Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hello to all FRH lovers and followers~
This is XiaoMei! I didnt want to just disappear without saying a word lol so Im just gonna inform everyone, college is starting up for me so I will be very busy settling these matters. I will post when I can ok the blog but I wont fully return until after my college matters are settled!

Thanks for understanding!! 

STAY WITH US THOUGH~ I'll b back soon

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fabulous Boys Rant 10-12

  • Everyone in AN Jell finally knows that Mei Nan is a girl. Xin Yu Finally gets the chance to confess to Mei Nan but then he already knows that Mei Nan likes Tai Jing. Jeremy, on the other hand, was very upset when he found out that Mei Nan liked Tai Jing. Tai Jing also confessed to Mei Nan.

  • I thought that Mei Nan or shall I say Mei Nu is very cute and naive. So this is how girls are like when they are in love huh? Even a kiss is not good enough haha.... ^_^

Our brains and true feelings thinks something different from our words that we speak...haha
Translation Tai Jing, that kiss was fun

  • Tai Jing finally found out that Mei Nan is the child of the man who his mom had an affair with. 
  • The real Mei Nan is coming back. So that means Mei Nu is going out of AN Jell

  • Xin Yu and Tai Jing helped Mei Nan find who her mother was.
  • She is a singer named Gu Meng Hai

One thing that I have to include is Gao Mei Nu and I both love stars! ^_^ 

Monday, July 29, 2013

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Annual Shanghai charity basketball match 2013/08/09 [Chun&Jiro]

The annual charity basketball match that is held in ShangHai will be coming up soon and It'll be kobe vs Jay once again! Other than Jay Chou and Kobe though Jiro and Chun are also said to make an appearance! This is though the first year to hear that Aaron will not be present. The group Fahrenheit will not be present together but many fans are keeping their hopes up and reminiscing the 4!   

Can't Wait to see if Chun&Jiro are on the same team! 

Jiro Wang drops out of Transformer 4 casting

He won 1st place for the first round and had a good grip on the lead but Jiro has opened up and admitted he has already given up on this project but he still thanks everyone for voting for him and giving him such a great opportunity. 
Jiro other than this project hasn't really had any other projects that he has disclosed to the public but after two dramas and three movies the actor was diagnosed with stomach inflammation, resulting in him needing more rest and eating lighter.
Jiro's hard work has been seen many fans are disappointed but they all wish for him to stay healthy first! 

Update Rant on KO-One3 the react (Ep1-4)

So far into the drama we know...
-All the powers are disappearing slowly from each school , making Meng Zhu assign Dadong to return to high school.
-King and Dadong start off on the wrong foot 
-King and Zhong Wan Jun are best friends from childhood
-There are 2 love triangles 
  -1) Dadong--King--Wan Jun
  -2) QiuQiu--Wan Jun--King

-There was a drug breakout and everyone suspects The KoOne class
-The perpetrator was Wan Jun's friend
-He n Dadong are tryin to track the seller 

-As of now we see that Melody isnt Melody either and may be a spy
-Han or Gorilla Sister is now the KOOne class teacher
-3 mysterious transfer students now wants ti challenge King for her spot as leader   

Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Just You" ep.6 surprises

Episode 5 has allowed many fans watching the Settv drama "Just You" to have a turn over. Aaron Yan in episode 5 started showing signs of jealousy after his college friend Dean appeared. Puff though also gets a taste of what exactly love is. Upon seeing Aaron hug Xing Xing - Uncle Bus the coffee man's god daughter Puff gets a but jealous also.

Shan Shan has passed on and now all Liang  Liang  knows is that her best friend is gone. But!!! When she wants to move Qi Yi refuses! 

the most anticipation surrounds the accident at the river which requires Qi Yi to save Liang Liang!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

EASY magazine surprising features 3/4 Fahrenheit memebers

After Fahrenheit's solo rides it becomes rare to see them in a magazine together unless it is poor news over how they have plastic surgery or if one is married and couple stories but for once Easy magazine surprisingly covers their works and efforts!  

Calvin Chen -Wish you happiness

Aaron Yan - Creating My Dream 

Jiro Wang- The Only Me in This World

Chun shooting photos for magazine

Wu Chun is back in and busy with magazine photos, question is...what will be the fromt cover???
Chun's manager uploaded these photos onto weibo and also gave everyone a little reminder about Chun's still great body!!! 
she stated "Its a six pac what is there to not love!" 

Calvin's WOW releases Summer Trend Fashionlinr

This summers seasonal trend consist of Flowers and Wow's combonation.
The summer look is laid back yet teasingly cute! 
A vintage look was also taken upon by the patterns and designs!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aaron Yan won the Milk award

"It’s my honor! Yeah, we have to speak English at these kind of events. Thank you Milk Magazine! I will drink a bit of alcohol beforehand to prepare myself for the celebratory banquet. I will get drunk because we have to enjoy life, do you guys agree? *Audience: YESSSSS!!!* Thank you (to Magic Power) earlier for inviting me to *does the Marksman Dance(you can watch the marksman dance here)
*, I will practice and familiarize myself with the dance a bit more. Also, George (Hu), long time no see, miss you bro. Thank you Milk Magazine. Thank You."

^^ Here are some photos from the event *******

Look Aaron ran into Xiao Rou!

I love how he came up and said "We have to speak English at these kind of events".

Aaron Yan's popularity rises Lin Chi Ling says she'll body guard

On the day that Aaron Yan arrived in ShangHai , he ended up on the same airplane as Well known model Lin Chi Ling and Artist A-Shin and as they closed up to landing, Chi Ling made a joke to Aaron.
"If you are scared I'm taller I cN be your bodygaurd so no one sees you."
Aaron laughing at this joke happily replied to the news later "My thought was Im used to the packed airports now, its been like this for a while now."
Aaron's popularity has showned after earning a spot to return to perform at a-nation in Japan in Aug, he is also the second most influential person on weibo under the music legend Lee Hom Wang?
Aaron Yan is pleased so many people are now also listening to his songs and he hopes to allow more people to hear him. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Find Calvin on his Instagram and Twitter

Calvin Chen has finally opened an Instagram, the idol artist has had a Twitter for quite some time but doesn't really get on.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aaron's Shanghai concert-- The highlight wasnt just HIM! (His mom& Oldest Fan appear)

Aaron Yan on 7/20 held his Shanghai Insomnia Concert only to realize the idols mother could also create a great reaxtion from fans! 
Also Aaron's oldest fan for his concert tour appeared today, a lady whom was about 80yrs old entered with her pass proudly and everyone applauded for this great fan. 
Aaron also thanked her on his Weibo also adding wishing for her health and happiness to always be good.

(Group Photo---Share the strength)

(Aaron's mom enters only to have the whole crowd go crazy!)