Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wu Chun possible reunite of Fahrenheit

"If I am going go return to singing, I will return to Fahrenheit. Our relationship is still really good." 

This quote will be relighting the hopes of many Fahrenheit fans across the world, it made weibo, twitter, facebook, igs and many other social media accounts go crazy with the repost and relikes of this statement.
The re-uniting of Fahrenheit may just be possibly considering the daddy of Fahrenheit has stated he would be willing to return to Fahrenheit once more.
The hopes of many may be as high as my own, the night Wu Chun appeared on the singapore stars award carpet no one expected to here this come from his mouth, but he stated it and I am almost certain as many fans as possible will be holding Fahrenheit up against it.

Calvin to release his first album this year as he is working on it now, in addition Aaron will be releasing his 2 album by the mid summer, and Jiro recording with plans also to release an album, Fahrenheit fans intend to save up all your money because with sales going to be booming all of the following CDs must be purchased!
As for Chun's statement he will be held accountable I'm afraid haha but regardless Fahrenheit will always be welcomed back onto the stage too. 



Also congrats to Wu Chun for winning an award during the Singapore Star Awards ceremony!!!

I cannot recall which award it was but I believe he was in the top 10 fav. actors awards. 


Aaron Yan good morning work hard

Aaron Yan uploaded a line of endless photos from between his workout in gym till after he was headed back home! 

some of these are just too cute haha !


Friday, April 25, 2014

杨贵妃 Royal Miss Yang - BeiJing Red Carpet Movies Festival

Above is the photo of Fan Bing Bing and Wu Chun walking the red carpet for the upcoming movie Yang Gui Fei "Royal Miss Yang" . The movie has had good reviews considering it is constructed of a strong group of producers and the directors and team are all very praised. Overall, the lead is Fan Bing Bing, Wu Chun though is not the main character in this movie though he will make a premiere in it. 
Wu Chun was busy with the shooting of "Daddy is Back" and also just spending time with Family then the release of his album ; so upon taking this role I'm sure he had his hands full. 


"爸爸回來了"吳尊 Wu Chun "Daddy is back"

"Daddy is back"
The show is welcoming the former Fahrenheit member and now father Wu Chun onto this season.
And many fans are very excited to see what he will do!!!
Following him and Neinei's everyday life, and showing everyone how this celebrity changes when with his little princess <3

(Below are just some photos to share) 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aaron Yan has started recording for new album

After Calvin&Jiro updating bits and pieces of their starting up on recording, Aaron after releasing two songs for the drama "Fall in Love with Me" is back in the recordings studio. 

He posted on IG; a photo of him and his mic with headphones ready.
All smiles here, and now we wait to anticipate another great album!

So far we only know of him and A Qin of F.I.R working together again but sure enough I'm sure many other great directors have come together again too!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Calvin Chen Goes to Brunei

A few days ago Calvin uploaded this photo onto Facebook with the comment stating "Guess where I am?" 
Many fans guessed many different places but majority of fans stated "Brunei!" 
But then the question was~ ^^ why did he suddenly go to Brunei? 
Quite honestly the answer was simple after he uploaded the second photo today. 

In today's Facebook update he stated "Hey Bro~ Thanks for letting me drive your lambo. And also NeiNei~ was adorable." 
As the two have been known as The Wife&The Husband of Fahrenheit before many fans made the remark that Calvin went to find his husband (WuZun) !!!

Obviously though the child lover, and good friend went to have a quick vacation in Brunei. After all it isn't his first time visiting the country and it doesn't appear like it'll be a last :) 


Monday, April 21, 2014

Jiro Wang's "Days in Japan"

Jiro has been blasting new feeds on his instagram! Haha 
regardless the star is having fun ^^

Here Jiro made an astonished face as he took a selfie with a poster of his favorite idol from Japan. 
Above this photo was originally a video of him on a ferry ride, but since fans were able to catch photos and place it into a image setting I'd decided to share it with everyone^^ I couldn't watch the video without laughing at his expressions. 

