Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jiro Wang- Time Flies Northern Lights finishes shooting

Its still an undeclared storyline, but about a week ago "Northern Lights" did finish shooting. 
Jiro said his goodbyes to the crew and the rest of the cast. 
"Jia You Dadong~"
Finally a new drama to watch! Haha!

Cant wait to see him portray a more daddy like successor character ! Share your thoughts below!


Aaron and Calvin Place on charts!

Wow! Wow!
Leave it to Fahrenheit to rank up the charts! 
Placing in First Aaron Yan's "Unwanted Love" 
and in sixth
Calvin Chen's "Its still summer"

also this weeks Tvbs held another competition for this past weeks hit songs and Aaron and Calvin are still ranking the charts! Good Job Guys!

(Excuse my absence - School is still busy)


Monday, September 22, 2014

炎亞綸 Aaron Yan 多餘的我 The Unwanted Love MV


Click the link above to watch the MV...it's quite simple but very deep.

Two Aaron's and one is unwanted... how to solve this issue - easy... simple execute one.

The idea behind this MV has yet to be cleared or spoken of but I feel that it's quite simply going with the theory of the lyrics Love is inevitable but there are times when the extra one appears in your life and they are only extra when all parts of yourself have started to stick together what happens to that side of you that is no longer need...
That side is tossed aside and betrayed... Many humans do this some do it to their conscience some do it in a lighter matter where they choose to not face one issue or a conflict that they'd rather avoid.

An artistic video though, with Aaron portraying himself in two different ways. The Dark and Light makes the question very clear- who is the dark and who is the light?


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aaron Yan releases " The Aaron Time" DVD set

September 26, 2014 released... The Aaron Time DVD set.

It included Both Mv's from Drama&Cut also the 2 dvd set has a 32 page photobook and the collection of "The Aaron Time" show that was shown on Youtube. 
In the dvd that has only MV it will be a Karaoke kala version where you cans ing along too :)

MV影音館收錄 /DRAMA」與「CUT」總共8首精彩MV作品
Bonus加贈 /「一刀不剪」舞蹈版MV與「The Aaron Time」實境節目
精裝珍藏 /全新32頁「RunAaronRun !」紙上映畫概念寫真集

※   收錄了「DRAMA」與「CUT」專輯總共8首精彩MV,一次重溫炎亞綸的多角度吸睛魅力。影音館同時重現了與炎亞綸擦出嶄新火花的眾MV女主角G.NA、藤井リナ李毓芬與郭雪芙的女神風采。演出自己,娛樂大家﹗屬於炎亞綸風格的影像時代現在開始﹗
※   MV高規格、高清晰優質畫質收藏﹗MV兼具卡拉OK字幕選單,原音/伴唱聲道隨選切換。一起來歡唱炎亞綸最受歡迎的新歌!
※   Bonus加贈炎亞綸與郭雪芙性感共舞之一刀不剪舞蹈版MV,以及完整收錄最貼近炎亞綸真性情之「The Aaron Time」實境節目。讓你一窺炎亞綸私下內心小劇場與隱秘私生活全貌﹗
※   誠意加拍,精美裝幀,超值回饋﹗全新32頁炎亞綸領銜主演「Run,Aaron,Run !」紙上映畫概念寫真集。逃出頭條,奔向自我﹗高質感精美寫真集帶領你走一趟炎亞綸綁架自我的潛意識渴望之旅﹗
※   把握與炎亞綸面對面簽名時間﹗「The Aaron Time」影音館DVD全台簽唱會場次如下。
炎亞綸「The Aaron Time」影音館DVD全台簽唱會
10/4(六) 13:00 高雄 夢時代-幸福廣場
10/4(六) 19:00 台中 中友百貨-AB棟中庭
10/5(日) 14:00 台北 信義威秀中庭

DVD MV Listing:
1.     1/2 - ft. G.NA
2.     這不是我 Zhe Bu Shi Wo "this is not me"
3.     多餘的我 Duo Yu De Wo "The unwanted love"
4.     擋不住的太陽 Dang Bu Zhu De Tai Yang "Unstoppable Love"
5.     一刀不剪 Yi Dao Bu Jian "No Cut"
6.     大智若娛 Ta Zhi Ruo Yu " Entertainer "
7.     現在開始 Xian Zai Kai Shi "Starting from Now"
8.     台北沉睡了Tai Bei Sheng Shui Le "Taipei Dreaming"
(字幕:MV/卡拉OK 聲音: KALA/VOCAL) (All comes with MV/ and OK KALA versions)

