Sunday, January 30, 2011


awwwwww almost everyone is getting sick these days...
so everyone has to JIA YOU!!
i <3 u guys! remember that
2 pictures to share today ahaha(chosen at random!)


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Xiao Mei is having a glorious time

I've been experiencing a lot and hao mei has been out of it lately too, but lately my mind has had an official FLH Boom Burst!!! how did it go! amazing =I literally went through a lot I wrote down everything i knew and then started singing a lot of their songs and then boom I was so exhausted I decided to watch LOVE BUFFET....hey dont blame me for using a flh thing to resolve another flh thing!
Actually lately while working at my restaurant I've been doing extra and school work plus test having been getting on my case a I needed to escape from it all so I decided to push everything away for a while and live like SUNSHINE!(YIRU) I love him so...especially lately he has been so cute! okay XiaoMei gonna cherish her heartache...yeah xiao mei has a chu lian heartache to get teng ni de xing teng!!! okay bye byes(;

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hao Mei says

this week hasnt been my week
but i'll admit
ill didnt give it 100%
i only gave it about 50%....but its okay im back up now
hao mei <---- wa
i think im learning
step by step
slowly but ill get there some day
fei lun hai has kept me going! ahha oh i have a pic to share of arron!
ahaha i like it

message 4rm Xiao Mei

Fahrenheit's connection
A lot of people say that Fahrenheit isnt very close but I dont think so actually I think their really close...super close really though if one of them before the other is done talking can finish what they are gonna say then its considered close.And if a glance can be determined save me I dont know what else to say then its also considered as very close understanding! Eh?Hao Mei aren't we like that...yes news to spring up Hao Mei and Xiao Mei's good friend Jie Ni could just possibly have a touch with us we werent very stable before and Xiao Lin(Li Sha) You are in my pact too, I share a bond with you that is different from others I dont even talk or think and you already sense that I'm uncomfortable or unstable i understand your laid back character actually that is what I envy of you<I love how you can always stay calm but willing to stand up for your beliefs!> So as FLH connection is so close I'll continue to build my friendship with Hao Mei, Jie Ni, and Xiao LIn!

Yalun's Ooloong Tea mixed With Orange Juice...
Not many people may have caught this but of course everyone should know if your an Ah Bu fan that he admires Patty Hou well while on the show(AZIO) Arron chose his type which was a Ooloong Tea girl one that is more mature than him and independent but he did say he will like her to be cute and gentle too playful like (Yalun still wants to be her MAN!) ...anyhow though he chose was not Patty she told him "see you should've chosen this orange juice like the other 3 members!" Well Yalun's expression was well very man-like if you ask me the grunt and mumble in all (did ah bu fans hear that YES! he secret mmmhmm and yea...) yalun said:"I also said I also like this type too!" <Hint:Patty Hou!he's indicating something> he did say sometimes i like this kind too so what  do you get? orange juice with ooloong tea If we bring up to topic girls Yan Yalun has admitted to being attracted to...then we have his Xue Jie-Hebe(S.H.E), Taiwanese pop princess Rainie Yang and our beautiful Miss Hou Pei Cen (Patty)! What do they have in common? I believe he is attracted to their confidence! Actually I would say they're all so pretty too? Okay well Yalun wishing you the most luck with catching fishes in the sea!(idiom) oh and stay away from jokes their really cold.

Jiro loves to imitate Mike He Jun Xiang!!!!
 A lot of people around me have said that ohh mike or jiro? who's hotter now as a Flh fan and as a jiro-lover myself I said Jiro naturally now heres a question, Jiro acting as Mike is really similar problem is Who is hotter Jiro as Mike of Mike as Mike! Anyone confused? I find myself confusing people! Haha...anyway I think Mike and Jiro in a way look alike! I said it but to me Jiro is a lot hotter but Mike He is really cute too! Personally I would rather watch Jiro acting as Mike rather than Mike himself....hehee come on think about it...its hilarious!


