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Golden Bell Awards Aaron not listed Netizens attack back (金鐘獎 炎亞綸 沒入圍萬友打抱不平)

(photo credit as on photo) 

Aaron seen as one of the left outs for Golden Bell Awards. Aaron yan practises violin for idol drama “Alice in the wondercity” but was not nominated for Golden Bell awards. Despite giving himself a lot of ratings pressure when the drama aired, he wasn’t able to get nominated. Many netizens expressed that they thought aaron managed to turn successfully from an idol drama actor to someone who has the potential acting. The netizens were sad that he wasn’t nominated when the list was out.

金鐘獎 炎亞綸 沒入圍萬友打抱不平。
能那麼的入角色 可惜沒入圍!希望明年
Aaron’s weibo update (He forwarded this news): “再接再厲,繼續努力囉

恭喜入圍的大家 ” / Let’s keep on working hard! Congrats to everyone who was nominated!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WuChun New Book Released "Ignite Courage" [吳尊-絕對勇敢]


Ignite Courage "絕對勇敢" -Jue Dui Yong Gan
is the book that Chun has been working on ever since he returned to Brunei, he has spoken many times on the book and about how he didn't know exactly what the book would be like or what it would consist of. Now I will disclose a little information over the book:

The book is broken up into 3 sections-
1.  那些成長教我的事  The things I learned growing up
2. 那些創業教我的事 The things I learned through work
3.  那些習慣教我的事 The things that my habits taught me

Chun has always been a person who knows himself best, all the band members and even Chun's family has spoken before of how he is a man who knows what he wants and is willing to give it his best regardless of what the outcome may be. 
In the book Chun will explain his past experience anything from his first job, to going to college, losing his mom to cancer and perhaps even his venture in a career as an Artist/Actor and entertainer. His road has been well paved but not easy regardless. 

The saying behind the book though is Chun's thought process:

"簡單就是一種幸福"[Simplicity is a type of happiness] 

Now that everyone has gotten a little understanding of what to expect everyone should hurry and save up to see the inside of Chun's world, buy the book and explore his journey. 


Youtube link of Chun introducing his book.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Calvin Host CCTV "Together Music" show for Mid-Autumn Festival~

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone!!! 
Hopefully everyone is enjoying their bbq!!!


CCTV Annual has this show to let all the fans enjoy some laughs and enjoy some simple songs and also get to see the many different sides of theses entertainers~~!

For fans that can't understand the host or what is really happening...Enjoy just watching Calvin's happy smile haha~ it's worth it! I promise!

[if i get a chance i will sub on here]

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jiro Wang's newest project

It is already ben rumored after Jiro signed onto his new company in mainland his new focus will be more mature figures.
He is to have a cameo role in the upcoming remake of Legend of the Condor Heroes which will star Michelle Chen as XiaoLongNu. His character is to be of the evil khan division.
But other than that to look forward to,he will be working on a new project Pirates of the Chan An (roughly translated---an English title hasn't been disclosed yet).
Jiro signed with the producing company today in Shang Hai and with hopes this project will be a breakthrough to the past 30 actor.
Jiro Wang has spoken before and changing his ideal of appearance and wants to leave the IDOL for the new younger generation. Let's all wait and see how he embraces "MANLY" characters.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Aaron post up as QiYi

Aaron posted up about how Qi Yi's character is good at basketball, and how he himself is also a pro. He said that just like QiYi he is natural skilled and when he plays many people always say "What! You play basketball." sure I don't look like a player but I am THE PLAYER- AaronYan

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

S.H.E Happy 12th Birthday

12 Yrs go by and they have gone through life and death twice.
1. Ella fell and almost destroyed her back
2. Selina getting burned over 80% of her body
Hebe stood on the side and assisted her sisters , she is quiet and scared but she kept hope. The pivot that balances the weights.
Selina stood strong when everyone prayed for her, she didnt give up and proved to everyone that a Princess is also a Shero.
Ella overcame her injury and stood up once again. Giving the stage her shadow and light. She feels like the weak one when it comes to vocals but she is reassures without her there is no

S.H.E Jiayou! Jiayou! Jiayou! Taiwan's shining stars, ongoing friendship and sisterhood. Love u all~xm.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

