Fahrenheit 飛輪海
      is a Taiwanese boy band that came officially became a band on December 28th, 2005.

They consist of 4 members! Jiro Wang(the first one to join FLH;former mem. of Dong Cheng Wei), Arron Yan(second to join FLH and also the youngest of all of them 4),Calvin Chen(the third to join and known for his smile =]) and last but not least Wu Chun(the last to join and also the oldest).
They are Taiwan's tourism Ambassadors! (This ended***It was announced 2008-2012 promoters was Fahrenheit)
June 22,2011 Chun officially announced his 
leave from HIM International.
Jiro switched company's into a mainland company in 2013 
after not renewing his contract with HIM International. 

Though, 2/4 of  Fahrenheit are mainly working in Mainland now Fahrenheit is always 4ever :D


DOWNLOAD for 1st Album

1)Fahrenheit-self titled!

Download for 2nd Album

2)Two-Sided Fahrenheit-theres 2 versions!

Download link for 3rd Album

3)Love You More and More-Yue Lai Yue Ai-Rocker!

Download link for 4th album
4)Super Hot-Tai Re

Solo Albums:

Download link to Aaron The Next Me

YanYalun Arron-The Next Me! (released: 3/25/11)

* I haven't gotten the download yet*

Jiro Wang- What Are You Waiting For?  Released: 8.24.2011

Download link to Aaron- The Moment

Aaron Yan- The Moment   Released : 10.19.2012

Download link for Aaron-Drama
Aaron Yan - DRAMA  Released : 05.30.2014

Download link for Aaron-Cut
Aaron Yan - CUT  Released : 06.27.2014

Download Link to Calvin's Album

Calvin Chen - It's Still Summer  Released: 09.19.2014

Solo Book:
Jiro-Van Gough and Me

The Incredible Journey of Calvin Chen
Aaron Yan- Taipei Dreaming

Wu Chun - Ignite Courage

Fashion lines:
Calvin- WOW&GO

Jiro- M-Jo

Jiro- August 24, 1981
Arron- November 20, 1986
Calvin- November 10, 1980
Chun- October 10, 1979

Jiro Wang/ 汪東城/ Wang Dong Cheng/ Da Dong
Born in Taipei,Taiwan. Jiro is an only child. His dad past away when he was young and so when he grew old enough he work many part time jobs to help his mom(which he is SUPER close with) pay off his dads debt.  He was very welcomed with his talent and looks;the company originally had him packaged with Jay Chou! and Jordan Chan but because of the 9/11 accident the plan was abandoned.He also joined the army for 2 years, and when he came back he took a role in 3 dramas,his talent shined in ISWAK and the director suggested he take on acting...Jiro later was packaged with Fahrenheit. He also did modeling for a while after college.(***Jiro is known as Jay Chou Junior typically***)
most expensive thing ever bought:Motorcycle
best known for:His PoseKing posing, and his crazy expressions
Likes:to work out,swimming,art,playing his guitar
-he is the most outrageous dancer in Fahrenheit
-used to work as a waiter
-His fav. saying or most often saying is "For Real?!"-(aka-真的假的)
-dont really like eating sweets
-started out just working back stage
-his guitar for the "xiang ru fei fei" concert was always carried by him
- he used to draw cartoon figures for people at the fishing harbor (there may be some in Singapore)
- he used to be a model (2002) Model of Naomi Kino & Akihe deki Nimula
-he enjoys having a nice toned body
-he was with DCW for 6years before Fahrenheit
-he likes to express himself in his artwork/music
-he sleeps in the most

