Monday, July 30, 2012

KO-One Season2 Ep1 watch here

We have found a KO-One season2 episode one that was released on Youtube the storyline is very touching and it is also quite interesting, it's like pulling KO-one and KO3AnGuo together and bringing out a new story...this season doesn't have Arron or Calvin in it but it shows their pictures continually and I have to say when I saw their pictures from 2005 my face---> )O_O( LOL
then soon when it went to everyone was missing and only Jiro was there I went to --> T_T....

But the storyline is pretty much clean cut and it also holds a lot of new factors...but Jin Bao San is still really annoying I have to say after so long he still looks the same and even carries the same feeling...hahahaha at least one thing didn't change. ButIhave to admit the first one seems like it was a lot better, I personally miss the Ultimate One class that made me first meet these wonderful guys!

Click here to watch KO-One 2

Jiro Wang's upcoming album named "What are you waiting for?"

What are you waiting for?- pinyin :Ni Zai Deng She Me :你在等什麼
is the name for the rocker member of Taiwanese super hot boyband Jiro Wang DaDong's 王東城 album that has had so many people waiting for so long.
After his release of Purple House's theme song "For Me" -Ti Wo 替我...Jiro's Fans have been wondering when will he release a solo album well you all are in luck because the time is coming up soon! Then for his drama Absolute Darling Jiro sang the ending theme song "Pretend We Never Loved" -Jia Zhuang Wo Men Mei Ai Guo 假裝我們沒愛過 and also had an insert song released called "Perfect Heartbeat"- wan mei xin tiao ;完美心跳 both songs fit the drama very well and also brought our Jiro's wish to be a rocker but the styles still hold some form of pop/rock so maybe the album itself will lead towards pop/rock and not a full fledged rock album or maybe he will breakthrough the simple image he always had in Fahrenheit and release a full fledged Rock album!

Listen to Jiro's song: For Me :替我

Listen to Jiro's MV Pretend we never loved

Listen to Jiro's Perfect Heartbeat

all three songs are special in their own way and bring out the rocker in Jiro....whether it's a mellow feeling or the straight out burst of his emotions..Jiro's fans are all anticipating his breakthrough album!

If you all wanted to attend his meetings: Schedule!

Jiro new album, autograph and singing session (Taipei) 2012/8/11 14:00 Taipei Digital City (Kmall)

Jiro new album, the first signature of the shop (Hsinchu) 2012/8/12 14:00 Hsinchu Rose Records (Hsinchu City, Zhongzheng Road, on the 19th floor)

 Jiro new album, the first signature of the shop (in Chungli) 2012/8/12 16:30 Chungli Rose Records (Taoyuan County, Chungli City, Zhongzheng Road No. 82, 2nd Floor)

 Jiro new album, the first signature of the shop (Taoyuan) 2012/8/12 19:00 Taoyuan light south LP (Successfully Road, Taoyuan City, a period on the 21st)

Jiro new album, autograph and singing session (Tainan) 2012/8/18 14:00 The Tainan south park

 Jiro new album, autograph and singing session (Kaohsiung) 2012/8/18 18:00 Kaohsiung Dream Mall, Times Square

 Jiro new album, autograph and singing session (Chiayi) 2012/8/19 15:00 The Chiayi resistance SI Song housing

 Jiro new album, autograph and singing session (Taichung) 2012/8/19 19:00 Taichung new era of shopping mall

Sunday, July 29, 2012

JIro's Drama KO-One 2 and Movie "My beautiful kingdom" have finished shooting

-though jiro was not there for the wrap up part for KO-One2 everyone happily showed they were proud in their hard work for the 5 months devoted for this drama and that the relationship between everyone was very strong and let's say get ready to welcome back Lao Da ...Wang Da Dong! but this time he is not on the right foot anymore....
"KO2 storyline"
Story takes place after the real Liu Bei returned to the Silver Dimension. When Wang Da Dong was delivering Liu Bei through the inter-dimensional portal, he encountered a timequake and was thrown to ten years in the future. In the future, all the people on the KO ranking have mysteriously disappeared and the class of KO One is now controlled by a girl named King. But will Da Dong be able to find his good friends and parents!

And as for My Beautiful Kingdom Jiro has been working hard flying from Paris to shoot some scenes and then back to Beijing to finish up shooting in a total of 3 months he is finished today! Congrats Jiro!

And for those that don't know Jiro's solo album will be released soon so please stay close!

