Friday, December 31, 2010


its 2011 and now to let go of the old and let the new come! ^^
i again want to wish everyone a happy new year alright! be safe and stay healthy!!
Fahrenheit performance is the link below!
they did AWESOME!
ahah JIA YOU! JIA YOU! FAHRENHEIT GO GO GO!!!FRH performance 4 welcoming 2011
letting go is harder done then said huh?
thats what i learned over my break, idk if i want to accept you anymore cause after what happen i cant stand to hurt you anymore, so i decided to let go and idc how much it hurts i can  it'll be a big step for me to learn from.......
jia you jia you!
i hate good byes
i said we can be good friends but you wont, so we'll see what happens

Thursday, December 30, 2010


the new year is almost here and i want to wish everyone a happy new year!
let go of all the bad things that had happen and let the new year come and fill it up with the most exciting things alright!
WISH YOU GUYS FAHRENHEIT A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hao mei & Xiao mei will always be here to support you guys! the new year is coming and this year you guys accomplished a lot! you guys accomplished a lot over the years and you should be proud! really proud! you guys will always have your fans by your side! WE LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS! <3333
we cant wait 4 your performance for the new year!

selena i know you will get better! we will always be here supporting you silently and keep us updated about you! HEBE AND ELLA! JIA YOU to you guys to on your appearance on new years to alright!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

working really hard!

im working really hard to make our blog better! have any suggestions? feel free to tell us how you guys think we can improve it ehehe!
im still not done with it but its okay 4 now i think hah ill work more on it soon eheh :)


this is just a blog about us and just updates on FRH and just other cpop idols of ours!! ahaha
well just a feel free to say hello! anytime! and find us on our fb page