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Arron Yan/炎亞綸/ Wu Genglin/ Yan Yalun
Arron is the youngest of FLH. He lived in the USA(Conneticut) for 5 years then went back to taiwan where his birth place is. He has a phobia of heights but its okay ahha and of spiders,smoke and the dark did we mention he snores too. Though his fears are numerous the one thing he didnt fear is that he wanted to chase his dream of being an artist/singer! His love and passion brought him to Fahrenheit and now his The Next Aaron Yan Album! He has 2 beloved dogs MeiMei and most recent Cookie!
His favorite...
actor is Andy Lau
actress is Ariel Lin
food is Unagi don
male artist is JJ Lin!
He also admires artist like Jay Chou and Lee Hom Wang who compose their own music and lyrics in their works...
likes:singing,basketball,kobe bryant,piano,and taking pic.of himself
His love song would be:Jolin Tsai's the smell of lemon grass(Li Mon Chao De Wei Dao)
-he has super awesome eaves dropping skills
-His birth name is showing the love between his parents Wu(dads last name) gen(phonically plus) Lin(mom's last name) Wu+Lin=wu gen lin!
-Fans call him: 5 ge 0(5個0) meaning 5 zeros!
-has only worked one part-time job in as a waiter in a coffee shop
-he is paying for his younger sister school/college fees in europe
-he got the nickname Ah Bu back in High School
-he has a kiddish way of eating things(likes to pick at it and at others foods)
-he is really superstitious
-he has a habit of setting clothing up (where he takes it off he puts it on all set up)
-his mother always drove him to school and picked him up in college
-dont wake him up he has a temper!!! (ppl do when they dont sleep)
-his first kiss was lost at his girlfriend's rooftop by her!
-his first time was when he was 17/18
-his first girlfriend was when he was 14!
**Aaron's Instagram**
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He joined his brothers last year in becoming a BOSS by opening a Hair Salon in Taipei:

&HAIR store information :
Address: 181 Chung Hsiao East Road, Section 4, Taipei, Taiwan, Alley 35, Lane No. 9, 1st Floor
Tel :02-8771-7816 Hours: Monday to Saturday am11 :00-pm09: 00 / Sunday am11 :00- pm 06: 00
his salon: &Hair's website   ---just click

++++++ Most memorable moment to him during Fahrenheit's 2nd Album promotions his grandpa passed away and he didn't know until after the performance, he broke down on stage.++++

Calvin Chen/ 辰亦儒/ Chen Yiru / Chen Yi Ru
Calvin is from a sunshine boys competition originally born in Taipei Taiwan. He joined a competition in Canada where he studied at the time and won that competition. He got a free ticket back to taiwan(his birth place btw) and a contract with a company. He loves to smile heeh just like me(hao mei). :))) Calvin dreams of doing well in show biz, (jia you calvin!) and as of right now he is also hosting his own show!
He has an obsession with sports cars.
Loves:Working Out,Talking,Keeping the Atmosphere up
best known for:his lucky7pose and his cold jokes(seriously)
Instruments:(younger) piano
-he is never without a friend
-if you find him in the bank its normal!!!
-his father didnt think he would last in the ent. industry and he did
-he has bought the house for his lucky partner and wishes to live a happy life w/her
-is the 2004 sunshine boys competiton winner
-in Canada his best friend/neighbor was Shawn
-he has the most romantic mouth in  fahrenheit(which arron denys)
-he can name all the super junior members(i dont know if others care but this is a wow to me)
-he graduated from one of the best high schools in Taiwan
-used to play Tennis when younger: it's his favorite sport
-has the best memory in Fahrenheit
-has horribly quick reactions to questions:so if he is on a show be careful he may take over
**Calvin's Weibo**
**Calvin's Instagram**
**Calvin's Facebook**
++++Most memorable experience in life: He was once caught in a bank that was getting robbed and had a gun pointed to his face but he is thankful to be where he is...+++