These collections of photos were of him on the streets and in the hotel room. And so lets stick em together to make sharing easier (lol Fans did this i did not)^^

The above photo is from weibo, but below is one off instagram. Jiro stands here with the crowd of people infrontof what seems to be a hotspot for tourism and culture for people visiting Japan. It looks like a shrine or older building of some sort (Wasn't mentioned exactly where) ^.^??
Enjoy the photos~~


Calvin Chen undergoes making of new album

Vic Teo & Wang Si Ping Joined Calvin in previous days to undergo .... His new album's RECORDING!!!! 😊😊😊😊

Regardless this is great news~^^ Vic uploaded the photos onto his facebook a day after Calvin had uploaded his photo upon having everyone guess what he was doing in the recording studio! 
Here Calvin and Vic pose for the Camera as they went through some arrangements for the new album, like choosing music and lyrics before recording.

The next day was when Wang Si Ping, a well known producer who has worked with Fahrenheit for many years entered the photo, and the recording actually took place. 

They both praised Calvin on this choice, and now all we have to do is Anticipate a Great Album!!!

Aaron Yan's Endless Selfies

Instagram and Facebook and Weibo, doesn't matter where its at Aaron's Selfies are blasting up news feeds haha! Which is great because that means his mood is back up and kicking!!!
This one on weibo was posted with the statement : "A long time since having dinner with certain people!" 

Aaron uploaded the two following onto Facebook. With many fans saying he needs to dry his hair before he catches a cold ^,~ haha 

The one below he uploaded with saying he was returning to work again^^

But you know we all love these cute ones he uploads looking like xiao lu!! 
"Good morning, how is everyone today!" 

Below, he wants everyone to guess what is he doing now!?? "Mv?...Commercial maybe??... or more for the drama?" 



Chun takes part in "Daddy is back" Mainland Show

4/24 is starts broadcasting, the newest hottest shows allowing daddy's to live up to their names as the "best daddy" and showing the world their precious darlings. 
   Wu Chun was asked by many fans after the news of him having been married and having children broke out, he had not at the time replied anyone about whether or not he would participate. 
After some time though, I finally found that he did sign on to do the show. The best thing about this show is that nothing is staged it is all real life and just a camera following the daddy's around in their everyday lives with their darlings <3 

  "Daddy is Back" recently gained high popularity so seeing Wu Chun on this show will for one make a lot of fans very happy because who doesn't adore seeing their idol behind the scenes being nobody but themselves, and two lets not forget how adorable Wu Chun can be when with children!!! 
   Chun is put under the name "Quan Neng Ba Bi" meaning a father of all capabilities, and he is also known as the "Xing Nan Ba Bi" meaning the Gentlemen Daddy. 
Both equally evaluate who is, the show opens by giving quick evaluations to understand each father's status, Wu's being a CEO of FZ, Actor, Former BoyBand Memeber of Fahrenheit, Coming from Brunei with Chinese decent, and also earning the youngest no.1 entrepreneur award in '08!!! 
He acts, sings, is a model, businessman and is a great Daddy!!!  

Let's all anticipate WuChun and NeiNei <3 His daughter looks so adorable already!!!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Xiao Bing Bing joins "Fall in Love With Me"

The crew is now adding a few more members for the next episode of "Fall in Love with Me" !!! 
After ep1&2 great ratings ep3, cant lose by much especially now that we have added Xiao Bing Bing to the crew. Whom is actually Xiao Xiao Bing's Father.

Mini Bing is actually Xiao Xiao Bing's younger brother who has also followed in his father and brothers footsteps and walked into the starlight too. 
Also it just happens the actress playing Auntie Jing, whom Tao Le Si is trying to get to work with her on an advertisement actually starred as Xiao BingBing's mother in a series back in the 1980s :) 
When asked upon whether or not Tia or Aaron would be against their child wanting to join the entertainment industry they both answered they would support their child. 
Aaron says "...if that is what my child desires to do, I will support him/her 100%." 
Tia though answered,"...I don't necessarily want to put my child in that position but if he/she really likes it, I will go over the sacrifices that come with it with him/her and if they choose to enter still I will support them." 

The two's chemistry has grown slowly since ep1, and many fans online or infront of the tv have been supporting them undyingly!
Keep watching <3


Aaron Yan updates Instagram

We all should know by now, Aaron has this funny issue many people also share. Its that once you start playing around with new sites and new social medias you get attached and keep it going at a good rate.

