Saturday, May 31, 2014

Aaron Yan and Tia Li - 5 hours in the rain "Fall in Love with Me"

Wanting nothing but perfection for fans to watch these two have been busying all night long trying to get only one scene perfect! 

Aaron and Tia, having the storyline go downhill with tears as Xiao Lu disappears and Tao Zi heart broken the two have a scene in the rain. Lu Tian Xing goes to find Tao Zi but she refuses to face him and ends up fainting. 

This one simple scene thought required two heavy trucks of water and the sprayer being too heavy made it hard for even Aaron and Tia to see, allowing for continual NG takes. The scene started shooting from 5pm and didnt end until 11pm, with Tia and Aaron actually repeating the same scenes with wet clothes and only drying off enough for it to not be visible on camera. 

Both of their hard work will be seen on Episode 9 of "Fall in Love With Me"


HITFM Awards Ceremony *Special Act* "AaronYan+ClaireGuo+WangDaWen"

Aaron Yan waiting in the Taipei Arena for his turn on stage and all the performers takes turns filing through for the performance of 6/1 tonight :) 

Every year there is always a special performance brought to the audience by different artist. Last year it was classic songs that were voted on by fans, This year the topic songs will be performed by Aaron Yan, Claire Guo, and Wang Da Wen. 

All three artist are known for their passions for music, and their collaboration will be one worth watching consider all three artist are made of such great musical backgrounds :) 

Aaron having won last years "Most Anticipated Male Artist" will be giving this prize this year to someone else , not too sure who was voted in for this year.

HitFM Taipei Arena

<3 HITO~~~ 


WTC HK invites Mua-Jo for soccer space theme designs

The European Cup has started up and HK has specially invited Jiro to use Mua-Jo and designs in assisting to re-sculpt their mall's centerpiece in favor of supporting the European Cup and selling their merchandise.

Jiro who has recently returned from Japan, and has been busy with producing his upcoming movie the "BIG HERO"which he is also starring in and including recording for his upcoming album has been so busy it has been said he is getting less than 5 hours of sleep daily and possibly having restless nights regardless trying to think of the landscape for the designs.

Finally though, he did finish all the layouts and decided upon using JO the robot design originally designed in TOKYO for his mother as the main centerpiece and also going with a soccer and space theme for the shops ideal market eye catcher. 

Jiro has risen from actor/singer to producers and also picking more and more outside endorsers into Mua-Jo, which has yet to publicly open up a store but is still a strong moving onward online fashion line.


Jiro Wang- Broadcasting Girlfriend lands 3rd in sales

Jiro Wang & Qi Wei's Movie "My Broadcasting Girlfriend" - A comedy/romance movie joined the market, and within the first day the movie was able to land 3rd in box office sales.

Jiro and Qi Wei's movie, also was the only Asian Movie to market in the top 3! Above them were X-Men and Captain America2. 

The movie covers the romance of Zhang Le Le, a uni girl whom is the undying attention of everyone in the uni; and that doesn't exclude Jiro. 

The two go through continual mishaps until finally something starts to bloom between to the two. The teasers clips I released on the blog before show that both Qi Wei and Jiro stretched their limits in bringing out not only love, but a simple laid back feeling of University Days with all the fun and funny parts included :D


Chun- Mido Watches photo update

Though on a packed and busy schedule, Wu Chun hasn't finished his contract with Mido Watches yet so he is currently still their locked "IMAGE" for this year as well.
Chun is modeling off their newest season of watches and is also showing the watches to other consumers and viewers of MIDO watches.

Below Wuchun is in touch upon signing the casing for consumers whom are purchasing this seasons newest designs.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Aaron Yan holds press conference for new album

5-30-2014 Aaron Yan released "DRAMA" his first part of the two mini albums Drama&Cut. 
In the first album he had a duet with Korean star G.NA the two in the MV were given back very good feed backs and many fans even want to the two in the hot series of "We Got Married Global Edition" ; the show consist of stars from Korea and stars of Japan and Taiwan. But they usually have used females form different countries and males from Korea. The only difference is that these fans said they'd really love to see Aaron on the show considering the show has taken both of his past co-stars GuiGui Emma Wu and Puff Kuo Xue Fu onto the show to participate- whether it'll happen or not is unknown but let that be heard :D