Wu Chun/ 吳尊/ Goh Kiat Chun/ Wu Zun
Chun was born in Brunei. Discovered by Ella's(S.H.E.) sister when he was coming to Taiwan to visit. He is also the oldest out of FLH. Chun LOVES FOOD! ahha who doesn't right ahha lol but he really does!(Just like Xiao Mei-she can really eat) Thanks to Chun..eheh FLH never has to worry about good food haha! His childhood dream was to be a NBA basketball player! At one time Wu Zun also represented Brunei! He isnt just a talented Singer/Actor he also owns his own gym-Fitness Zone! And has acted with Donnie Yen!(14blades)...In Shang-Hai there is also a Gym that was made in contribution to Wu Chun!
Likes:Basketball,EATING,Michael Jordan,Trying New Things.
-he was a chubby baby
-he comes from a rich family background
-his family is the Sole Dealer of Mitsubishi Motors in Brunei
-has seen stars like Michael Jordan
-he is referred to the Daddy of FLH
-he owns Fitness Zone in Brunei (now has 3 branches)
-he started working out b/c he saw a model show and thought "I want to look good in an outfit too"
-his brother in law was the one who got him started with working out
-in elementry he place 3rd in class
-his school library was his hideout (aka skipping class area)
-represented Brunei in basketball
-went to college in Australia (actually stopped one year then went back)
-his first kiss was at his girlfriends house while they were watching TV
-his first time was at his house!
-got his first girlfriend when he was 16/17 (also his wife now)
**Wu Chun's Weibo**

+++Sweetest thing ever said: I will never forget Fahrenheit (meaning the guys); because when I came to Taiwan I knew no one, it was them that helped me with everything they were my only friends and family.+++

Jiro- 5'10"
Chun- 5'10"
Calvin- 6'0"
Aaron- 5'8"


Shirt Sizes(Approx):


Family Members:

Dad,older sister,and older brother+ his two children
 (NeiNei & Max)

Mom,Dad,older sister

Mom,Dad,Younger Sister

EMOTIONAL chart:(1st-4th)
1.Aaron Yan Yalun-he is someone who isnt afraid to let you see his tears if he is touched he will drop a tear (family is his weakest point-yep!)
2.Jiro Wang Dong Cheng-he is a person that looks cool and is very outgoing but really he is also someone that is very passionate and will drop tears for those whom he loves. (Another family loving son)
3.Chun Wu Zun-he is a gentleman he will not let you see his mushy side of really sweet romantic words but he will shed a tear for someone/something he feels love for.(Family is a weak point here too,due to age and his mothers death)
4.Calvin Chen Yiru-he is truthfully our Sunshine boy if the others are in Tears he will be there to lighten up the mood, Calvin seems like a strong outgoing man but we've seen his tears...(we all know that he too loves family and friends dearly)

They each have their own seasons and temperatures!
JIRO-summer/95 degrees/cool/hot
ARRON-winter/41 degrees/charming/cold
CALVIN-spring/77 degrees/handsome/warm
CHUN-autumn/59 degrees/mysterious/cool

Pawnshop 08-jiro/arron(cameo)
I love my wife-arron(cameo)
It started with a kiss-Jiro/Arron(cameo ah bu)

They kissed again-Jiro/Arron
***** - I'd give this drama a five star
It has comedy, friendship, family and of course all of Fahrenheit. The drama that started it all. KO series covered the three guys that could've never been friends eventually having to save the world from a demon who just happens to look like on of their friends/lunchman who runs a stall close to school. Friendships are questioned and so is love...sit back and just enjoy. 

Tokyo Juliet-Chun
**** - Four stars not because it's bad but because it's a first piece for Chun
Not his greatest performance but a delicate storyline of two people falling in love and realizing the love of his life hates his father who he also doesn't like, but a play on their love life and finally finding a way to fight through their hardships and jealousy to be together. 

****- Four stars not because its bad lol but because it's sooo long 
Its long but full of tears, magic, and family joys. A great cast and very crazy script of saving a dimension all depends on a kind young boy who thinks only of playing guitar. A love story of a divorce couple, and finally the question as to why the world is going to light up in flames if everyone doesn't join forces to fight. 

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe/Hana Kimi-Chun/Jiro
*****- FIVE stars and if you watched you know why!
this drama was such a hit I rewatched it continually! Its about a girl who leaves home to go to an all boys school for the love of her life, and later he realizes who she is and suddenly she finds herself in a twist love triangle with a gay doctor as her only friend, and then the appearance of a photographer destined to tell the world who she is...well why not watch to see how this dimwitted girl survives. 