終極一班3 第10集 KO One 3 React ep10 RANT {BESTEPISODE }

I've watched every episode and this drama is good, it has the fighting from the first KO-One but it also has the love stroy from the KO-One 2.
This episode though it the best so far, I'm sure the next episode will bring up some more details and interesting facts but for sure though this episode brought back the Ulitimate Villian , Hei Long. He is Duan Chang Ren's older brother that Wang Dadong, Ya Se Wang, REX, and Ding Xiao Yu defeated in the first series. I believe he is the villians of villians he just makes the story better.
Well in this drama, it didn't start with HeiLong; it starts with Gu Zhan(SpeXial's Hong Zhen) and his messed up and uncleaned love life. Honestly I like his character,he always act cool and strong but secretly he is a Wang Da Dong Fan! LOL ~ and I'm sure he likes Qiu Qiu. Qiu Qiu gets into trouble and has a battle w/ the girl that likes GuDanGe, and they have a long battle later the girl eats "Hell Vision" and if you haven't been following "Hell Vision" is a drug that boost the heart and blood rate and makes your battle points higher. Half way through the battle GuDanGe's friend LiYanYan shows up to help Qiu Qiu. The girl( I keep saying that girl bc I forgot her nameLOL) who likes Gu Zhan then attacks and injures both Li YanYan & QiuQiu. Zhi Ge (Spexial's Wei Jin) & Gu Zhan shows up and helps the ladies.
I personally find Qiu Qiu's character very sweet and caring this may be why Gu Zhan likes her she always wants to help.
The drama then takes a huge 360 and the focus is back on Hell Vision and on the poor Duan Chang Ren that every thinks is the bad guy, except dadong bc he expects something is off.
A battle starts up and its Gu Zhan, ZhongWanJun, and Hei Long, then later on KING, and Hua Ling Long get attached into the fight. None of them are a match for Hei Long obivously. Wang Da Dong then shows up and gives HeiLong a surprise, but Hei Long knows he cant defeat this little punk and decides to play sly he grabs King and uses her life against the guys. Dadong willingly lets HeiLong attack him and is severely injured. When at the hospital he looks fine to everyone but when no one is there he continually pukes blood.
The next episode in the preview showed that Jiro and Pets may be getting closer but it doesn't look like Zhong Wan Jun will be letting go. Also Zhi Ge love story picks up with Han, but his dad also shows up. Let's all anticipate.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just You Original sound track → Playlist

(All Songs heard in drama)
擋不住的太陽 - Aaron Yan (Ending Theme)
心愛的 - Alien Huang & Genie Zhuo (Opening Theme)
村上的猫 - Alien Huang
千分之一 - Alien Huang
大確幸 - Alien Huang
因為你 - Alex To & Freya Lin

Reblogging this list again, Edited with the full version of ending theme Aaron sang and added a new track, a duet by Alex and Freya for the sub tracks

Credits to aaronyupdates(tumblr) and youtube

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Aaron Touring For Book Signing

The young artist hasn't stopped yet but he isn't going great either, Aaron has been overworked. It was issued earlier this week that he seemed to have came down with a cold due to traveling and signing and eating habits and lack of sleep~ due to shooting "Just You"
Aaron is happy though that through this book he can share this song and also all these words and places he wants everyone to see and know~^^

Hope he feels better soon~
Taken by fans in BeiJing.

Taken by fans in KaoHsiung

Calvin in Mainland ~fans muscle shot

Calvin on a mainland show as a gameshow guest~
Calvin's fans couldn't help but keep looking at the fact that Calvin's muscles are getting firming and he is looking as handsome as ever~~^^ 
thx to weibo fans for the photos~ 


Jiro Wang BeiJing Concert~Success

Jiro Wang finally had his BeiJing Concert "As I Am" ; The once Fahrenheit boyban member is now a solo flying artist and on this tour hopes to make a name for himself. Everyone knows that Jiro has been working out a lot but lately the idol has been keeping low profile on his body...well all the fans this time got super lucky because during one performance Jiro had his dancer assist him in ripping apart his shirt. An old move ...yes, but the reaction was priceless and had fans going crazy. 