Onto the press conference though, not only did G.NA happily come all the way to Taiwan to help with the shooting of the MV of 1/2 or one out of two, she also appeared at the press conference. Aaron whom has been so busy with shooting his drama "Fall in Love with Me" has finally slightly loosened that side of his acting through acting through his MVs. 
G.NA stated that her first impression of Aaron was that he is a pretty guy, but in reality he has that Handsome Gentleman side to him too. Aaron was also very please to state that G.NA didn't actually like everyone calling her the sexy star she was and that she preferred to be acknowledged as cute, and she isn't actually that great at wearing high heels xD G.NA joked to simply state that he was also very strong which was visibly in the behind the scenes of the MV making.

Part 1: Aaron singing Zhe Bu Shi Wo That is Not Me: CLICK TO WATCH

Wuchun- Daddy Come Back (5/29)


This episode so far, may just be one of my favorites because even though poor NeiNei is sick and Wu Chun has to work extra hard to get to do certain things but she is still undyingly adorable. 

Calvin resurfaces in this episode and when Chun tells Nei Nei that Uncle Calvin is back she is instantly happy and though shows a bit of shyness it is clear that Calvin is someone that she remembers.
Ah Ken, is also someone that Chun takes Nei Nei to visit as the two watch old memories of Chun in the series of Tokyo Juliet with his long hair and in the days of Hana Kimi, with Jiro. After watching such videos Ah Ken once again has Chun ask Nei Nei who is more handsome- Uncle Calvin or Uncle Ken, and after a long pause she still says "Calvin."

The two also go into a new part of life, as Chun will witness that he will one day have to let go of his baby girls hands. Nei Nei is dressed up for the first time and goes on to take on her first photo shoot which is quite difficult but actually once Chun says "I give you candy, you want?' Nei Nei face lights right up!
Chun states that one day I will have to let go of her beautiful hand and that day I will be very scared and nervous, because right when I saw her in that dress I was so nervous already. That day is still far so he shouldn't be too worried yet but we do all love NeiNei so much :D

ENJOY the episode:D


Calvin Updates from Fb

In the last few episodes of "Daddy is Back" Calvin has been making premieres making NeiNei become particularly fond of Uncle Calvin, who is also still keeping in touch with Wu Chun and has also announced that he is working on his EP that is scheduled to be released in late summer around August of this year :D

In this photo Calvin stated that he wanted to thank his good brother for some great gloves and now he was going to also become HULK. and with just the referencing and the photo of the gloves its easy to say that its Wu Chun he is referring to. 

This photo Calvin uploaded stating that he was "...Singing for you." and that 'YOU' may be just anyone of you lucky ladies and supporters out there ahha well fans all that can be said is that he is working hard and putting in a lot of effort to bring us a good EP! 

Congrats Calvin and still anticipating you're future works. 


Thursday, May 29, 2014

5-30 : Aaron Yan "DRAMA" album released!!!

The album "Drama" is the first mini album to his back to back releases of two albums "Drama" & "CUT" ...
The ideas behind drama is to show the diversity behind Aaron's passion towards his job, showing that besides being an artist he is also an actor, and that he can do both to is best abliities.
So through his music he will be expressing his feelings and though his new tactic of daring styles and music videos that have been giving everyone some good amount of "chills" ...

"Drama" consist of 6 tracks.
1. 1/2 one out of two- Aaron Yan ft.G.NA
          ~(A sweet upbeat duet from the opening of Fall in Love with Me)
2. Zhe Bu Shi Wo  That is not me
          ~(The ending theme of Fall in Love with Me)
3. Duo Yu De Wo  The Unwanted Me
          ~(The song featured in the teasers of Fall in Love with Me)
4. Mei Gui Zhe  Unlimited
         ~(featured in Fall in Love with Me as an insert)
5. Wei Yi De Mei Gui   The Only Rose
         ~(featured in Fall in Love with Me as an insert)
6. Dang Bu Zhu De Tai Yang  Unstoppable Sun
        ~(Ending theme song of  the drama Just You)


You can buy the album on Yesasia:


We will be holding a competition soon, and fans will get a chance to win Aaron Yan's album so please stay tuned!!! You may have a chance to get Aaron's album for FREE.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sorry for not posting new post- Sick