Romantic Princess-Chun/Calvin
***** - simple perfect story for any girl
another huge success of its time. romantic and well glorious story of a young girl going from a peasant and hard working family to becoming a rich..well princess / granddaughter of the wealthiest businessman of Taiwan. Engaged naturally to her successor who refuses to love her because he doesn't want her wealth... well then let the drama seep in and become a princess trying to convince her grandfather she will not marry the man she loves because he wants her old lifestyle of working hard to earn money. 

***** - five stars a simply tasty script
a blind singer, lost in life and love when she comes across the tastiest fried rice ever made by an ex-gang member who supposely aggravated his dad to death. He is loving caring, and cooks great rice. But she also has a childhood friend who was the cause of her blindness and he is also a chef - and he also loves her. She sees him as no more than a friend who is debted to her...many near death experiences later finally she chooses who to love and who to leave. 

PiLiMIT-Arron ( Arron and GuiGui were also named 2008 Best Couple!)
*****/ *** - this could be great or you wont pass ep.2
its a sci-fi/mystery and thriller script, that tells the story of a genius, a silly young girl, a narcissus man, and a man who wants to be a hero- and their journey along side their mysterious counselor who is also the prestigious school's principle's daughter.  After countless headaches and battles later they finally trust one another to find out who is pranking them, only to realize the prankster was within them. Finally don't forget a cute love triangle and a couple you'll never forget :D

***** - five star.. you have Fahrenheit's Chun, F4's Jerry yan and Show Luo
There isn't much to say because you have some great popularity fighting for attention here and also you have a funny show luo pulling off the idiot who carries a talent, and a Jerry yan playing a rich kid who wants to be with the love of his life but she also is the crush of the love triangle is going to mess up the basketball game. Then you have a mysterious wu chun who turns out to be like a MVP at everything including stalking haha 

***** - five stars for putting every girls dreams into reality again
A girl who loves to read manga and is a total geek, knows nothing of a head strong but overrated idol who has to return to school because he isn't making music anymore end up living together as housemates. Then her sister loses the house and he helps get the house back, soon enough the two fall for one another but can he still love her even with a million eyes watching and he loses his legs due to an accident caused by an anti fan??

**** - four stars because the narrator was basically the male lead 
Its a story of girl with 4 crazy brothers and 1 who listens to everything she says and still gets punished for everything she does wrong. Her first love, and a puppy later she finds herself entangled in so much drama that was never needed if her brothers would calm down. After trying to leave home and become a nun her mom finally snaps some sense into her and she is now just struggling with a forced marriage to another man to secure her brother's job. Suddenly all odds are loosen and she finally tells her love how she feels and he tells her finally how he feels...but do they get to be together? 

DeathGirl(gloomy salad days)-Arron
**** - four stars its a great script but not everyone will enjoy it
A social case file based on 12 different students and the
Death Girl herself as to how they die without letting go or survive by letting go. She needs stones to fix her Nai He Chao ( a bridge that links the earth's realm and the dead's realm). its a scary and spooky story but it's stories of teenagers and their struggles are purely very sad and understandable. I really enjoyed their simple love story too, everyone assumed he is crazy but he just loves her and suddenly his love changes her..but to what? watch to see.

***** - 5 stars no question about it!
The ending isn't my favorite but then again the butterflies and the emotionally outburst you will experience if you indulge into the drama is unbelievable. It happens to be valentines day one year and two very handsome men move into the house above from hers and they become her friends. suddenly she finds herself falling in love with one but with an unsuccessful love proposal she finds herself incapable of doing anything- because his reason is "he doesn't understand love." soon after the other cousin admits his feelings to her, she rejects him because she does not feel so. Sadly it was him who was always there- when she finally starts to fall for him though its too late. His old love comes and shakes up their love life... the love triangle adds more characters and they come and go finally ending with a decision one of the guys will leave but in the end only she can choose who to love. 

