Thursday, February 28, 2013

3 peas and a pod flight details

Michelle Chong's new movie to soon be shot in March, 3 Peas in a Pod will have flight details listed on Calvin and Alexander if the fans pass the number requires on twitter!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

You're Beatiful (TW version) done shooting

Jiro posted up his weibo the other day about finishing shooting for the drama series You're Beautiful! After the series became a big hit on Korea remakes had been made and this is the Taiwan Version starring Jiro Wang as the main lead.
Jiro express that when he finished the meal and the crew was splitting up he felt like he was leaving a family and slowly moving on he hopes to see everyone again soon and that he enjoyed the time he spent with everyone whether it was onstage singing or off stage joking around.
You're beautiful if everything goes right should be ready to aire in the Summer

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wu Zun celebrates CNY in Houston Texas

Wu Zun in Houston? For what!?! see his favorite players of the NBA in action! Wu Chun along with Blackie&ChristineFan, SelinaRen(SHE)&AhZhong ,eVonne, WilberPan and other stars all showed up together to watch the match!
Everyone huddled together to enjoy such a thrilling experience and meanwhile it was the Brunei anniversary so Wu Zun flew his Brunei flag proud of his country!
Wu Zun for this trip though ended up not sleeping for over 50hours! Leaving fans devastated at the news considering they are all familiar with the headaches be gets from no sleep and how harmful it is for his body!
Wu Zun still expressed if was all worth the experience and that he enjoyed the trip!

Calvin Chen Upcoming Drama 我愛幸運七 progress

Calvin Chen's drama "Lucky Touch" or the original translation "I love lucky 7" with Dou Hua Mei, has been progressing very well and the two appear to be working very hard!
The chemistry off screen at least seems to be very well. Considering both of them are people persons! They are very cute and Calvin often teases Dou Hua Mei.
But good relation goes no where without hard work thank goodness they have both. The FB page for (Wo Ai Xing Yun 7) has recently uploaded many photos many if which showing the actors both in deep thought as their characters!
Anticipate them!

Wu Zun's Muscular Body Makes Headlines for Saving General Yang

Wu Zun is starting alongside many great actors for the soon to aire international movie Saving General Yang , one of which happens to be F4's Vic Zhou! Fahrenheit and F4 member together on the same scream always brings commotion around fans~! And this time it's gonna be on the big screen where the two will hit it of as Brothers. The Yang clan family has a total of 7 sons who each fight alongside their father and must work to protect their country and find their father. Chun's character from what I have found from reading endless newspapers seems to be one of the younger brothers named LiuLang. He doesn't learn the arts of weapons to kill in war but simply because he leaned that without learning these skills be cannot protect his family from harm.
In the movie if anybody is familiar with the story, due to a crime punishment in the ancient times of the Chinese; getting hit by a wooden stick or whipped were all possible. Wu Zun who plays LiuLang does get caught up in a crime and so that no one will look down on the pride of the Yang family he and his brother to to take up their punishment...resulting in what critics say Fans favorite part of the movie! Not because the characters are being beat but because Wu Zun masculine body hasn't changed though he has had it covered up for so long fans must miss the sight!

Everyone should Anticipate this movie that should premiere in April in China/Taiwan and in May internationally.

Monday, February 18, 2013

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It's been a while update

Hey guys! (Supporters)
So sorry but all of the admins have been soo busy lately !!! It's our last year of high school so we r a busy with college but as soon as things settle down we will continually repost and update again!!

I'm Xiao Mei and I finally turned 18 a few days ago and well I realized that like a lot of u guys I really love these four boys and don't wanna give up on living it up for them!!!

So excuse our blogging Haitus but I will be back soon!!
Much love to u all~~!