Friday, July 27, 2012

They are flying for their dreams; Arron weibo post the makes everyone nervous

The last post I put up was Arron's weibo post that has made the news! Well if the news is bored enough they take the weibo post and make news out of it...Jiro's post on the rain in BeiJing was taking in and talked about; now it's Arron's! But the reports said :
Since Wu Chun left the group in 2011 the 3 group Fahrenheit has only came out with one song "Mr.Perfect" of which was the opening theme song for Absolute Darling the drama that originally was to star Chun but switched to Jiro! But after this the band hasn't come together for anything yet?! and on the 26th of July Arron Yan's weibo post has most people translating it to "Fahrenheit is gonna make another change!" Will it be the loss of bandmember Jiro Wang whose contract ends in October of this year or will it be that Fahrenheit is done?
When it comes to each of them going after their own dreams, and it surrounds a band the topic is hot and Arron has been surround by the media with questions about this criteria. HIM International responded to the media though by saying " He just put out that weibo because of what he has been feeling lately, nothing is certain!" (Arron has always been known to think a lot and he has been thinking more and more lately as his fans have one by one been standing up for their star who is willing to yell at bodyguards that are protecting him to protect his fans?!) But HIM Int. also reponded in Arron's place "When he says they are each chasing their own dream he is talking about their Acting & Hosting jobs."

My reaction to this report is that no matter what happens it seems Arron is preparing for the worst...Calvin has not responded to much besides informing everyone he didn't know about Jiro's contract or Fahrenheit ending till he saw the papers; and Jiro still hasn't faced the media about the situation, well Jiro's album is coming out soon so we shall hear from him!

**credits to:***

Arron quotes Fahrenheit he is 1/4 why is he becoming 1!

Arron posted In these 8years, 2 yrs I've been 1/4, every challenge everything new, I faced it happily as 1/4, these last 2yrs everyone has been chasing their own dreams, it's time like these that I think of those great memories, though we all have our own dreams, but 3/4 I don't want to leave them, I've never even thought of becoming 1!!!

Arron's post has very many people wondering...Is this the end to Fahrenheit?! The many fans that have supported the band for years are having a hard time still accepting them as 3 but why does it hurt so much the thought of no like a world with no light to us...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fahrenheit Events Coming up!!!

Fahrenheit has a lot of events coming up! BusyBusyBusy!!! Arron's album will be released in October; and Jiro's will be released Next month!!!

Fahrenheit Aaron - Coca-Cola Shuang move the red PA Olympic season 2012/8/4 Middle of the river Wenzhou West Park Lawn

Fahrenheit Aaron - a-nation musicweek 2012/8/9 Opening 16:00 / curtain 17:00 Tokyo Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium Ticketing website

Fahrenheit Jiro new album, autograph and singing session (Taipei) 2012/8/11 14:00 Taipei Digital City (Kmall)

Fahrenheit Jiro new album, the first signature of the shop (Hsinchu) 2012/8/12 14:00 Hsinchu Rose Records (Hsinchu City, Zhongzheng Road, on the 19th floor)

Fahrenheit Jiro new album, the first signature of the shop (in Chungli) 2012/8/12 16:30 Chungli Rose Records (Taoyuan County, Chungli City, Zhongzheng Road No. 82, 2nd Floor)

Fahrenheit Jiro new album, the first signature of the shop (Taoyuan) 2012/8/12 19:00 Taoyuan light south LP (Successfully Road, Taoyuan City, a period on the 21st)

Fahrenheit Jiro new album, autograph and singing session (Tainan) 2012/8/18 14:00 The Tainan south park

Fahrenheit Jiro new album, autograph and singing session (Kaohsiung) 2012/8/18 18:00 Kaohsiung Dream Mall, Times Square

Fahrenheit Jiro new album, autograph and singing session (Chiayi) 2012/8/19 15:00 The Chiayi resistance SI Song housing

Fahrenheit Jiro new album, autograph and singing session (Taichung) 2012/8/19 19:00 Taichung new era of shopping mall

Monday, July 23, 2012

JIro in BeiJing

The floods in BeiJing have been pretty serious and Jiro also posted that on his weibo it was raining horribly bad! But no worries Jiro is safe because his manager took a photo of him and showed everyone Jiro getting ready in a restaurant... A lot of fans are having different reactions to Jiro's new look of the facial hair on him...In purple house some fans responds were good and bad too but maybe Jiro is finally going for a different look!

Alice in Wonder City ep10 has Arron's mom talking

The first two gif are made my fans of Arron...these two gifs are wat exploded my phone as I watched Alice yesterday night! Ep10 is adorable and sleeping He Ting Yu that was woken or maybe just disturbed by Lan Die Fei had a temper like a 5 year old who didn't wanna wake up! LOL it was adorable! Fans say that it was only the real Arron that took over  

He Ting Yu: I'm in a bad mood I dont wanna get up!

