We go by CGZ_trio... the story behind us well, we've known each other for almost 10 years and are best friends because we fell in love with Fahrenheit, we argue but in the end we love eachother like family. This blog is held up by our love for FRH and our love for our fans on this blog :D

~Tang Xiao Lin~

"When you can't believe your eyes, You can trust your heart. Love makes anything possible because love brings miracles." There are many things that everyone can say about Fahrenheit, but then again, trusting the heart is most important. Fahrenheit has showed me many ways of life, gave me hope, and a lot of energy. If it were not for Fahrenheit, I probably would not have met my two best friends. Not only that I have met two great friends (Xiao Mei and Hao Mei) but I would one day like to go see Fahrenheit. There are so much things I would like to say about Fahrenheit, but then again, the heart knows best. ^_^

~Li Xiao Mei~

"You Live,You Love,You Hate,You Think,You...well there are a lot of things anyone can do...just dont regret it!"

I Love Fahrenheit just that simple...and I wish one day to see them in person its coming closer...actually It would be nice to get out of the states soon...
Jia You...
b-day: 02.17.1995
nicknames:Er Jie, XiaoFeng, XM
interest/hobbies:MUSIC,swimming,running,singing,dancing,doing weird/random things...my fav.thing to do though is make another person smile...it makes me feel whole...
dislikes:ppl looking down on the world!...ppl that judge others upon first impressions!(ure 1st impression on me will never be good!*trust me*)...and I dont like it when ppl have to beat up on idols/ppl that work hard for what they acheive!!!
LOVES:FAHRENHEIT!!! EATING!!! and Being with my Family/Friends

 ~Hao Mei~
HM& her husband

"always smile, its good 4 you!"
Hiiii im Hao Mei! Fahrenheit has a big impact on my life, they really do make me happy! Jiro, Arron, Calvin & Chun! each and every single one of them! They really do each have their own personality but thats what makes each person unique right?! ahha yea i think so. :) I always wanted to meet FLH in person and shake each 1 of their hands! and its also a goal 4 xiao mei and i! Getting to meet FLH will make us so much happy!!
you guys have to take care of your self's to, dont work so hard! remember to eat and if your tired to take a break!!!

*She Got Married This Year* (2014) - The first of CGZ to go start a family :D
MeiMei Jia You! -xm-