Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fahrenheit reunites for opening of WoMen Hair Salon

3/4 of Fahrenheit has reunited today!!! 
Jiro, Calvin and Chun all were able to make it to the opening of WoMen's Hair Salon in Taipei. The salon belongs to Sam, the hairstylist whom did Fahrenheit's hair the whole time they were together and still does Jiro and Calvin's hair xD 

Aaron is still busy filming but he didn't forget to send his blessings. Fahrenheit was all present by heart!

"This image makes me want to cry^^ tears of joy of course." 

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  1. sigh~ i almost want to cry too. so nice of aaron to send a bouquet! and i hope to see them together more often~ they should feature on each others' solo EPs.