The SHERO I idolize-XMei
My SHERO Selina Ren Jia Xuan is finally up and about! She can go home yeah!!! Even though her beautiful hair is no longer there I still think she is the most beautiful S.H.E member. I watched the conference of her and started to cry! Selina really is my Idol, I do a lot with confidence because I feel like Selina is really a strong confident girl....I feel really happy for Selina. Out of the hospital after being there for so long, a shoutout to all those S.H.E fans and Selina fans dont stop supporting then. They are SHEROs and will continue to stand side by side! Being able to depend on her family members and bandmates and knowing her fans are still here for her I hope S.H.E's 11th album and Selina's next greatest work will arise soon! Jai You Ren Jia Xuan!
<3 Selina forever!~XMei~加油

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hao mei sayssssssss..........

been hard these past few days....but im trying
giving it all my strength, and courage! when im sad i tend to listen to sad songs, and be a loner haha but its alright ill be okay
not everything in this world is perfect
im learning 4rm my mistakes!
but heyy thats life right?
well not much time g2g study 4 a test i have tomorrow!
if u dont have strength to move on
talk to me anytime! ill try to give u strength!

Xiao Mei Saysss..........

1st Blog entree

Calvin's Cold Jokes!
I find it sad that when calvin tells his cold jokes and no one understands it and no one finds them funny but I find them hilarious! seriously though Chen Yiru I understand your humor and everyone around me just looks at me like that's not funny why are you laughing so much? My only reaction is "you don't get it?" its really funny, like last time when he was on Show's 100%Ent. show and told cold jokes, I understood so I laughed a lot and even spit water all over the table ( it was bad really...) but my mom and sister were just looking at me like its just not funny. Huh? I guess this is the fate of being a weirdo like I am...I'm a proud Fahrenheit fan that sadly understands Chen Yiru's Super Super Cold Jokes that you need to wear Heavy Winter Jackets for....hahaha that was a joke one gets it though rite?...its okay Xiao Mei is a cold joke person herself, but I have times when I'm funny too...but you have to be looking at me to understand it....usually my facial expressions are funny says someone I know...they say I remind them of Ella(S.H.E), I dont see it but thats me! Sunshine Jai You I understand your cold jokes and love'em so yeah!

2 blog entree
Ai Si Bai Hui--ah yi your too much

Love Buffet was the drama I was waiting for since last year, when I heard about Death Girl and Sunshine Angel I calmed down some with the feeling of Yeah! Fahrenheit Drama one after the other!!! But when I found out I would have to wait for Sunshine Angel by my most wonderful Chunnie!!! I was slowing down my ultimate brain slowed and FLH was like a book too hard for me to push out but then Tai Re kicked me back up Xiao Mei was Xiao Mei again cheerful always eating and jumping everywhere knowing she was gonna trip! When I finished Death Girl I was so so so so Happy! Yan Yalun has come along definetly making me think I wonder how well he would of been if he didnt meet with that accident of Wo You Wo De Young MV-(knee)! maybe by now he would be farther then I wouldv'e liked Rolling Love  a lot more with Yalun instead of Danson of course I like DT too. And the same with MoMo Love I loved GuiLun they are amazing onscreen offscreen to me though they look more like bro-sis relation but still a fan of guilun!!! Arron Yan's Love Buffet though really got me though WHY?!?!?! Ah Yi oh my goodness you almost stand next to my Zhou Yi Quan!!! OHHH I'm serious, anyone reading this can say I'm crazy but when I watched Love Buffet my chest got butterfly everytime something was gonna happen and Ah Yi (arron) was gonna see something between Xiao Feng(Reen) and Da Ye (calvin) I would jump!!! Yalun's performance was so good I CRIED!!! Xiao Mei doesnt cry even if someone passes away!!! Yes I'm as cold as winter but I'm emotional! Ai Si Bai Hui Jai You your already on my Top 10 dramas just you haven't been placed! Ah Yi I feel so bad for you....if I was Xiao Feng I would actually choose the quite sincere one even if he is still in the past....ok this is a really long entree!---小美愛飛輪海的阿布aka亞綸or阿一!

