Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fahrenheit Reunion 10yr anniversary possibility rises


Today Calvin Chen and Chun both spoke up to the media about how since the two bothers have come back together and gotten closer than ever since their last departure they discussed the reuniting of Fahrenheit. 
Calvin stated that Fahrenheit's 10year anniversary is coming up next year an Calvin and Chun would love to return to the stage as Fahrenheit as an anniversary, like that of F4 and XiaoHuDui in previous years :) 

Chun has already stated before his singer career lays with Fahrenheit only, n he still cherishes his good brothers. Even his daughter NeiNei knows her uncles names, and now she is even closer to her uncle Calvin who still has frequent visits with him. 

regardless of anything, looks like Fei Fans save ur money we might be having a reunion!!!



  1. i wish that if they do reunite i would actually be able to go to taiwan.... T_T i think i have to see them live at least once in my life.

    1. I know how you feel, I went to taiwan and the closest I got to seeing them was when I ran into a poster of Aaron in the streets haha... we'll see if this happens.


    2. lol. well. ill bet you were jumping up and down screaming anyway xD thats what happens to me whenever i even just see them on the internet....