Lara asked : how is like to have dreams and He Ting Yu walks over and fans died at this look:)

Arron's mom explained that this scene she told him: My son your acting is amazing! Arron: Is it? Mom: Yes, watching it I want to cry! Arron: Are you drunk?

I exploded laughing at this comment!

Arron's mom explained that during this scene she could tell Arron's character was all the way into the singing from Lara. She explain it as being completely possess!

Arron's Mom: I finally understand that watching Alice in Wonder City is more than watching a drama it is more than just the love and simple stories like other dramas it is more than that. It is something that works from the viewers hearts and brings out everyone's emotions!

Yes!Yes!Yes! Arron's mom understands what I feel when I am watching this...I feel like the miracle is happening before me and that life's lesson can be learned and also This drama isn't a drama it is showing us how to live with endless obstacles!

the ratings only a .48 though! But fans have already said the calculators are wrong bc no matter how the ratings are they all love Alice in Wonder City!

Around the World Star Game Arron Yan Joins as a Competitor

Arron Yan made a guest appearance yesterday 7/22 on Around the World Star Game in Mainland China he actually shot this the same week that he was there for Happy Camp but here is the link to the video if you'd all like to watch it...they are talking Cantonese and a lot of other different languages so there is no English subs but its still worth the laugh.

one of the host Calvin Choy thanked Arron for showing up and also said he blessed Arron's upcoming album to have top sales!

the funniest part between these two is when Arron came out and Calvin Choy was telling him the 4 ladies were arguing about who would hold his arms and then they fought over who was going to be on the left and the right...and Arron laughed but said I don't understand.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Calvin's BABY

Did my title scare you?
Don't worry the adorable baby in the photo isn't actually Calvin's baby it's most likely one of his friends because everyone knows he loves his friends and he is a kid lover himself whenever he is around his friends and their kids are there he always takes a photo w/ them.

Calvin weibo post: Isn't my baby cute?

Yes! The baby is adorable and so is the great man holding the baby! Sunshine boy we love you!

A-Nation stadium

Arron will be in Japan next month to perform for A-Nation to represent Taiwan! He's been working on his japanese...he's been improving!!!

But the stadium was posted up by a fan to show everyone how to get around for convinces.

Jay Chou fan deems Arron's blessing to Jay the best

Arron Blessed Jay Chou for his concert by sending roses along with many many other people but a Jay fan saw Arron's and deemed it the best one! She commented out of all the blessings this one was the best with the most meaning!

I'd translate it but my proverbs aren't great

Arron's signature: forever seeing you as an my idol Arron

8/18 Kobe&Chun vs. Jay Chou&Arron ShangHai Sprite Playoff

Yellow Team:Kobe、Jason、JJ Lin、WuZun、WangZi、MaoDi、KID、XiaoJie、ChenJiangHua;
Green Team: Jay Chou、Blackie、Liu Gen Hong、弹头、袁咏琳、Alan Kuo、杜锋、张靓颖、Arron Yan。

There were a few things that excited me then I saw the teams and now the question is...What?!
So Blackie and Jason are best friends, JPM(wangzi, maodi, and xiaojie) work for Blackie yet they are gonna play against him?! Arron Yan he's placed against Jay Chou twice already now he's playing for him?...guess Jay saw something LOL...Kobe will be playing this time and looks like he brought back Wu Zun! But that means Wu Zun vs Yan Ya Lun...this is actually quite interesting. What really got me though was Circus's KID is gonna play too? I'm prepared to laugh bc Kid is hilarious!
Alot fans of Wang Zi and Arron Yan have also brought up who they think will win bc these two charming guys just happen to have a large no super large fan base, and actually share a good number of fans. Plus last year Arron Yan got on his knees infront of KOBE what will he do this time?

Well I'm prepared for a good match!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Arron yan hair salon web adress

Arron Yan, Chen Bo Lin and Lin Chi Ling's hair salon has a website! and the the image that you see when you look at it is well absolutely wonderful!!!

The shop turn a year old this year and let's hope it keeps going!
Best wishes to Boss! (Arron)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy belated 2 year anniversary to FactorySe7en! 7/7 was their birthday and Calvin celebrated it happily with all his Sweethearts (what calvin calls his fans)! 

The day was full of fun but the reporters still confronted him with the case of Jiro's departure and like Arron he didn't know till he saw the papers so he answered truthfully he doesn't think Fahrenheit will have an album this year because he hasn't heard of HIM coming up with anything for the 3 of them! (Finally some truth) 

but still Best Wishes to Factory Se7en!