Blog entree 3
Death Girl-what I cant overcome
I finished Death Girl with this feeling---NO dont end wait what happens now you two are together but no!!! I got really caught up with DG no kidding, as a matter of fact I was in class and even drew Du! Creepy! It scared Hao Mei. It sorta creeped me out too because when I was at home alone I decided to sketch some pics cause I'm really into manga drawings so I was drawing and drew like 6 Du photos! Ahh...anyway I even found out I shouldnt watch Si Shen Xiao Nu and go instantly to sleep like currently the past few nights while I was sick I saw Du while asleep! Serena Fang your amazing! I'm a fan even though I really did admire her before but her as Du was awesome! Of course Shen Qi was adorable, and Gao Chao lets just say Fahrenheit's 4th album speaks for you!!! The only thing I still cant overcome is Why is it over!(not true but this is important currently..hehe)

Blog entree 4
its a jai you feeling-another long entree!

A lot of people will say things to put you down, you may meet up with people who will say things that will eventually make you feel like you will never be able to get back up, you yourself will one day say things to yourself that will go along with I cant do it anymore or I want to give up. What is the result you get back up and do it again mistakes happen and you will make them over and over, I finally learned that its not wrong to do what I've been doing as a matter of fact I'm going to keep being me! Xiao Mei that clumsy, everyone thinks is a super genius robot lady that works her heart out with every sweat and never looks back not because she wants to keep going forward but because she's scared to look back at her tracks. I've never thought I'd be able to say it but yep that's how I see myself I don't have confidence in myself in many areas but Fahrenheit is one of them! Because Chun's numerous quotes I've seen and adding on my own life quote "live with no regrets" and Ah Bu's Love makes life beautiful quote and Calvin's Sunshine feel plus Dadong's ongoing spirit I feel that with my BFF's Hao Mei's warmness I can overcome everything...the only thing I could come up with to answer all of my questions was Its a Jai You Feeling!- a feeling of not giving up one I'll never forget who I got it from- To:my dearest superman Xie Xie Ni! and my wonderful sunshine princess (who doesnt know it) Xie Xie Ni!(she should know I hate anything mushy unless I say its sweet in this case its SuperHot):oh to those wondering if I take the time to write down every FLH members quote my answer is NO! my weird good memory let's me memorize just about anything I hear or read!-habit!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


whew havent posted anything in a long time ehh?
haha well my badd i've been so busy with school and everything didnt have enought time to stop by haha but i keep going, xiao mei and ii did our star event and won silver, 3 points away 4rm a gold..:/ its okay, even though we tried our best its okay :))
SELINA REN is getting better! she finally her 1st appearance in the longest time! but her hair is growing back! it is and i know it'll grow back! no matter what she will still always be the one and only SELINA REN! :))
u guys give me courage, strength and much more then u guys know
take care of yourselfs and be safe!
wo ai ni :)
~haooooooo mei

Monday, January 10, 2011

fahrenheit is what matters cant wait

this november xiao mei is going to be in china visiting family so maybe if her parents let she'll go to taiwan....
Everyone says I just wanna go to see flh...though its half true I would rather like to say I really want to see quite a few for example taipei's 101 building my uncle was there once for business and said its amazing!!!I'm anticipating it so much and plus november has always been buzy for fei lun hai too, but if I dont get to go then I'll be sad and disappointed...I'll have to wait till I go to study there!!!
help Xiao Mei JaiYou

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


anyone who hasnt found out that was taken off well it was now they have new sites heres chun....
this is arrons
this is jiros japan one
and i dont think calvin has 1 sadly....but here is where u can find some artists (like show!) links^^
ahha enjoy!!
and FEI LUN HAI!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

make worth of 2011

2011 had just begun but it can be filled with lots of AWESOME memory's! My new year started out GREAT! I have a awesome feeling for this year!
ALSO i found out i could like actual message wu chun or comment on his site!! heheh i believe can also do it on the others but i cant really read Chinese! :(  but im slowly learning ^^ step by step to success! ahha lol
Fei Lun Hai GO! GO! GO! Jia You!
1 day i will accomplish my dream and meet you guys in person! that will be a day i NEVER forget as long as i live! ^^

Fei Lun Hai
you guys are like my stars
you light my way
you make me feel happy to the max
even though im far off
ill still be here supporting you every step of the way
slightly without you knowing

^^XiaoMei&HaoMei Ai FEI LUN HAI 4 ever!