Monday, March 28, 2011


好好笑! weibo was introduced by arron to me now i got one!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wu Zun and Arron Yan-Child Pk

If Arron gives birth to a basketball team-aka 5 kids then he and Wu Chun claim they would have a big PK match of their offspring! hahaha...Wu Chun wants around 3-5 kids and Arron about 5 oh! 2 super daddy coaches!!! Yeah,This would be an amazing match...lets see in 10years...okay

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

who knows...

life is filled with ups and downs....
theres a time when its so difficut that u just want to quit, but yet, u know u have to be strong

i really miss wuchun, hes not in the entertainment industry, but i do miss him off screen,
FAHRENHEIT wont disband, thats what they tell us, but what do we know, anything can happen, but ill always remember that F@hr3nh3it will never disband in my heart
there always be here no matter what

Monday, March 14, 2011

Xiao Mei's 5 seconds...

Xiao Mei is at the Library and I dont why but I'm really missing Hao Mei rite now...oh and our RuthYalun mei mei I enjoyed chatting w/ you!!!
ONLY 6 more days till my yalun CD is here I'm so happy!!! I hope that bad typhoon didnt hit Taiwan...I would cry my eyes out I heard it was horrible in Japan wait no i saw it too in class during Biology!
eh! Hao mei if you see this then i have one thing to say....
I'm so jealous of your Boyfriend I want to be him...not that way though hahaha J/K...I love you!
Wishing Fahrenheit the best because Xiao Mei's mood is like a million stars!!! how handsome they are....*blush* wu zun I miss ya... Yalun looks amazing...dadong your pose....calvin...sneaky smile...(iLOVEit)*blush*

Thursday, March 10, 2011


well cheek out our photobucket alright
heres our link


XiaoMei Is Shocked By Arron

I dont know if its just me but Oh my goodness I just know when I heard YanYalun no shirt I was shocked and say Yanyalun no clothes and I freaked and Oh My Goodness no oxygen was going to my head! Arron Yan the youngest member of Fahrenheit the shyiest one to ever take off his clothes was the first one to have a bed scene! the first one to Totally Go Naked! Well I just have to say Calvin is right after all, on valentines day of 09 we clarified that he wouldnt take off his shirt till he was 25 so Calvin said when he's 25 he'll be a stripping artist! Looks like we're on the right track, just kidding...I'm actually anticipating his album with high hope now too....Yanyalun is Really just to handsome now... he's really matured a lot...but he still hasn't lost his Cute touch!
Love U Arron 阿  布  !!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

courage && strength

im sure most herd that wu chun is not gonna renew his contract, he held a fan meeting to tell everyone
4 me it was really disappointing news, but i know i have to stay strong, he has his own life he wants to achieve to, he has his goals and just like everyone else a dream
but i would like 4 him to know that no matter what he'll always still me my idol, and ill always still look up to you chun! ill still support you saliently, and i want one day to met you
i want to, and the rest of FLH, arron, jiro and calvin
one day, i will
stay strong everyone