Popcorn opens in HK Arron Yan participates

I don't know if anyone knows what popcorn is but its not food where talking about here its a department store! So other than Arron another idol made it to the scene Wu Qian Yu if you all remember her she was in Wu Zun's movie Magic to Win! Arron made it to the HK airport about 11:00 am pretty good timing and there were a number of fans waiting on him but the thing is Arron had his earphones in and glasses on and was walking straight for the exit and according to Appledaily he was in a cold image mode and wasn't paying attention to anyone. Of course listening to one side isn't a complete story. Numerous fans raged at appledaily for right such a thing because many of their gifts and letters were in Arron's hand when he left the only different thing was to ignore another mob problem they gave Arron 5 bodyguards. So really the news was being fussy again.

On the scene Arron as a Fahrenheit member couldn't slide past being asked about the reports on Jiro's departure from Fahrenheit and going solo like Chun. Arron who honestly replied " Actually I didn't even know about this until I saw the paper myself, and I haven'ts spoken to the other two members so as No More Fahrenheit goes...I'm not sure on their feelings but myself I think it's been so many years and the feelings are built I wish to still work with them again as Fahrenheit." he also added that "I understand everyone has something they all want to do Jiro's decision is his no matter what he chooses I will support him." There have been rumors going around too that Chun and Jiro didn't get along so it led to the departure of Chun...Arron cleared this up too. " Not true not even close, whenever Chun comes to Taiwan he still invites the 3 of us together and we go eat! " There is no way that they two don't get along..seriously the media is bored enough.

The news also asked Qian Yu since she has seen both Fahrenheit members Arron and Chun who did she think was more attractive and being such a nice girl she answered like anyone else, " They are both attractive but they are different kinds, Arron is beautiful like a girl he's just so pretty. and Chun he is so built, he huge. It's different they are different."
Arron was asked about Qian Yu and his reply was " She's pretty, and cute very nice girl." and they asked the type he would court? "I'd consider it."
Arron also spoke english that day making fans go crazy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Calvin interviews Japan pop music queen

Calvin had just finished interviewing the Japan queen of pop! He posted: Namie Amuro,my gosh! Wish you have a good time staying in Taiwan and all of us can't wait for your near-future concert in Taiwan!
It's been all over the news her upcoming concert and being compared to Taiwan's queen Jolin! Calvin's interview was successful and very good for Japan/Korean Pop on MTV!

Arron Yan's album set for October

His EP last year was a hit so this year it'll be a full album! Jiro is to come out with his album in Aug-Sept and so in October of this year Arron's album is to be complete! From Men's UNO magazine he said he put 120% of hard work into this album not just his regular quote 110%!
The album is to surround "Memories" and "Missing Someone" in other words it'll be over the silly things people will do for love.

Though there are rumors of Fahrenheit's disbandment Arron did say that reuniting isnt unlikely but they each have somethings they want to do.

Jiro Wang to leave Fahrenehit...October contract ends

Jiro Wang in the previous works he has come out with has done many solo songs and has recieved good reviews but is that going to lead to the end of Fahrenheit it just might...according to ChinaPress newpaper After Jiro releases his solo album in September he will end his contract with Comic Ritz and HIM international! He has picked up a lot of job which means good money and sure enough he has more than Fahrenheit has! Arron who has come out already with an EP was also said to come out with his album in September!?! and the company said due to not being able to get songs they've faced a few problems and so Fahrenheit's album has been on hold for the first part of the year! BUT half a year and not even any detail other than the song in Absolute Darling "Mr.Perfect" HIM still says that at the end of the year Fahrenheit will come out with an album! But doesn't that mean that Jiro, Arron, and Fahrenheit will all have albums out plus S.H.E is suppose to come out again with their comeback album!
It's been somewhat spread around already that Jiro intends on Following Wu Chun's footsteps and leaving the group for a solo career whether or not he will remain on stage as an artist is still not a question. Jiro is a well known super star and the companies that want super stars like him and Wu Chun are everywhere so if he did leave he could be picked up automatically. Last year June 22 HIM announced Chun's dismissal will Jiro be next?
2005, KO-One brought together the guys to the screen making them the hit of all girls and ladies everyone fell to their knees trying to see them...they performed in Taipei's Arena for two nights for their world concert tour and even had 10 different endorsements at one time!But after their 4th album SuperHot...the four slowly went and did their own things...Chun and Jiro the BIG SCREEN; Calvin was exploring the world of hosting and Arron came out with an EP! Fahrenheit currently is only left with 2 endorsement for the group of 3....which doesn't even add up to all of Jiro&Arron's endorsements.
Also all their dramas and movies premieres dates are clashing together putting fans in a situation of picking one or the other!
Jiro spoke up and said that " I've been busy shooting scenes for dramas and movies and just recently finished recording my album, as for that issue we don't need to look into."; HIM International said: "We have worked with Jiro and Comic Ritz for 7 years now and we all know he is someone who looks into good relations."  But relations and his career are two different things, no matter how tight their bond is will it keep him there?