To my dear followers and FeiFans:

I am so sorry I can't post much, I usually try at least 5 post or more to keep you all informed. I have many drafts started but a fever has caught me off guard and I live alone so Im getting slow on recovery. But regardless I will do my best to post soon!


a photo to thank u all 

Aaron Yan ft. G.NA -1/2 MV -Watch Here

In the music video Aaron plays as a super star and G.NA plays his girlfriend~ the two are very cute especially during couple scenes..
the crazy designs and small additions like the ads an style in this Mv are really new and some even quite funny :)


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MuaJoXWow "RockCute" Designs opens up sales

[Calvin's factory 7 site is a little easier to understand]

"ON SALE NOW~! 5/21-6/16 ^^"

Jiro and Calvin has finally started the joining of their two brands "Rock-Cute"
The meaning behind the name comes from the ideas of the their personal brands, whereas Jiro's brand Mua-Jo is striking a more Rocker approach, Calvin's brand WOW is more of a cute affect. This combination makes up the Rock-Cute collab of the two Fahrenheit members.

They have had fans anticipating for days with their continual posts on weibo about the collab, but it is official as Spring starts up and meets with Summer, Rock Cute has joined the next call for FASHION.



We Want We Want ROCK-CUTE!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Aaron releases "THIS IS NOT ME" MV- A THRILLER

Aaron Yan- This is not me...
opening statement:

From this moment on,
I am no longer me,
You are no longer you.

This MV is super creepy okay, but it is amazing.
They decided to use director Huang Zhong Pin again, which I wouldn't mind at all because he is amazing with his work.
Aaron's theme for a Drama within is just brilliant, so say they cannot link the song and the MV so let me go over it real quickly okay~

1. Aaron and Tia's characters are already to be a couple basically
2. Aaron's take on the stage with Tia , when he pulls her out of the suitcase is to stand and speak for the title "This is not me" meaning onstage this man who he is portraying is no longer him, but someone in this case that has an obsession over Tia, he cannot NOT have her so she is to be ONLY HIS. *which no one would mind ahha jk*
3. The clips inbetween with Aaron as a statue and in his red uniform is for a the ideal album "DRAMA" as many know that performing arts itself is always so mysterious with not much movement only gestures.
4. The ending, is telling everyone that the show is over now back to reality. and that is where you can conclude that they two actually love one another.




Watch Daddy is Back!!!

Playlist to WuZun-Daddy is Back Show Clips (CLICK TO WATCH)

As I watch this show I want all of you to join me also~ It was absolutely adorable, how much Wu Chun loves his daughter. Some say he baby's her too much but honestly no one can understand until you have a daughter of your own, she is your world and your only princess!


[sorry no eng subs yet]

The Aaron Time [ENG SUB] (ep1&2)

Ep.1- Click to watch

Ep.2 - Click to watch



Watch Behind the Scenes of "Fall in Love with Me" w/ ENG SUBBED

"Fall in Love with Me ep1 BTS eng subbed"


Monday, May 19, 2014

Let's Sing show : Judges names released- Jiro Wang

The kid's version of the highly loved and welcomed show "THE VOICE" now is ready for its first judges and casting for participates. 
Among all the judges the one we'll be focused on is the one and only Jiro Wang. 
His no.1 saying that most fans have yet to forget even today is "If you have a Dream, then Chase it!"

This never dying spirit has brought him to where he is today, Jiro is going to be doing a lot in the next few months but he is a child lover and to be able to teach them music and watch them follow their dreams is something he is very excited for :D 


5/21 This is not me MV to release (Aaron&Tia)

"This is Not Me" the ending theme song of Fall in Love With Me, will be releasing their Music Video on May 21st.

In the Music Video though, both Aaron and Tia are reuniting again but this time it is as a kidnapped beauty, and a perverted abductor.
This story itself, I am so curious as how it will match up with the song :D

Both Tia and Aaron have yet to participate in such a script, and they both stated that it is something new, and when asked on details it was a given that the "Kiss" scene will be one for the eyes to love once again.

It will be another Aggressive Kiss, Aaron and Tia said that they wanted to give it another go considering in Fall in Love, they both were not exactly satisfied with the outcome. With the two giving this all in this MV full of new obstacles the music video will be worth some anticipating :D