Monday, January 28, 2013

Aaron Yan album 2012 Places 7th! (He's in the TOP10)

The 2012 Sales RELEASED!!!
Aaron Yan placed 7th! Jiro's Album also sold well but he didn't make it into the top 20. [I believe he was 25th] 
S.H.E placed right in front of Aaron in 6th and of course Show Luo took his proud 1st place again! Congrats to everyone!

Aaron Yan "The Moment" : A boy who loved music and feels "Without Music I am Nothing" 

In a world where justice can be hard...Music prevails~

Jiro Wang 
A Rocker Who Was Waiting...

He stepped out of the group and ROCKED the stage

He fears nothing and bravely chases his dreams

You're Beautiful Taiwan Anticipate

The Korean Series "You're Beautiful" is now already making their Taiwanese Version and many fans hope it will not disappoint too much like that of the Japanese version that was much too alike the Korean version. There were some clips that were the same yet, I believe with Jiro Wang as the lead the FUNNY parts will be HILARIOUS...and because it's Taiwan I believe it will have a UNIQUE touch!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Young Kindaichi's Case Files -Case of the Hong Kong Kowloon treasure murder- Episode 1

For those who haven't watch Wu Chun's new movie, you don't know what your missing out on.
What are you waiting for? Go Watch it!

KO One Return is Hot! Audience Want Movie Version.


Taiwanese idol drama "KO One Return" is extremely popular at the moment, it creates a record of 45 millions online plays daily. And since people in China can't watch the show on TV, there are uncountable number of audiences in front of computers waiting for updates at 1am every night. With the story continue to develop, episode 18 will be aired today. Will it reveals the secrets of why the lead character Wang Da Dong disappeared ten years ago? Let us find out tonight at 1am.

Popularity amount audiences in China gave birth to many movie adaptations of hot tv dramas. And now more and more viewers wish the KO One series can come out with a big screen version to let public revisit the passion and fun of KO One in the theater. There are many KO One Return story predictions on the internet as well. The reporter ran a Baidu search and found 126,000 results of KO One Returnspoilers, showed how much attention people are giving to this drama. The production company, however, announced there are no plan on making the big screen version at the moment. A disappointing news to the fans, but there are theaters plan on playing the TV drama live for the midnight showing. This is not difficult for theaters with synchronous broadcast capacity. A great news to the fans. They welcome this idea and plan on visiting the theaters over the weekend. Many fans the reporter met are students and they express their joy by saying "I like Wang Da Dong!" "My favorite is King." "I want to be on the KO Chart, I want to be KO 1."

Found at
Credits to: Peglegpeg@viki

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3 Peas in a Pod- A chance to act with Calvin(Fahrenheit) and Alexander (U-Kiss)

That's right with this new flick "3 Peas In a Pod" which will be Calvin Chen's first time on the Big Screen they want to use a new face! A FRESH that has not met the screen. Wanna give it a shot? Who knows maybe you're star material! The critical info is all located below in the photos.

1. She can't be too pretty, and can pass for a Uni Student
2. Fluent in English and Mandrin
3. Able to shoot the movie in March 2012 in Australia
4. Oh yea...she's gotta be a chic! haha

Well good luck to all of you out there... I'd give this a shot but personally I can't because I live to far from Singapore to fly in for auditions and fly home.  

the story of 3 Uni-students on the road trip of their life! ARE YOU READY!~
JOIN K-pop boyband U-Kiss' Alexander Lee & Taiwan's Hottest BoyBand Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen for a chance of a life time!

Also there will be a guest appearance Michelle herself!!!

JAN. 19-20  @  10am-5pm
The Sands Expo & Convention Centre
Level 4, Simpor 4903  - 4905
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bay Front Avenue
Singapore (0189561)

To Pre-Registar CLICK HERE****

For more info to go to:

Don't Forget to bring $20!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

AaronYan Busy in Mainland China Autograph sessions (Fans Angered with how situations were handled)

Aaron Yan recently has been very busy in Mainland China with his endless autograph sessions, he has be bright most of this week but that ended last night when the first incident of having to switch the autograph signings area had to switched for the safety of the people coming. It was very sudden so not many people knew about it and they ended starting hours later than required. Certain people were very disappointed in the delay and angered because they had a hard time finding a way home,other fans felt that it was okay because they felt that it wasn't Aaron's fault plus they were moving for the safety of the fans. Aaron himself felt very disappointed in himself for not being able to assist so many fans. 
other than last night incident of moving the site, all the other signings went great and the artist finished all his signing with gratitude to all his fans. 
Aaron Yan you are a hard-working artist we all understand this, everyone has to face times when people do not understand your situation it will be okay and no one truly blames you.

His smile~~

so cute!

An unbelievable number of fans

Look at all those fans

Mob attack again at the airport and a fan dropped her phone arron picked it up and returned it.

hehe its that face 

Aaron: I love you! My lovers~!

his weibo post: Ridiculous, my fans buy my album and i'm kept away from signing them!!!


