Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jiro is ft. in girlband 1931 music video

1931 GirlBand, is a chinese girlband based in Mainland China- their ages are between 15-20's year old.
They invited Jiro Wang to premiere in their MV Me@You.

There is a short clip below attached:
1931 musicvideo short clip


Calvin Chen FB reacts to fans- Joanna Ceng replies

When a fan writes their idol, most of them will never know if their idol ever read their notes or letters. That is not the case if you are a fan of Calvin Chen, because he made sure that everyone is 100% that he does read all the letters even those from his beloved younger fans. 

Its been a while since those Fahrenheit days when little fans showed up during their fansmeeting, and most of us like everyone has grown older with our boys. But this fan is just too lucky.

Calvin replied to this little kiddo:
Thank You, I will do my best to live strong and healthy to 100 years. 

The fans letter reads: (rough translation)
Big Brother Calvin,
Have you been well? 
I watch your dramas. I really liked X-Family and Ko-One series. Today being able to write to you I am very happy. I hope you will live a long and healthy life. 
Student Ni Ma.

Joanna Ceng, who also saw this post replied to Calvin:

So cute, this little kid. I shall also bless you to live a long and healthy life! 


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wu Chun expresses Fan Bing Bing said its okay to really hit her!?!

LINK: http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20150801000626-260112
Wu Chun and Fan Bing Bing's big screen hit "Lady of the Dynasty" has been airing since 07-30 and so far has ranked up some nice reviews.
When talked to during an interview though, Chun happily expressed how when he heard he was going to be working with Fan Bing Bing he was very happy and very excited for those 10secs of a heartbeat. In previous interviews many mentioned how his wife felt on the scenerio and he replied he is a husband and an actor but his job is only a job trust was everything in these situations.

Chun also quoted Fan on how she is a very professional actress as there was scenes where the two had to fight, and Fan told him to really hit her.

Fan lauged at this remarke and stated, "Its better for him to really hit me, and not have him act like he did, its just not very realistic and also that means a scene that can be done in 1 or 2 takes will take about 10 takes." 
She stated that it is due to Chun being so polite that she knew he wouldn't dare to really hit her on the first try. 

Everyone support LADY OF THE DYNASTY!


Jiro was the original cast for Drama "Moon River"明若曉溪 Ming Ruo Xiao Xi

Does this couple look familiar to you all? yes lol its the famous love triangle of DONG-TING-JUN! 
or otherwise DONGTING (dadong&leiting) vs LeiTingWanJun. 
The post here isn't about this trio though,but rather a story behind it that I found quite interesting so i decided to share. 
But FIRST because I know how many fans are out there willing to stand up for their idols let me first say, this post is just a translation of an article with some opinion and I personally enjoy all these actors so I mean no harm in this post. Okay, so with that out of the way... has everyone heard of the upcoming drama starring Pets Ceng and Lin Zi Hong {speXial} & EVAN [speXial]. It is called "Moon River or Ming Ruo Xiao Xi. A story based on a martial art's expert protaganist who ends up getting in a mess with some of the most dangerous pretty boys on the school grounds. *this is like a F4 meteor garden story with a touch of martial arts* 
But the topic here is that, Lin Zi Hong is very lucky. Sadly, the rising star was second pick for his male lead role. If anyone has seen his performance in KO 2 or 3 or Angel'n'Devil and also mini-drama Jack's grandpa then you all know ZiHong does have potential. Sadly ComicRitz *producing company* original pick was for Pet's to pair off with Jiro Wang.
Dong Ting's popularity is undeniable and the company took this into consideration and aside from this Jiro is also a favorite for such roles. Sadly, Jiro also decided he did not want to stay strapped down by continually playing such roles and wanted to venture out and play other types of characters. He left Comic Ritz later in the year after denying the role. 
The second hit couple from the KO-series LeiTingWanJun, was saved by Jiro's final decision and also gave Zi Hong a chance to star as the male lead. 

