Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Frh Reunion Coverage videos

BTS version:
Chun mentions how Calvin told him he likes Nei Nei, and Calvin said "No! I meant I like little girls like I want to have a daughter of my owns!"
ignoring Calvin's statement Chun throws in "...in 18 years if your still single I'll consider you." 
Everyone laughs at this but Calvin happily throws in the statement "Are you crazy!! I can give birth to a son and have him marry your daughter."
Chun then shoots in the statement "But I want my daughter to marry someon who is more calm/intelletual." 
Calvin after breaking in laughter "Why judge my unborn son already~!^^"
Chun: "Because I know his dad already."
^^~ brotherhood is something that doesnt die!!

"Each member speaks how special WoMen is, how the members inside each assisted Fahrenheit from the day they debuted until today."

"Media mention about the controversy towards Wu Chun giving his daughter a shower on the show Daddy is Back, both Chun and Calvin respond it is a very normal thing for children's nude images to be seen in a healthy way. It was only her dad helping her shower, and Chun felt this was a natural occasion it wasn't something bad. Calvin mentions how she said "Pervert" (in chinese) when she noticed Calvin has came upstairs too. - Towards the end Chun mentions how WoMen is a good Salon and how Aaron is absent bc he is busy but he too has his own salon to manage."

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