LOOK at his CUP

Cute little girl--pat pat..listening..pat more pat..

Aaron: My apologies to all of my fans..thank you all

Saturday, January 12, 2013

TRAILER RELEASED for Taiwan version of You're Beautiful


This is the quick trailer look into the making of the Taiwanese version of the Korean hit-drama You're Beautiful. I released a character list on an earlier blog post and here I will update it a little bit.

The role of the lady that loves TaeKyung will be played by 王思平Jenna Wang, who was also the actress in Fahrenheit's MV "Superb" 出生入化...She is also the actress in Show Luo's ONLY YOU MV "獨一無二" ( I felt she looked familiar but couldn't recognize her--now I am clear ^^)

The role of Tae Kyung mother, (which we all who have watched You'reBeautiful know how important her role is)  will be portrayed by Tian Li (Lily Tien). She was in Pi Li MIT (Mysterious Incredible Terminator) alongside Aaron Yan as Teacher Angel. So I have no doubt she will do great.

The role of the manager is what really threw me off, they decided to use Chen Wei Ni?! (if u aren't familiar with him he played the role of the guy that liked Andy An in Autumn's Concerto) and personally his character really threw me off! I mean they chose him, when I think of the manager I thought of someone like Na Dou! But don't judge before giving a chance is a good motto to stand by.

The drama itself is pretty much close to the original other than because Jiro as TaeKyung means the funny parts will turn hilarious...(I hope bc he hasn't fail me yet)
and the actress is a newbie...there is one thing I noticed...she tries too hard to look like Park, so the feeling is almost the same but becasue Jiro portrays his role slightly differently they kinda don't smash well but th e lst few endings look welcoming to watch!

I hope the best for this drama...and I hope they come out with an original soudtrack and not use the original songs that the Korean one used ( though they had some legit songs).

Park Shin Hye ---has one in the opening
 and it is to say that the new girlband "DREAM GIRLS" may also have a cameo -_-..??

As for the opening theme:Ibelieve I saw Cai Ming You's name on hopefully the ending is Jiro!!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chun meeting with FZ & inspiration videos

Chun sharing vids:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You're Beautiful Taiwan Version Cast Names

You're Beautiful Taiwan Version Cast Names

Jiro Wang as Hwang Tae Kyung
Su Li Wen as Go Mi Nan
Hwang In Deuk as Shin Woo
Evan Yo as Jeremy

Park Shin Hye from the original You're Beautiful is to hold a cameo in the 1st ep. of the Remake.
Jiro Wang has played an idol singer many times before so it shouldn't be too hard for him to portray this character and give him a little bit of Jiro flavor. [Personal opinion here though, I believe that Aaron Yan may have been a better choice, especially after I watched Alice in Wonder City, Jiro experience though will display well I hope]
Su Li Wen is a newbie actress, and this is her first drama. A newbie actress and landing a lead role isn't easy. I wish her luck. Especially because Park's performance was much too outstanding.
Hwang In Deuk was in tvN's Flower Boy Casting: Oh! Boy reality show and is to portray Shin Woo....I personally really enjoyed the idea of A.N.Jell's live singing...I don't know if Hwang speaks mandrin or not but it isn't too likely...-_-...but as for his performance I will hope to see his hard work.
Evan Yo a music idol genius he is indeed, and very cute character he does hold. One problem though is that Jeremy character is almost child-like cute...I've never seen Evan pull off anything like this so it is worth a shot.....

All in all...though I don't hold a lot of hope in the Cast...I do believe that this drama is worth the wait....

Aaron Yan- Weibo Post

Lately Aaron Yan has been on his facebook and weibo posting much that it can't all be put up here hehe (sorry for the delays) but I found these few to be rather cute so I decided to post these!

This first one was on Sunday I believe and he stated that it was sunny outside and that the whether was nice so it was gonna be a good day to have a radio station promotion! Bright and Early he was up!!

He was home I suppose and opened his Wii system he asked everyone to guess who exactly he is?
"Which Mii is meeee!!!"

This last one really reminds me of the Aaron 2/3 yrs ago that would aimlessly post photos and say things 24-7 hehehe...memories....
But he said : Why this face, well because there is so much to eat for breakfast...I dont know what to pick? What should I go with!!!

He is just so adorable at times!

Aaron Yan 'The Hidden Truth' MV RELEASED!!! 炎亞綸-原來 MV

炎亞綸 Aaron Yan - 「原來」 The Hidden Truth (官方版MV HD)

The song itself describes the bitterness and sweetness that love may hold for lovers. The drama A Miracle For Alice, which Yan portrayed the Head Violinist He Ting Yu, emotions are all a confusion just like this song's lyrics. To be specific there is one line that says :

" If I could be more like you brave, and naive maybe I would be more worth your love"  

He Ting Yu feelings toward the female lead Lan Die Fei (Lara Liang) are obvious but he continually does not face them and once he does he find it hard to keep fighting for her--a bitter love story that holds its own beauty.

