Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Aaron Yan May&June to release 2 albums!

Aaron Yan releases new Album! or should I say Album(s)! 
Acting and singing [Double Major] (雙主修),this year he intends to release two albums. 
In May he will release his first album "Drama" and in July he will release "Cut" the reason for releasing two albums back go back is for ideal of his thoughts. He is 28 this year and wants to get started on a new starting line ~^^ so Drama means the Aaron whom is acting in dramas and the Cut means the Aaron who is finished with shooting dramas, meaning the real Aaron behind the scenes. 

Looks like we are back to the Red though like the beginning of The Next Me, but now instead its more of a magical touch~~^^!!! Save ur money! 



  1. 2 Albums within 2 months is juz toooooo AWESOME!!! can't wait no longer....

  2. WHOA. aaron just can't be outdone. it really reminds me of the next me days! hope he doesn't work too hard. so we're waiting for: TWO aaron albums, 1 calvin, and 1 jiro. :DDD