1.     一刀不剪(舞蹈版)MV
2.     TheAaron Time實境節目第一集
3.     TheAaron Time實境節目第二集
4.     TheAaron Time實境節目第三集
5.     TheAaron Time實境節目第四集

Wu Chun- Royal Brunei Airlines Press Conference and Signing


The CEO of Royal Brunei Airlines and Wu Chun along with other staff and two airline flight attendant ladies appeared for the meeting: located in Shanghai China.
The CEO spoke out on how he was very pleased to have Wu Chun be chosen as Royal Brunei Airlines Ambassador he states "The ambassador should be someone who is a good civilian, kind hearted, hard working , and gives back to the world. Wu Chun is this person, a good gentleman and of high popularity in China, and other areas of Asia." - His addition to the Royal Brunei Airlines will be a great representation of what Royal Brunei strives to be- helpful, hard working, and loyal.
Wu Chun himself states that "...though I have done endorsements and been an ambassador before, most the time it's for clothing or for accessories and never before has it been for my own country. A country in which I was born and raised within, this makes me very happy to be able to represent my countries airlines." ... Chun also stated that he is excited for this experience because his connection with Royal Brunei Airlines can be said to last over 30 years. "...I've been riding these airlines since I was a child."
CEO of Royal Brunei Airlines also makes a quick statement that "...Chun being from Brunei itself, and also being very interested in our tourism of the country helps to enhance the Airlines images and we will work to live up to his image as well."
During the Press Meeting, Chun was also addressed on his daughter NeiNei's popularity lately- he happily express"...there is no such thing as being jealous for her, I mean everyone loves her no matter what and that makes me happy as a father. Plus when I go out a lot of children ask for photos with me so they can say they met NeiNei's father and its something to be proud of."
Congratulations to Chun and Royal Brunei Airlines for moving up another step.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Congrats on Calvin Chen releases Ep!

9/19 is finally here, and I don't know about where all of you are located but it sure its a nice and relaxing sunny day where I am :D

congratulations to Calvin Chen and thank goodness he chose September to release an album because if he chose later than October..well he couldn't be all summer sweaty and fun (and show off his muscles haha)

Fans have already sent in their love for Sunshine Boy and his Sunshine filled album! If you have yet to see the music video of "it's still summer" a light and hip hop mixed with rap composition with a funny Calvin then please click the link below and enjoy :D
Remember to support!

congrats again Calvin :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aaron Yan - lands 4 spots in Nagoo Media Tv top hits of August

Nagoo TV top hits of August


No.2-Aaron yan performing No Cut with Puff Guo live (21,418 hits) 
No.3 Aaron yan and Puff Guo sharing thoughts of working together (16,385 hits)
No.7-Aaron yan part3 with Puff Guo (11,549 hits)
No.8- Aaron yan part1- performing Entertainer (10,281 hits)

Talk about never ending popularity, his release of Drama & Cut and finalizing of Fall in Love with Me after the success of Just You has made Aaron Yan one of the hottest stars of Taiwan. Finally holding his "Aaron Yan show case concert" for both albums of course Nagoo Media would be there to record. 

He landed 4 spots in the countdown of August this year~! Thanks Fans and Great Job Aaron


Aaron Yan " Unwanted Love" MV teaser~!

Watch Aaron Yan's "Unwanted Love' MV TEASER

Calvin Chen released his new MV but he isn't the only Fahrenheit member working on his album, Aaron is still going. He has been busy overseas with promoting his albums in Japan, and lately his sister did get married but just because he has other task to finish doesn't mean that he won't be able to complete other task :D

Aaron Yan is releasing an "Unwanted Love" MV! This song was a huge hit when "Fall in Love With me" released their first teaser clip and the song was used. Afterwards it has become one of the songs that many fans claim to be their favorite of the album (even though every song is awesome haha)

The mv teaser is very short and every fan is asking who will be the female lead lately since he's used Dream Girl's Puff Guo, Tia Li and he was had the appearance of Japanese Model Lena Fuji and also brought G.NA over to perform 1/2 One out of Two.

 But inside the clip it seems that this time it's Aaron and another man and only smiles to look at him over a clip (green screen possibly -of the Grand Canyon). Who is it? No one knows!

The premiere of the MV will beon 09-22-2014!
So ~ prepare yourselves we have another Mv to enjoy in a week!

Don't forget also to support Calvin's new album to release this FRIDAY!


