Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jiro makes headlines with his acting skills

Wo De Bo Yin Xi Nv Peng You.

"My broadcasting room girlfriend" is roughly Jiro's new movies title where he takes on a new character of a Uni student. 

He jokingly expresses that he graduated and now is in Uni!! Lol 
Jiro's occurrence on school grounds has shaken the order and most ladies are just wanting to catch a glimpse of this idol.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Fahrenheit 8yrs

H.I.M International Signed On
Fahrenheit Fei Lun Hai~ ^^ as a new boyband!

Sept. 2006 they released their first album defeating all album sales by the end of the year the only album that outsold them was the music legend- Jay Chou

2007- Two members Chun&Jiro became part of a hit drama series HanaKimi taking first in the highest rating drama since Meteor Garden. The soundtrack sold out to be the best seller soundtrack of the year.

They entered the Japanese Music Market with Pony Canyon Music releasing their first japanese single in 2008, the same year they released a second single and a new Chinese album.

Later that year Fahrenheit took over Taiwan's Ambassador job and represented Taiwan in Korea/Japan/Singapore/Philippines/Malaysia and many other countries. Bringing in loads of fans at a time they attracted man tourist. 

With new years arrival in 2009 they had already started their new album release and world tour. Both taken to a heighten success.

2010, after one year and 8 months Fahrenheit released a new side of them. The men from within in their album "Super Hot" - Taking on the new market they faced much competition but still sold out on top in the top10 chart. The same year celebrating their own 5yr anniversary.

2011- Fahrenheit's Chun leaves the band
        -Aaron Yan releases his first single
        -Jiro becomes focused on acting
        -Calvin's hosting career skyrockets
2012- Fahrenheit's members go on as solo acts but all fans root for their comeback.

2013- Chun confesses he is a father.
Jiro/Calvin/Aaron stand to respect and support his decision showing Fahrenheit hasn't broken their brotherhood!
Fahrenheit Happy 8th Birthday
...They fought thru thick and thin ; as bandmates and as brothers. Today even as soloist they still support each other <3 
Happy Birthday! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Jiro Wang weibi hits 10M - Releases Mrs.Dong

Here is the photo Jiro Wang promised if his weibo fans number broke past 10M! and it did so now everyone may witness the beauty of mrs dong....

he dresses so well as a woman (makes me worry hahaha Just kidding mrs dong) 

well enjoy! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Aaron Runs to Celebrate with Puff "Settv Awards Best Drama/Onscreen Couple"

Directly after he recieved his awards and accepted the awards for "Just You" that consisted of Best Drama of the Settv Collection and "Best OnScreen Couple" Aaron Yan didn't wait long to reunited with Puff Kuo.
He also hinted that in January the two may be working together again!!!
Will we see these two love birds on screen again!!! 
Congrats to Puff&Aaron <3 

Jiro gives indirect updates on his new movie

He says nothing much but with all his recent movies all premiered already he has told us he is working on a new movie.

Jiro Wang is going back to becoming a student once again but this time on screen!!

He posted: 
Do I look like a good student now?

Calvin Chen 's startling muscles

Aaron Yan late weibo updates

Aaron has apologized for no selfies to his fans because he has been hiding a scar he got from rehearsals.

Poor Arron its ok! 

He also updated on the fact that Winter is here but there is no snow?! So on his jogs he sees no snow and he really wants snow haha this kid! 

working hard and being healthy is a statement he always makes. He is back in the gym again :)

He laughed on his post with this Dt.Coke saying "Share a Dt.Coke with AARON"

His final performance for "Insomnia" he said he was resting up good! 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Settv Awards - Just You Wins Awards!!!

Leave it to Aaron to strike it on the red carpet with a dash of black and plaid making him so different n unique~^^

The opening of the night and the first Award goes too...(drumroll)
For "Greatest SinaWeibo Popularity"


As the night carried on he also went onstage to accept the 
"Best Onscreen Couple Award" 
Puff Kuo&Aarpn Yan <3

No smile of the night couldve topped his smilr though when he heard the announcement of the Favorite Drama of Settv!
Aaron Yan for the third time walks onto the stage and accepts for Just You the Favorite Drama award! 

He didnt even forget to kiss his awarder~^^ 
bc his kid addiction is something everyone knows about hahha! 

