Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I will be returning after next week! (Finals are almost done)

Hello Fei Fans!

Sorry, for my absence - Admin XiaoLin did post one update and sorry we haven't been able to tell everyone up to date. [I took a long leave for school]

I will repost even old news, because I feel like regardless if you know it or not (the more the merrier :D right?) -- also I wanted to remind everyone that I really do feel bad for leaving so long but we'll start to have more events.

I have a  Aaron CUT album that is still waiting for a lucky fan :D Also some other goodies like my WU CHUN t-shirt, and other items.

We'll I'll see you all soon Okay!

Please don't leave us, I want to see you all when I am back :DDDD

Love always,


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jiro Created Jo Stickers on the App Line

Guess what Jo Fans (or shall I say Jiro Fans.) The time has finally come! Big news for the people who use the app "Line." Jiro created Jo stickers for Line! And Guess what?! These stickers are only $0.99! So what are you waiting for?! Hurry and purchase these amazing stickers!

 There are two different sites to buy this, but these sites are still connected to line. The only difference is one is in English and the other is in Chinese. I have provided the links below, so enjoy~~~


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

KO Re-Task [KO-4] starts shooting this year- rumors Jiro Wang will rejoin cast

Ko-4 is to come up the end of this year or start airing by the beginning of next year. For what has been disclosed by the media, it has been stated that Jiro Wang is returning to the KO series ( to make it clear Jiro did state "I will no longer be shooting the Ko Series" but Comic Ritz. came out and invited him personally so Jiro returned to the series on behalf of the company's support). Pets Ceng and Lin Zhi Hong of SpeXial alongside of Jiro Wang will be starred as the leads of KO-4.

This would be the 4th take on the Gold Dimensions story, and the rest of SpeXial is supposed to enter in the cast, SpeXial's MingJie, is said to not be in the cast due to him still fulfilling his duty in the army. BUT just recently Lin Zhi Hong also entered the army to finish his time, so I do not know how this wil conflict with time. 
What I do know is that all the past characters will return, everyone in KO3 will return to shoot KO4. It has not been disclosed really as to how the whole storyline scenerio will work but Jiro will still be playing Wang Da Dong, and Pets Ceng is KING lei ting, along with ZhiHong portraying Wan Jun. 
Lately there hae also been rumored theories behind making the KO Series into a Movie, now if this happens I'd love for the old KO members to return too....

I mean imagine the old vs the new ... all the actors of KO against one another or alongside one another to fight against evil *muahahahaha(evil laugh)...anyhow I think it'd be cool to see Fahrenheit partake in the movie though its too childish for them'd be nice :DDD to see Fahrenheit and SpeXial and everyone else all together *fangirling my apologies :)

Now the question stands, will Lei Ting still choose to stand alongside DaDong, even with ZhongWanJun who lost all his power and finally regained his memory needs her by his side?

And also...these below couples were the couples other people shipped that I also followed a little bit. I wasn't too much a fan of Angel'n'Devil in the KO-series but XiaoFeng&Charlie made the whole series so much better plus WenYuFei is a doll I adore her :DDD 
Don't forget HONG ZHEN (Gu Zhan) was still pursuing QiuQiu in KO-gold dimension! But qiu only loves Zhong Wan Jun aiya!!! the drama  vibes are rising here!!! 

Well, I have always been a fan of the KO series, it doesn't matter how old I've gotten (I'm not that old yet!jk) But from 5th grade to college KO has been there for as long as they are going to keep going I'll be here:D

Tell me which couples you all love, and what new stories you all wanna see happen in the series:D

Calvin Chen runs into old friends during Darren's Wedding

Calvin Chen, appeared at his friend Darren's wedding last month. After Jay's wedding Darren opened up and  said he and everyone else is on a hot spot considering that Jay's wedding was like a Cinderella story and every girl's dream.
During the wedding though, Calvin ran into many good friends some which have not been met for ages. (or a few months or years yeah...haha)
Genie Chou released a photo on her weibo stating: 
"Nan Feng Cai & Gong Mo Li have met again! "
The cute pair are still close friends after so many years :D

And Calvin and Tracy Chou also got a photo together with Tracy's Manager who was hiding behind the two trouble makers haha (for those of you who do not know Tracy, she placed Alice in Aaron's drama "Alice in Wonder City" she was the original cast for Love Buffet's Qiu Ying later portrayed by Chloe Wang.)

Everyone was joined and rejoiced for fellow friend Darren who wed with his girlfriend in a fashionable and classy way. {I do not have photos of the newly weds but they were adorable}


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Promise to make up - my missed posting

FANS!!! so sorry!
I am taking a long time as a break, as I haven't had a chance to update much yet.

I am hoping later today or this week I am able to upload more than I have been.
Most will be late updates but I know its all still going to be up later :D


[I will do my best, school has me caught up at the moment]
--not an april fools joke, but it just happens to be today!---