The rocker also showed up in many different styles regardless of his clothes; hair; even the mic stand's creative bat wing~^^ 

All in All Jiro did amazing and everyone should anticipate the next performance! 

(PhotoCredits: All on photos~weibo JiroFnz^^)


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wuchun to be in Yang Gui Fei cast. With Fan BingBing as the lead

Wu Chun is filming a movie called 杨贵妃 [Yang Gui Fei].
The movie has been on low profile because the company in charge [Chuan Qiu Hong] hasn't wanted anyone to know much about the movie, or about the secret cast. Yesterday though SinaEnt got in the secret interview and was able to confirm that the directors table will be filled with director Zhang Yi Mo and Tian Zhuang Zhuang and so on. In the actors section the leads will be Fan Bing Bing, and Leon Lai Ming; Both actors of high statuses may have been one reason why the movie decided to keep a low profile. Both actors will be acting as Yang Gui Fei and Tang Ming Huang respectively. Other than these two though the cast also includes, Chen Zhong, Wu Gang, Yu Jing, "Wu Zun" and other actors/actresses.
It is confirmed that the great love story of Tang Ming Huang and Yang Gui Fei has ungone much work and now has hit perfection, it has taken a long time to confirm the cast though because perfection was the idea behind the movie. This love story and character of Yang Gui Fei was made in favor of Fan Bing Bing and she was moved to tears by the script so they have confirmed that the cast will wait for Fan Bing Bing's schedule.
So far I've checked and 2015 is the only confirmed time, but we will see.

As for Wu Chun's character nothing has been confirmed but when time comes all will speak!!

credit to sinaEnt.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lyrics Page Construction

I am going to start making a few changes here and there, I am starting with the Lyrics section so that it'll be more simple to attain lyrics for all you followers~ Or anyone else who wants some lyrics.

<3 xm

Monday, September 2, 2013

Aaron Yan held his autograph session

In his photo book, he wrote that he was being controlled strictly by his mum during school days. His mum would eavesdrop on his conversations, causing him to treat his mum coldly for 8 years. They only managed to break the ice when he debuted.

His Dad is Taiwan’s hospital’s doctor and his mum also graduated from university. Both kins are especially strict when it comes to Aaron’s school grades. His mum was initially going to be at the autograph session to support him, but cancelled the trip due to the changes in the weather. Aaron donated the model of the owl for charity. It got bid by Guangzhou’s fans in the end. The fans would have a chance to take a ride round the ferris wheel with him.

(Apple Daily)

More information about Aaron's book Taipei Dreaming

Aaron's first Taipei travel books has
  • nearly 150 the greater Taipei area attractions. 
  • hardcover concept Photo Album has 200 sheets of new beautiful portrait pictures.
  • over 30,000 words true story of Aaron
  • First private Taipei concept first theme song / Zhang Jun Wei and Chen Xinyan Jane tailored Aaron's latest single "Taipei sleeping."Section in the place in Taipei, love songs with sleepwalking bewildering. Gorgeous and sad strings lay, from calm to strong melodies, Aaron again to challenge themselves, to sing the most sense of auditory perception movie screen."Sleepwalking private Taipei" photo book text book signing will begin in Taiwan

Aaron "sleepwalking private Taipei," Taiwan's book signing sessions:

8/31 [six] 14:00 Kaohsiung Dream Mall - Happy Place

19:00 Taichung New Mall

9/01 [Japanese] 14:00 Dazhi Miramar - Ferris Square (5F)

A little preview of Aaron's book

"Sleepwalking private Taipei" photo book catalog text

1. Chapter 1 - Love
        1-1 encounter
        1-2 Wait
        1-3 see love
        1-4 exchange
        1-5 first
        1-6 Start
        1-7 past progressive tense
        1-8 reunion
        1-9 Farewell

2. Chapter 2 - Family
        2-1 troubles
        2-2 Happy
        2-3 to change
        2-4 distance
        2-5 forgive
        2-6 Complete
        2-7 There is a "love."