The night ended with a great finale of Aaron Yan's final awards for "JustYou" beonh proclaimed a Favorite <3

With many great dramas from Settv ; this year the two top winners of awards were 
"JustYou" and "Two Dads" with both 3 awards each!!! 

Congrats to everyone ^^

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wu Chun wins Favorite On Screen Actor of the Year LETV AWARDS


Wu Chun won Favorite OnScreen Actor of the Year!!!
His character in Saving General Yang was nominated by the judges of LETV; and out of all the people nominated they decided Chun's performance and person deserved most Favorite actor of the year.
Chun stars in Saving General Yang as the 6th brother and also the only one who dislikes fighting and war, his character attracted much attention and his final performance overall acclaimed much praises. 

In his thank you speech the new proclaimed father of two didn't forget to thank everyone the host and judges and also reminded everyone that on top of getting this award just two moths ago he received also a great baby boy in his life and he feels 2013 has been an excellent year for him. 


Thursday, December 19, 2013

The stories behind Wu Chun's life

When he released his book "Ignite Courage" he embarked on a journey that involved a lot of courage, he became even more truthful to the public than anyone would expect. He told everyone he was married and that he had a daughter and that he was expecting his son soon.

Some time has gone by but Wu Chun is back and is still promoting his book, his son has entered this world and joined with his daughter NeiNei under the protection of a great father and husband.
His story of responsibility and living life to the fullest starts very early on when he lost his mother, and embarked on making Brunei a better place.

Wu Chun Graduating from College; while his mom had been diagnosed with Cancer and he knew nothing.

He has a lot of photos of him kissing his daughter because he loves kisses her and sharing every moment with her

One year he was unable to go visit Brunei and see his daughter but she sent him a letter wishing him happy birthday and saying she loved him.

NeiNei getting her tooth checked 

Snaps of Chun on the show 

*Note* I haven't found the whole footage yet I will upload when I do.


New Year's Performance message from Calvin

Calvin updated his weibo and facebook with a photo to fans saying for this years New Year Countdown Performance he will be performing (he hasn't disclosed where he will be though) but he has sent out a message to everyone.
"My sexy ladies this new year countdown I want everyone upbeat and happy, what songs would you all love to hear????"

Calvin wants everyone upbeat and ready to dance and move along with his upbeat sound waves so what is everyone waiting for go on and leave your song list for him to choose from!!! 


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Camp "They are best friends?" Calvin Chen and Zhou Mi

Happy Camp Calvin&ZhouMi

Click Above to Watch :D

They perform Zi You as their opening; and the two explain how they are best friends.

They met in BeiJing during SJ-M's performance Calvin noticed Zhou Mi and the two said because they are the tallest and that they spoke the most they just clicked.
Afterwards they starting working on the drama together with Victoria; then Happy Camp calls Victoria.
Continue watching...


Jiro in Chong Qing for Clear Hair Product Promotions

Many people of Chong Qing filled up the area to see over the event and Jiro also posted all over his weibo that everyone was very excited and active that day. 
Jiro also posted that many of his fans were being very compassionate! He happily completed his interactions with everyone and that that night thanked everyone for showing so much passion. 

The event was very successful and Jiro couldn't help but keep snapping photos LOL


Calvin Chen and Ai Sha's New Show Episode 1: JiroWang&W-inds [SETTV 三立 都會台:音樂無双 Music in the Double]

Calvin Chen and Ai Sha have teamed up to allow the countries of Asia to communicate through not only their music but the artist behind the music.
Episode one features Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang and the Japanese band W-inds.

click here to WATCH Episode 1

Winds and Jiro once met in Korea during the Seoul Asia Music Awards ceremony in 2008; during that time Fahrenheit and many other artist like Yoga Lin, DBSK, and w-inds were all present.

They said that if they were to come to Taiwan both Calvin and Jiro would treat them to a great dinner and show them around Taiwan. (After all they were once ambassadors of Taiwan!)

Enjoy the show
(Someone else shows up in the show from FRH too ) ;) 


Friday, December 13, 2013

Music in Double - Calvin's new show

Calvin Chen from Fahrenheit and Ai Sha from Da Mouth are joining together withtheir intellectual skills to break the barrier of music and the beauty of Asia and its artist with a new show "Music in Double" on Settv and MTV-Taiwan.

The first episode features from Taiwan Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang and from Japan W-inds!