BUT I am moving forward, I'll find the strength to move forward, even if i dont have it, dont look down upon me, cause you never know what you are able to do, till you put your mind to it
look out world! I may not be the best, I'm only me
FRH u guys have to JIA YOU TO!!!!!!
JIRO-If u take on that script that part in absolute boyfriend, then jia you! Ill support you!!
Arrron-Keep working hard! I know u can do it, because you already done lots even if it was hard 4 you, you still did it, and u have many fans supporting you like me! and Sarah
Calvin-I heard that you are coming out with a photo-book!!! I cant wait!! YOU also have to JIA YOU and get enough rest to okay!!
CHUN-:D keep up with ur fitness business! I believe you can anything, as long as you put forth the effort!

I love you guys all so dearly! Keep working hard, get enough rest, and remember to eat to! haha lolz, :)
Here in the US, im here supporting you guys with XiaoMei!!!!
<3 <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Patty Hou holds wedding in Bali

If everyone wasnt aware but yes Patty Hou has gotten married...She has definetly caught my attention this past year after working with Fahrenheit for so long..the wedding was beautiful and of course she was too...Aaron Yan fans that may possible hate her when she was Ying Zhi calm down she 's married lol... wishing her happiness

Aaron Yan continues his reign on top of the G-Music Charts for the 3rd week in a row.

Aaron Yan Yalun can't be beat. The Fahrenheit member who decided to make his solo debut has enjoyed the top spot on the G-Music charts for 3 weeks in a row now, a thing very few artists can accomplish. Aaron's "The Next Me" accounted for nearly 1/5 of all album sales this past week.

I believe Aaron is headed for a very good 4 week a month will convice all those who looked down on Fahrenheit these past years...our Aaron Yan does have the voice of an Angel! Aaron Jai You you will do amazing...

Fahrenheit ...I almost cant hold on...

What do you do when your grades are tanking and your family is opposing you yet you are still very happy because Fahrenheit is still there, at times I feel like a horrible person and at times I feel maybe I should just keep looking forward, I keep getting looked through and no one really sees makes me feel empty I treasure everyone but no one knows what will happen when Xiao Mei disappears actually I want to just pursue my own dreams and not hide away like always..Fahrenheit if you guys jai you so will I ....xiao mei is going to stand up again...I'm tired of hiding...I dont know where to energy is from but I'll use it...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Listen to me Honey...cause its love

Huang Hao Mei you are so cute you know that you keep things inside of you to where I can see you are gonna explode...and its fine if you dont have a sister...I was like that at one time too I had older sisters but I was seperated from them when I was a little girl can you  understand that get seperated from your closest family and are told they can be close to you but not super close because in the end you dont know who is family and who is not...having love is still love....and I love you!

Friday, April 15, 2011


how is everyone doing????
have u notice the big banner on the top of the page?? ahha lolz, its gonna be there just to show u :)
Xiao Mei and ii made put it together :) hope u guys enjoy!
and oh yeah, did u guys hear about Calvin's new photobook that is coming out????
ahah love u guys and be safe! <3 <3 <3 <3
~~~hao mei ^_^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


ahh, how sometimes i wish i really did have a blood sister, i mean me, as an only girl, with 4 brothers is a good experience, but when i look at others who has sisters, i get a flash of envy. No matter what, some say that sisters are a pain, they  are this and that, but u know what, at least u have 1...
:( i always get that envy when i look at a pair of sister, but i guess i cant help it

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


ehhhh, sometimes i feel like i cant tell my best friend about things, that i want to share to her, and or tell her about it, like 4 example relationships, i want to tell her things, but she doesn't really listen to them i feel, im sure she does! but it just seams like not...i know u been hurt-ed b4, but i still need a BFF to look forward to tell things to..*sigh* ohh well, i guess im on my own, its alright, to everyone whos been around me, it seems to you guys that i always have some1 there 4 me, that may be true, but only certain things they will be there 4 u, the rest u have to endure ur-self. BFF's are great, i know i already met my best friend, and along with many other GREAT friends, but being looked down on isnt that fun, i know im just a typical girl somewhere in this world, but i do know things to u know, alright, sry, i just had to get it out there, :)....
dont rush me, things take time
but dont be afraid to tell me things to, even if its not good news, if i fall, then i fall, but i know how to get back up 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

u know what,..

im tired of being taken for granted
always sticking around the side 4 something
but i realized many things while in this process
learned many things, but now im stepping up my game.
u just wait and see
i know 4rm right and wrong, ill know the difference,
i guess maybe thats why maybe i have no sisters, i believe that i missed out on some things in life, but that wont hold me back anymore
seams to me that around my friends, anything i can do, they can do better, just a saying i came up with the other day, even though i know its not true, it seams that way.
i always try to be there 4 them, do things they want but yet it never seams enough..
maybe it'll never be enough, maybe thats why i lost a friend 4rm the beginning, but *sigh* stepping up my game, and living life like its my last, maybe not to that extreme, but now i see 4rm lost of points
Huang Hao Mei JIA YOU!!!!  

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fahrenheit Going Solo Not Disbanding!

I dont like the fact that everyone is going oh did FRH break up...why does Arron have a mini album! or why isnt Chun in Taiwan!?! I shall clarify this okay! Fahrenheit is doing their own Solo things and because they all wish to do their own thing, Arron wants music Calvn talks a lot so the show host and jiro/chun both care for family and want to embrace their Acting Career...
so please no one believe in the Rumors!