Calvin Chen releases "It's still summer" music video

Prepare to be mind blown~ the song is nothing like what I expected, and not a normal song either. The music video has no green screen usage and he even goes to so many places! 

New York, Europe, Dubai, and some other locations as well.... 
two Lamborghini(s) and a helicopter and a few beach clips and Calvin is sharing the summer time feels with all of us!



Monday, September 15, 2014

ZE:A no.1 band is Fahrenheit Kpop views Cpop

When cpop artist are asked about Korean artist, they obviously know who they are talking about and who are their favorites, because like many other parts of the world K-pop is dominating the music industry.
What if we switch it up , and asked Kpop artist about their favorite Cpop artist though? How many individuals can be named out?

Did you all know that actually in Korea even still now, Fahrenheit's popularity has yet to drop! ZE:A a boyband from korea even stated that "Fahrenheit's every single song are all No.1!"

also named were artist like Rainie Yang, Jolin, AMei, By2, S.H.E and Show...Looks like even though cpop isn't the no.1 selling music of the industry they are still living and being supported tremendously by other industries artist.
For example like when Lollipop F was invited to perform in Korea on Running Man, or like when By2 was invited to perform for Korean artist while he was on tour... many cpop artist today are still working hard to live up to their kpop friends but as of right now... the only thing in my head is...

Fahrenheit was voted no.1 one of the most liked cpop artist! :D


Wu Chun becomes Brunei Airlines Ambassador

Logically speaking he is the only celebrity that Brunei has. Growing up there and traveling on the airlines so much he would be the best choice as an Ambassador- so even though he is done endorsing Taiwan with Fahrenheit now he can share the beautiful flight experiences of Brunei his very own home to outside tourist and guest.
Wu Chun has been very busying, but he still potentially returns home regularly, and he still keeps NeiNei close, as she was spotted in many areas with him while he flies to go finish photo shoots or other occasions.

congratulations Wu Chun on a job that keeps you closer to home and family.

Aaron Showbox Concert (Puff and Tia appear as guest)

The Aaron Yan Show - Celebration Concert

When you shoot one successful drama with one goddess and then shoot another successful drama with another goddess, release two albums- there must be a celebration :D
Tia & Aaron
Aaron & Puff
    You want an exciting concert to be filled with guest who will shake your crowd, in this case Aaron successfully chose the right ladies to bring onstage with him. After releasing the dance version of  "NO CUT" Aaron&Puff announced their performance live for the first time as dancing partners would be during his Aaron Show concert to celebrate "Drama" and "Cut".  Once upon stage Puff and Aaron both exclaimed that it was amusing that the two would ever dance because Puff openly admitted she is the worst dancer in Dream Girls. Even Aaron laughed and says "I knew that, and that's why I chose you. I am also the worst dancer in Fahrenheit." (<--I feel this isn't the issue because Fahrenheit did have a robot dancer lol)
   Not long after the two finished their performance they also told everyone that they did another MV to remind everyone of the "Just You " days- Shooting the "unstoppable sun" Mv. Aaron wore only his boxers and Puff was to walk around while giving off an affect of light. Aaron said "It was quiet awkward I shot the whole MV in my boxers!" and after Puff left, and Aaron performed a few more songs he suddenly was surprised by a special guest.
   Behind the scenes she said " You really like to pick me up and carry me." - Aaron laughing replied " So you're not Beatrice Fang!"... after receiving several clues he had an idea and said "Let's all welcome Tia Li!" She approached him with roses and congratulated him on his concert, but she didn't forget to tease him and even tell everyone some of Aaron's weird habits. "He loves to sing old songs..like Jacky Wu, Eason Chan, and other people" as they named the songs Aaron quickly responded by singing each song. Aaron finally pranking Tia back said "Didn't you say you wanted to sing [wu ding-rooftop] by Jacky Wu with me!"
   Tia laughing replied she was ready if he was, because she was only joking and so was Aaron but the keyboard player started the song- Aaron directly went into his comedian side and since the notes were so high he went off tune and broke but he laughed and everyone joined in with him. Tia on the otherhand performed perfectly fine. As she was leaving Aaron mentioned one last time "..so sexy, did you guys she her dress." (fans answered no some didn't) Aaron being as funny as he is replied "..well she's gone now. Sorry. haha I cannot do anything."
Aaron grabs Tia's hand while performing "Wu Ding"
                                       click to watch- tia & aaron singing Wu Ding
He performed dances for "No Cut" ; "The entertainer", "The unwanted love" and sang an unplugged version of "I want to tell her" [hao xiang dui ta shuo].