3. Chapter 3 - Friends
        3-1 trip
        3-2 Basketball Dreams
        3-3 My B612 Planet
4. Chapter 4 - Myself

Taipei Dreamin 'Guidebook directory

★    I see love in Taipei
★    looking happy in Taipei
★    Taipei Sleepless
★    do one day a child in Taipei
★    Open Taipei time capsule
★    with the closest distance, tasting the most in the ground in Taipei
★    Read Taipei tide Culture
★    Featured in Taipei with beautiful shops with dreaming!
★    Taipei friends do the warm-eat restaurant in Taipei
★    adhere to self-styled Taipei Cultural and Creative Zone
★    find a home in Taipei , Taipei Speciality Inn introduction

"Sleepwalking private Taipei" Behind the Scenes text text Photobook

See the love

We Jianbingzhaojian, quietly watching from afar one called "happiness" of Figure;
Happiness too have forgotten, we are also part of the picture photograph.

I like her voice.

I have listened to me like she would then answer my voice.

In that almost no one is willing to listen to me good era ─ Every day, I go home quietly carrying bags. Dad still in the hospital is busy; mother, the same on my life, a lot of their opinions; sister, as in her own world, that lone child in the world. I have that home, the single most aggressive confrontation, is silent.Even I do not understand how he is come to this 3 +1 people in the world ...... and I am in that world, is a heterogeneous people unhappy.

Every night, at that time she should have finished the book, that is when my world of clouds, suddenly out of a slit split moment, I moved a phone number that familiar, one heard her voice, it will Let me feel at ease, it was the moon came out.

In the window the moonlight, I lay in bed, that was my most relaxing time a day. Time to start reverse, and we were exchanging, opened his eyes from the morning after doing every thing, every mood. Exchanging each one has experienced 15 years of age, at the time that the sky is falling thing.

Compared to her, I am angry with the language more impatient, more often, she just quietly listen to me, then slowly and gently answered me, she did not say what the big deal really, but it can always be soothe my heart, just like the night of the moon.

Often, I was in her voice, relax and fall asleep ......

Then had a dream.

In the dream, I saw love.

Dream of love, just as the lights of the city, the same glory.

I see love in Taipei! ( ★ keyword ) 1. Yangmingshan National Park : Backdoor ─ Culture University in Taipei saw the most romantic night, Bamboo Lake, Qingtiangang, Lengshuikeng. 2 , Taipei 101 Observation Deck. ( see Bessatsu P.01)

All credits to: HIM Entertainment

God Bless the grand opening of the Tianjin city Jiro passion for singing

Jiro Wang was at and event called "天津天佑城 God Bless Tianjin City" West Road, Nankai District, Tianjin and God Bless South Road junction city. Jiro opened the ceremony with singing four of his popular songs on stage. He even took out his cell phone camera to look beneath the fans.

Wu Zun attending Dior Creamy Makup presentation

Wu Chun was in Wenzhou City Square Shopping Mall attending Dior creamy makeup customized presentation. He was informing people about skin care tips. He recommends eating fruits with different colors, such as the kiwi, which he strongly recommends. Eating seafood is also very good.
He says that he love the sun, but avoids getting sunburned. He says that it's always important to have moisture skin. He also gave an example of when he was filming in the desert. He had very dry skin and paid attention on working for having good moisturizer

As of right now, Wu Chun is working a getting bringing out a book and filming. He will start filming a new movie after a few months. He believes that his fans will enjoy his new work. 吴尊加油!

Wu Zun cheered Dior perfume cosmetics boutique opening.

Wu Chun was a special guess at a department store in Beijing called Dior Dior. It's a perfume cosmetics boutiques. As you all know he is interested in skin care, fragrance fashion style, and craftsmanship.
As a special guest of the event , Wu Zun is given to a special gift - a bottle autographed by him and engraved on the bottle body Dior perfume. Wu Zun represents : Dior Dior perfume always give women bring a different sensory experience, and he really my most preferred series. He hoped that every woman can have a bottle of Christian Dior perfume. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Calvin facebook expressing character switch

He has been He Shao Ran for so Long~ he says thank you for everyones support and that everyone don't miss him too much because perry is coming soon!
He hopes in the future he can act in more roles and bring more characters to the screen.
Calvin Chen : University Buddies~ who is ready for Perry