Back in 2010 he had it really bad an uploaded over 99 post on weibo!!! And  previously he has been very diligently loading a lot onto Facebook, regardless if it was for fun or for his own emotions. Well now, he is on instagram so sure enough he has been doing very good at loading new photos daily haha! 
On another note though, he does upload just as much as Jiro does too! The two are photo addicts no question about it haha <3 

"Can you guys guess what I am doing today??" 
-Aaron Yan

"Minion and Iron Man?!" 
-Aaron Yan 

On a personal note, i think the minion-ironman is absolutely adorable!!! ^^


Calvin Chen's Amazing Body Photo

He usually uploads photos here and there of himself when he is out working out or if its before a shower.
But never have we been so lucky to get such a nice HD studio image of Calvin showing off his newly well built muscles. 

The previous day Tong Tong turned a year old, and within this past month or two Calvin's followers numbers have gone up also, and for some reason this was his chosen choice as a present to fans for all their support. (no argument its a great photo ) 


Friday, April 18, 2014

Jiro Wang “Broadcasting Girlfriend" movie trailer released

My Broadcasting Girlfriend TRAILER

The above link will link to Jiro Wang's new movie showing on 5/20/2014 starring Jiro Wang and Qi Wei.
The two are taking this humorous and touching little love story to the screen, and the first teaser itself brings out just enough humor to wanna make everyone buy tickets now!!!

QiWei acts as Zhang Le Le and Jiro Wang as Bai Liang, a simple college love story between a beautiful girl who is like a rose with thorns, because besides her unarguable beauty and intelligence she doesn't lack anything but she has a strong attitude that came with a very strong and able mouth. (meaning she can be very direct)
Bai Liang who is a tall, cute and very kind boy comes along and he two adds onto the list of many men trying to get Zhang Le Le's heart. He whom is like a santa claus on the exterior but a little ruffian on the interior claims that he can see through Zhang LeLe's strong character and that she just needs someone to protect and love her because he believes on the inside she has a soft heart.

A strong personality girl and a little ruffian of a boy, a classic love story, and an ending to anticipate.

Thank You All.

Thank You all for your patience and support:)
Thank You to all the fans who sent messages whether it was Facebook or Twitter I did receive them. 
And to the other Admins that allowed me to recover and keep most of you fans still updated on some new Fahrenheit news :) 

All in all, We are back. Time for some Fahrenheit-ism~^^!!!! 

Also I am currently eng subbing some songs so hopefully we will get that done soon! And also I will be updating the lyrics page so we can get it back up!

Jiro & Aaron's Workout Craze

Jiro Wang isn't alone now with his craze over working out still going on, he works out almost everyday and at least 3hours or 5 days a week regardless of work. For a normal person this type or perseverance is hard but since he has gone through the assistance of Coach Chun ^^ and his passion for a masculine look always pulls him through.
The artist has never been shy of showing off his well built interior ☺☺☺
But regardless, Jiro fans on instgram still make funny comments like Jiro~ now how am I supposed to sleep or blowing hearts at his hard efforts. 
Jiro though isn't alone in his passion of
working out for a nice new look, because even the youngest of Fahrenheit has joined in.
Always seen as the little brother of Fahrenheit , he never worked out to a larger scale like Jiro, Chun or Calvin but little brother is growing up and for his new drama and wanting to be healthier he has spent everyday morning or night in the gym.
Aaron has been blowing up his Fb/IG feeds with his efforts to working towards this new masculine look. 
Him along side Jiro have always had a hard time throwing away the Pretty-Boy look and name but below that name they are both working towards a new "Manly"and  "Healthy" look. 
Aaron unlike Jiro and Calvin doesn't have that confidence to only take photo of his new fit figure to post online, so allow me to just recap the shower scene of "Fall in love with me" 

Live Healthy, Live Happy, Live Strong!!!

BeiJing- Jiro meets Chun!!

How do you tell a brotherhood can't be broken? Easy, when one becomes a father and the other one happily says "Daddy is back!"

Jiro ran into Chun in the previous days in Beijing while making an appearance for Beijing's Movies Night Festivals. 
Jiro happily uploaded photos of Chun onto his instagram and weibo to share that Daddy Chun is back!!
And honestly you can't lie that a relation is still close when you have two grown men over 30 making these kinds of faces for photos haha^^
And knowing Jiro he probably has many more in his stash of photos but he only loaded these two haha ^^
It may have been some time before meeting again but these two have both gone a long ways in their mainland china career. Maybe one day we'll witness them together on stage!

;) to brotherhood keeps friends close!