Puff & Aaron perform "No Cut"

Tia laughs as Aaron stretches for his notes.

Lost in his music while performing "I want to tell you"
The final pose of "no cut"

-xm- ( Late Post)

Jiro - clip from action film

A new star in the making, a kick here, and punch there- Jiro has joined the action stars onscreen ;)

Watch the video that Jiro uploaded onto his IG- some sweet clips from his upcoming movie that he produced.
It's unclear what the final name will be but from outter sources I did read it may be called "Big Hero" or possibly "Super Detective" it is Jiro's first take on such action films, but he is built for it!
It's really cool to see him show this side of him- I've always felt like he matches this more than the general "rich guy" look. Honestly I'd love to see Jiro play a full on villain one day because without a doubt he'd pull it off amazingly.
-XM- (latepost)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Aaron Yan- Becomes little fan on Angelina Jolie's IG

So, Angelina J. posted up some comment about following her followers if  "SOME" of them were able to name some movie that starred her haha, little does she know she has a little fan in the small island of Taiwan who I quote did once say "He'd gladly lone his sperm to her for children" haha anyhow ...a pudding tagged Aaron and his response was....

I'm an artist from Taiwan I'm desperate for your follow back, I watched every movie you starring, You're my inspiration! Please! I'm @aayan1120
Absolutely adorable~! haha but whatever idol there is...what ever fans there are. All so cute.

Calvin Chen releases album 9/19

After so long, its been almost 10 years for Calvin Chen. His debut in 2005 with Fahrenheit in KO-ONE series is now a long ways away but Calvin himself has yet to give up on his hopes and dreams of singing.
Starting from joining the sunshine boys competition in Vancouver Canada, and returning as a champ to Taiwan and signing with H.I.M - after the Fahrenheit boyband days Wu Chun has become a dad, and one of the first line actors on the big screen and a director. Jiro has left his mark on the big screen as well -making movies and even a few drams left and right; releasing his first work "What are you waiting for?" and now forming his newest piece in mainland china. Aaron the youngest of the boyband did not wait, and release his EP "The Next Me" first to show everyone this was a new side of him following he released "The Moment", and after having a big hit with "Just You" and "Fall in Love with Me" through SETTV he released both mini albums "Drama" and "Cut". Everyone has been so busy but what has Calvin been waiting for?

Calvin fessed up that he was wanting this 10years to be memorable and wanted his first work to be special. His waiting and fans waiting have finally ceased!

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014 - (09/19/14) Calvin releases his first EP&Photobook "It is still summer"

There are even two different versions to the packages- One is the Summer edition covering the simple pleasure so vacations and exploring. and the other the Love edition...well, a little piece of summer and the spicy tid-bits that come with it.

After working out so long-Calvin is now known as the "C-cup" chest muscle man. His chest muscles are no joke, though Calvin may still look somewhat smaller than the Chun or Jiro, his chest muscles have earned him a name in the company. When others were asked if they've seen them, everyone only exclaimed that its overly exaggerated and very built.

Well, its time and I've already pre-order. (There will be a contest when I receive it and his birthday follows) stay tuned and remember to still buy your copy of his album!!!!
1. Hai Zai Xia Tian Ne (It is still summer)
2.Ai Lai Wu Yi (Meaningless Love)
3.Ba Hua Shou Kai (Speak Clearly - technically means to clear the words of misunderstanding)
4. Wo Yu Ni (You & I ) - 3 peas in a pod theme song
5. Qian Qi Qi Wu- [Open to the fight] Lucky 7 drama Opening Theme
6. Jiao Huan Ren Sheng (switching lives) - Lucky 7 drama ending theme

Aaron Yan- Weird Mask

Some time ago, a little fan gave Aaron a very special face mask as a gift. He waited and finally today he is wearing it. And a weird mask it may be but on his face the humorous factor of the mask just rises even more. 
Its like a white tiger, but for a face mask and like goofy Aaron it plays with my mind somehow- "like...its mouth looks like a mustache on him"

well, just sharing <3


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September -A good month for Calvin

Working out, vacation, going on different show...or just preparing yourself for keeping summer around with Calvin Chen's upcoming album

"Summer is still here..."

Calvin has happily kept everyone updated as to his album is still underway H.I.M has yet to give out an official date, but we are sure that all this traveling will mean that the album will hold some big surprises!