Sunshine Angel-Chun ---also Jiro Calvin Arron (cameo!)ALL
*****- it has a five star because all four Fahrenheit members make an appearance
A cosmetic CEO loses his job to his so called best friend after his fiance accidentally kiss her maid's grandmother who he accidentally fell into when on a trip to japan. their love story starts when they run into eachother after he has nothing left and is stuck to find a way to get back his company. After creating a new team from people he would have never noticed before and after going undercover he finds himself slowly realizing how bad a person he once was. Recreating his image and that of the company his father left for him he falls in love with a girl who once turned down his proposal who once was his maid... a Cinderella story so sweet you'll love. 

Absolute Boyfriend-Jiro (orig.Chun)--*Ku Hye Sun K-actress
****- four stars because its good but at times there were questionable parts
Order a boyfriend online, a kiss to program his love, but...make sure no one else kisses him or else he wont be yours anymore. And don't forget you have a childhood friend who suddenly decides to admit his love to you..and then you'll get attacked by an evil robot programmed to know your past. pretty crazy but hey if it fits your boat then love it. 

A Miracle for Alice-Arron(FRH) & Lara (Nan Quan Ma Ma"JayChou's Juniors")
***- Three Stars, honestly for me I shipped the whole story line but let me say first I read the script and understood how everything was taking place. But there is a lot missing in the drama alone. So it can be very confusing. A artistic take on a violinist who finds himself lost in this passion he was orphaned with once his mother commits suicide; he finds himself with a friend who he can call another mom who because of her own mysterious past and guilt towards her daughter loves to take in children and give back to the world; her daughter who suddenly after 20yrs mysteriously reappears and suddenly uses her childhood nickname Alice and has a accidental love story with a fellow violinist who finds himself joining the lead violinist of Taiwan's leading orchestra after lending him his violin because- the final character the average girl who works as an assistant loses the violin; she is suprisingly has a talent beyond screwing up everything up-she can sing a unpassionate violinist to tears. Confused yet? Have Questions? I cannot spoil too much but the story is quite mature so it requires time.     

When Love Walked In- Calvin and SJ-M's Zhou Mi + Victoria from f(x)
*****- five start for this fiery remake storyline of Taiwan's Romantic Princess, it may not have the cheesy portions that Taiwan dramas usually bring but it did bring out a different view on how love evolves over years of friendship. Victoria and Calvin's chemistry is a winner and the whole cast even those you will dislike will eventually play a great part in this storyline giving it the biggest twist until the final seconds. A lost princess, and a lost prince who love one another and want the best for eachother but they think that means not being together you're casual cinderella becomes prince charming storyline but the dubbing of voices will take a while to get used too. 

Sister Keeps Moving- Jiro Wang & Ruby Lin
****-five stars for straight up Ruby Lin's adorable character and Jiro's simple performance of another outcasted superstar who finds his way back to the top and then realizing now he wants not that but the love of his life to be with him happy and free of everyones eyes. In the end though, it turns out to be more complicated when his superstar new best friend falls in love with him, but his ex bandmate loves her. Then his lover's closest guy friends ends up admitting his love for her, and then everything blows out of proportions when he comes back to realize the man his mom is marrying has a son who happens to be his only love's current fiance? So, what is more important now family, career, or love?

Fabulous Boys [You're Beautiful TW version]

KO-ONE2- KO Return (Jiro & Pets & SpeXial)
KO-ONE 3 -- KO Re-Act (Jiro Wang & Pets & Spexial)

Lucky Touch - Calvin Chen & Dou Hua Mei

JUST YOU- (Aaron Yan&Puff Kuo)

Fall in Love with You ( Aaron Yan & Puff Kuo)

( And in case you question my ratings- yes I did watch all the dramas and yes these are my preferences so do not judge only on mines feel free to browse teasers :D-xm)

