Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jiro Wang- Broadcasting Girlfriend lands 3rd in sales

Jiro Wang & Qi Wei's Movie "My Broadcasting Girlfriend" - A comedy/romance movie joined the market, and within the first day the movie was able to land 3rd in box office sales.

Jiro and Qi Wei's movie, also was the only Asian Movie to market in the top 3! Above them were X-Men and Captain America2. 

The movie covers the romance of Zhang Le Le, a uni girl whom is the undying attention of everyone in the uni; and that doesn't exclude Jiro. 

The two go through continual mishaps until finally something starts to bloom between to the two. The teasers clips I released on the blog before show that both Qi Wei and Jiro stretched their limits in bringing out not only love, but a simple laid back feeling of University Days with all the fun and funny parts included :D


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