Jiro Birthday celebrated on set of Northern Lights

AUG. 24 was Dadong Ge's birthday and many of you all send in your blessing for him, feel free to go watch the video again!~

Dong Ge actually spent his day this year with the cast of Northern Lights, celebrating on set!

The whole cast came together and since it was very easy to put together a huge Japanese style feast JIRO got to eat away with all the crew members and the cast :D

Fans also appeared outside the hotel he was residing in to give him presents and shower him with blessings!

-xm- (LATE POST) 

Calvin Chen&Jiro Wang wish Danson Happy Birthday!



Happy belated bday to DT!
As Calvin and Jiro both wished their good brother happy birthday- the video was shown at the fans meeting held in SETTV's hall- a first fans birthday celebration that was so big for DT.

SEPT.2- a big day for Danson <3

(will sub video later) 

寻找北极光 Searching for the Northern Lights Press Meeting-focus is on endorsement issue

Jiro Wang, Zheng Luo Qian, Nichkun

During the press meeting the three appeared to be happy, and very excited for the upcoming drama as Zheng Luo Qian takes on the character of a mother with a child, but has not father. Jiro plays a wealthy lad, who is looking for himself and his ways of life, Nichkun plays a talented younger man who has lots of creative and likable aspects but doesn't have as much riches. 

Both pursue Luo Qian in the drama...but who is going to come out on top?

Jiro Wang, showed up with the cast for Northern Lights- what was originally known as "WishList"!
But during the beginning portions of the press meeting, the focus wasn't exactly on the new drama going to aire in mainland soon, but rather the latest dilemma that has been sweeping all the media for some odd reason- "Should the celebrities use what they are endorsing?" 

This conflict is directed towards Jiro Wang's "Zi You Dian" (woman's product) commercial. Jiro himself replied "I do have my family members use it, but of course I am a man...I don't have that chance to use it. But a lot of people do ask me if I should try it...I can only say I do give it to my family members and friends who are in the need of this product." 


Aaron Yan & Beatrice Fang - SPop Magazine sept edition

 ( I will upload a subbed version soon- but I have yet to be able to sub so as soon as I am not busy it will be upload on our account ^^)

SPOP this time around has the brother&sister couple! Huan Huan and Tian Xing Gege...she couldn't have him in the drama but now on SPOP they've helped Huan Huan have her Tian Xing GeGe!

The issue was though haha Beatrice even though is very naturally active girl, was very shy when positioned so close to Aaron considering she never had the change to be soo close to Aaron it was quite amusing how easily she blushed around him. All the different positions and faces she made finally had Aaron expressing "I realized something, Beatrice has a body to be sexy but she is no SEXY at all~! She is only a cute little girl." 
Beatrice laughing agreed altogether to this statement, later though when Aaron was laying on her chest for one photo, he laughingly made a statement that had the whole crew telling him he was TOO OVER... (being perverted, though he wasn't it was an accident)
Aaron: I realized something...
Crew: What ? is it not comfortable?
Aaron: no . no. it's just her chest are great to lay on...wait!!1
(crew yells at him...) Aaron disabled to reply only says...
I thought I was going to be a very uncomfortable position okay... (but of course that came out weird too. -.-!!)

Later the two were starting to try out new moves and Aaron expressed how he was a pro, and while looking through last months Spop magazine and seeing Ordinary Love photos he expressed that there are different ways to choke someone for the photos.
He expressed "There are 3 ways...its all different" he showed the cameras, then tried it with Beatrice the event though started to become very funny after the cameraman had Beatrice show act like she was really being choked. 

Regardless of all the hardships that took place behind the scenes, and all the little accidents that occurred Aaron was the one cheering everyone around him up. Beatrice who didn't have much photoshoot experience also said she learned a lot from him this time around. 

ENJOY the video its adorable!

-xm- (latepost)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Northern Lights - Jiro Wang Photos only

Just sharing some more photos of Zheng Luo Qian and Jiro's newest drama "Northern Lights" 

The aurora borealis are actually a rare sighting and one that is rare to be forgotten... 
The factor that they chose this name itself makes me wonder... who is to be these northern lights? 
Is it the single mom?
...her daughter?
One of the two businessmen who confess their love?
... or is it like their love, shining and rare.  
I honestly have yet to see a script or anything in relation to the storyline but I know i just cannot wait till it premieres :)  
Jiro using a fan bts.

on screen- a pro.

during the screening shining in deep red 

Silence in red is a deep beauty.

(xm) enjoy late post sorries