The Music Video is very simple and actually never recaps the drama which was quite a shock, rather the idea of the song was trapped over Aaron Yan's whole album itself. The simple Black&White grey image of him singing, the gentle images played to create a simple comfortable mood. In comparison to his Album song -
 The Moment (紀念日 Ji Nian Ri) it does not have as much going on but it holds is beauty and is worth the time to enjoy. 

The Hidden Truth : was the ending theme song for the Taiwanese Drama ' A Miracle for Alice'

Photos from "Lucky Touch" 我愛幸運七記者會

These photos are from the meeting for the upcoming drama "Lucky Touch" or otherwise known as I love lucky seven. [我愛幸運七] 
Everyone should anticipate this new drama!!! 

With Calvin warm smiles and Dou Hua Mei's cute gestures who could not love this new duo.

They have been shooting the drama for about a month and some more....they started in the last few weeks of November.

Doesn't Calvin look so handsome here?!

This expression is adorkable!

(***photo credits to- yuko777yuko on sinaweibo***)

Calvin Chen- Cutest Weibo POST

Is this photo of him not the cutest ever??? Instead of having all those cool pro photos the simple at home and relaxed Calvin are so much more cute!
Calvin posted on his sina weibo: Me and doggy&piggy...oh and my long time no see bangs!!!

Recently every hairstyle he has been doing has had his hair set upward so his hair is very rarely down and with no spray or gel...also I believe this photo he has no make-up on!!!
He looks so much younger and so so so so cute!!!

The doggy and piggy are so cute and with Calvin too! :D 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

AaronYan at Earth Music&Ecology Fashion Event- Admits to liking Older Relationships


When it comes to women, he wishes for her to be..."quiet, fresh and natural", and when asked about whether or not he likes (Jie-Di Lian) or Older girlfriend relationships, Arron first looked over the question then admitted , "okay, actually I do like having that older girlfriend relationship". 

Aaron Yan made an appearance at the Earth Music&Ecology Fashion show event which came from Japan. He says he really enjoys and likes the look they give to the female models (they-refers to clothes). Yan also talked with the host/designer that day about how he feels that it is sad they don't carry a men's brand only a female brand. The designer gladly answered him that they do but only in Japan, when brought up if Yan would like to join in and design something for the men he gladly smile and said "Yes, but I doubt it'd sell very well." many fans on weibo later posted this statement making it a quick wide spread. A lot of fans said they would definitely buy just because it was made by their hard-working idol Aaron Yan. 
It definitely isn't weird anymore for a male image to appear for the face of a more female brand and Aaron Yan answers to this by saying "Men should be able to represent so women know how we feel about what they wear." 

& weibo fans

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Behind the scenes with Wu Chun Mr.Magazine Jan.2013

Jan.2013...Mr. Magazine for the first month of 2013 to start off the year is very important so of course it has to be the one and only
Wu Chun!!!! hehee we love him!

Calvin's New Drama 2013 "Lucky Touch" 我愛幸運七

Calvin disclosed last year around Nov.-Dec. that he was accepting another drama after his drama When Love Walked In was widely accepted. He only disclosed that the actress held a 'Goddess Image' to people in other words they say is Zai Nan Nu Sheng (宅男女神) but he wouldn't disclose who. Recently after some followups I've finally tracked down who it was...Dou Hua Mei or literal Translates to Tofu Girl...She shot to stardom after doing a little commercial and walked into the hosting and acting arena. This combination caught me off-gaurd but who knows, Calvin will do his magic. She is a really cute girl and I anticipate to see what she can do in this drama. The Drama is called "我愛幸運七" (Trans: I love lucky 7) and the original eng. title is Lucky Touch. Which being called I love Lucky 7 is ironic because Calvin's lucky number is 7! and that happens to be his magical number, maybe it was fate! haha...but also I found that SIGMA (Fahrenheit's Junior in H.I.M Int.) Jett (李杰宇Li Jie Yu) also has a part in this drama! 
So much to anticipate in this drama so far~~! Can't wait for it to premiere!

The drama's ideal saying is :
不是我們不幸運,而是我們沒看見 (trans: It is not that we are not lucky, but we cannot see)

Calvin Chen as He Shao Ran賀紹然
Dou Hua Mei as Liao Yong Qi 廖詠七
Li Xiang Lin as Li Wan Yi 李宛櫻
Chao Jun Ya as Luo Sen 羅森
Jett as A-Ken

Sigma's Jett also has a role in this drama ^_^ can't wait 


Calvin accidently got caught and even posed

Calvin-n-his new co-star Dou Hua Mei

During shooting

Main actress "Dou Hua Mei" (trans: Tofu Girl) 

this image kinda makes you wonder

Photo credits go to Lucky Touch's FB page