I won't lie, I am sure that Jiro and Pet's would've gauranteed great pairing chemistry and some good ratings but Pet's and Sam (ZiHong) are also adorable together. I mean I enjoyed the chemistry Pet's pulls out in both guys. :DDD 
Well, it was an interesting news article to run across so I decided to share it with you all :D 
Jiro may not be starring here but I am anticipating as ComicRitz does do well with taking scripts from novels or comics and bringing them to life. Plus it's PETS she is so adorable and such a great actress.

Credit: http://m.news.sina.com.tw/article/20150813/14954131.html


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Aaron Yan releases Trailer MV for new song


Aaron Yan has released a trailer MV, the drama is starring Jasper Liu and is a story about a man who leaves the woman he loves behind due to an accident. 
Aaron's song is called Your Happiness is my happiness. 

Enjoy the music video, it does add even more emotion to the song.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Aaron Yan's Song for the drama “I am Sorry I Love You"

Translations by dearaaronyan.tumblr.com, 

Hello to all viewers of Youku, I'm Aaron Yan. 《你幸福就好》 (literal translation: It's Enough if You are Happy) is sang by me and is the ending song to idol drama “I am sorry, I love you”. This song is a romantic and sad ballad. This ballad has been written to express what the main actor in the drama has said, that 'promise' should be a gift, and not something that's used as a lock to tie up each other's hearts. When fate has reached its peak, quietly guarding and sending blessings to one another is something that's very romantic. Regardless of now or the future, I hope for everyone to 《你幸福就好》 "be happy and that's enough". — Aaron Yan

Hello 各位優酷網的朋友們大家好,我是炎亞綸。《你幸福就好》是我為電視劇《我的靈界男友》­所演唱的片尾曲。這是一首浪漫而且帶點感傷的情歌。這首情歌有故意寫成男主角說的承諾­應該是一份禮物,而不是拴住彼此的枷鎖。在緣份已盡的時候,默默的守候祝福著對方也是­很浪漫的愛。不管現在或是未來…只希望大家《你幸福就好》。— 炎亞綸

If you haven't heard the song, it was playing on the radio in Taiwan. (Below)

Sources :dearaaronyan youtubedearaaronyan tumblr

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aaron releases new song "Your happiness is enough" 你幸福就好

Aaron Yan has returned with a new song, named Your happiness is enough or ni xing fu jiu hao. The song is has returned to his original style of soft ballads and today in taiwan Hit Fm released the full version of the song. 
It will be used in Jasper Liu's upcoming drama, my ghost boyfriend [rough trans, i am unsure of the drama's english name.] in the drama the love story of three individuals will be uncovered, as Jasper's character loses his life and must rely on another man's help to communicate with his girlfriend I am supposing according to the trailers I've seen.

Aaron's song is featured in the dramas trailers and is said to either be the ending theme song or a insert song for the drama. 
The link below is a news coverage over how Aaron singing the theme song has already made this drama the second hottest gossip topic all over weibo. Everyone is continually reposting anticipating this song, and this drama. Personally I am more excited for this song, as its been a year since Aaron released a new song but the script of this drama also looks pleasing and a TW is always nice to enjoy :D

give it a listen and give it a watch :D


Monday, August 3, 2015

"The Crossing Hero" Ratings

The Crossing Hero gained 4.33 million views on the day it was premiered which places first among the web-based dramas. It was the first web-based series which was read more than 56 million times and had over 80,000 discussion threads, which increased the rates in just two days! Congrats to Jiro! This was the first drama that you produced! Looking forward to more things that you produce in the future. 

30 Second Teaser for Aaron's New Song 你幸福就好

Aaron's  new song is going to be used as the ending theme song for the drama "I am Sorry, I Love You." The Chinese name for this drama is "我的灵界男友" The full premier of this song will not release till August 05 on HIT FM.

Aaron's New Song for the Drama "I'm Sorry, I Love You."

Here are the lyrics

Credits to: tumblr dearaaronyan