Wu Chun previously said " Fahrenheit will always exist" but he still left...( I didn't like this part) But still Jiro it's your choice we will not blame you...Jia You Fahrenheit

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Camp 15years anniversary Arron Yan is a guest

Happy Camp the well loved show on Hunan TV that has brought on thousands of guest and thousands of other miracles to everyone has well finally turned 15 years old and Today Arron is there on the set shooting the episode to celebrate their 15year anniversary!
Not only Arron but Kenji Wu; and Jing Bai Ran! 

Arron showed his precious forehead again! Not kidding he really does kinda look like ZaiZai (vic) when it shows...go figure...
But on the show so far I have calculated that he will perform Zhi Kan Jian Ni an all time favorite out of his EP The Next Arron Yan (Xia Yi Ge Yan Ya Lun)! 
And on the show he is also bound to get some great laughs just because he too loves this show and lets just say when is this show not funny and touching all at the same time!

Arron performing Zhi Kan Jian Ni

Anticipate! We will  post up the viewing link soon!

Xiao Mei saw Arron on the streets! JK

I didn't get to see him in person yet...but of course I've not been to Taipei other than the night that I stopped there...I also went to a mall in TaiChong and saw a poster that Jiro had signed but they said I couldn't take a picture because it was a store policy so it's okay! I walked by 小林眼睛 Lotto Glasses on the streets and ran backwards to take these two photos! LOL I really want to know what I'd do if I saw him in person but anyway Fan who like 飛輪海 or 台灣... you all have to come here and look around it's pretty cool!
The streets are really safe unless your driving (its all like a crazy race here)! But it's hard to find parking so your better off with taxi/Mrt/ or bus anyhow!
I haven't seen too much but I can tell you there is a lot to eat...just you have to have the guts to eat and I mean like insides majority....I ate duck blood the first night here and at first I thought it'd be like all the other kinds in the states very weird tasting but really it was really like jello just the taste was different...Hot Pot is what they call it 麻辣鍋 Ma La's good!
But anyhow I hope all is going well with the contest...I'll scanning around for the perfect prize...if all fails...I think I have a few good Fahrenheit 飛輪海 collections I can give out! Best Wishes from Taiwan...xiao mei!

my super sized smile made my face look HUGE

Shuai o~!
xiao lin & hao mei xiang ni men o~!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Alice in wonder city bedscene

Episode 7! there was a lot to the storyline this was one you couldn't miss!
1) Xiao Shu love life is at a rage of yes or no...she leaves the house out of rage and disappointment
2) Lan Die Fei's voice that has the attention of He Ting Yu is now his Personal Assistant and lives with him 24 hours to take care of him when really he is giving her classes to give her a perfect background with her voice.
3) Lan Die Fei witnesses Siren's beauty or hideous side depends on how you see it through a dream
4) He Ting Yu and Alice's Bed Scene that was striked up from something?...I don't even know
---but the idea is They seem to be getting closer from one angle or another yet the truth is in their hearts holds while the bed scene is going on they are happier seeing the other person from their imagination
He Ting Yu sees Lan Die Fei and Alice (Sei Kou) sees Chen Hai Jie!

5) SJ Alice's fiancee injured He Ting Yu thinking he was CJ (Chen Hai Jie)

Now the final question is?...Who does He Ting Yu really love?...What is Alice's Mission?...and what exactly is going to happen next?!

A car accident that led to a bed scene...a scandal that leads to a divorce...a beautiful voice that he wants to keep closer...and a lost love story?! Alice in Wonder City really is full of Wonders...maybe the miracles are starting up again!

Absolute Darling Ending...

Episode 13 Aired for the last time last night and it was a great tear-jerker and something that most fans maybe  didn't want to see but personally I enjoyed it not because I like the idea of losing a loved one like Xiao Fei did but simply because the beautiful script was written out perfectly!

Jiro posted up on his weibo that :
Xiao Fei and Nightly got married...but did they?...maybe in 50yrs...the promise he will keep the tear he let out on the last minute...
Jiro expressed on his weibo that he cried too and it wasn't a tear it was a strong one!

Well a beautiful ending to a love story between humans and robots.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Contest help

For those who have difficulty with our contest, here is an example from our Admins of only4frh.