Butterfly Lovers-chun(so sad I cried)
14Blades-chun(OMG donnie yen!)
MyKingdom-chun(Han Geng&Barbie Hsu)
TheHouse-Jiro(Horror Movie and his Debut w/Tong Li Ya)
Generals of the Yang Clan-Chun&(Vic of F4)
My BoyBoyBoy Boyfriend!- Jiro
MyBeautifulKingdom- Jiro & ChenHanDian (co-host of KangXiLaiLe)
The moment - Aaron - japan mini move for his album The Moment
Kadashi Case Files ---Chun
Bloody Dolls--- Jiro
3 Peas In a Pod--- Calvin 
A Time of Love -- Aaron Yan - Japanese Mini Movie
Mystery- Jiro releasing this November 2014
Super detective (Name to be verified)- Jiro Wang - not yet shown

These facts about Fahrenheit are what we worked hard to collect over the years....(actually I really just remembered as I wrote-xm) Fahrenheit is always 4 and will remain so forever, they are unique and even though it seems they stand for there own season they have changed slowly ,thats not the only reason why XiaoMei HaoMei &XiaoLin loves them.They each have their own characters so there's something to like about each single one! They are all special to us! Support FLH-Fahrenheit!飛輪海加油!


***Interesting Facts Between the members***

~Ariel Lin is the star they admire~
When Aaron Yan the youngest member of Fahrenheit had came out and said Ariel Lin was a star he looked up to and admired everyone was astonished at how he was so open about it...the other members supported him and agreed they all really admired her....even Jiro Wang who in ISWAK worked alongside Ariel Lin can only say Thank You...her wise words let Jiro remain in the industry and not give up his dream she told his the fruit of his labor would be sweet and fresh!<3....Wu Chun who had shot his first drama Tokyo Juliet with Ariel was nervous with every scene and whenever the director yelled at him would be hit hard mentally Ariel simply told him just to do it there was nothing to lose...the kissing scenes where he was over nervous she was able to relax him b/c her experience in acting calmed him...Calvin Chen who hasnt acted with Ariel himself but has been on set with her did express she is a very hard-working and positive girl who lets you feel at ease when acting alongside her she brings out the character you are supposed to be...Ariel Lin Thank You oh and Love You!!!

~Aaron and Jiro's unforgettable 1st moment~
When Jiro and Aaron were first signed on to be in a group they werent very close none of them were but Aaron didnt know that a few words would stir-up Jiro's memory forever....Jiro had finished working out and when he came out after 3 hours Aaron went on and greeted him by saying "oh you could tone up your arms some more..." to Aaron it was a simple gesture to start a Jiro who is sensitive to his figure it was a hit in the heart</3.....LOL^^

~If the other member were girls who would you choose to be your girlfriend?~
Calvin:Wu Chun b/c no only is he a great cook but he is very clear about what he wants in his future...
Aaron:(*his original answer)Can I chose myself...b/c I like a challenge and I think only myself is what I could be with...(after a year)Wu Chun....I think b/c Calvin is like the brother and Jiro is like a best friend, so that makes Chun my Girlfriend....
Jiro:Well...lets see if they were I dont know if I could pick one...uhh...if Chun was a girl he's too strong...Calvin is too tall(LOL) and so I'd chose Aaron yeah b/c he has more of a girlfriend aura to me.
Chun:Me?! I umm...(calvin)dont cheat on me!...I well...(Aaron)or do you want us all *laugh* (Jiro)yea (Aaron)different times of the day....Chun-Okay all 3 I cant chose I want them all!

~Calvin Chen his love for friends~
Everyone knows that sunshine boy chen yiru cant be without a friend!!!....well with all the love he's given you always...I quote "ALWAYS" have to reply a is the pattern:if no reply after
30mins-???...........if you still dont reply he'll call :hey did you get my message or the next day at work it's "hey did you get my message last night?"  LOL.... he also has always been very good to younger (girl) students of in Uni-days his hair was very long so he let you tie it up into girl pony tails So Kawaii~

~Chun's Jaw Stopper~
It was new years and Wu Chun decided to eat and eat and eat and eat until he was so full he wanted to throw up! That's a first! But he did go and try to throw up some so that he wouldn't be so stuffed but what happened was that his jaw was locked in place! They went to the doctor and he was terrified of what if he had to have surgery! But the doctor only popped it and now he will not open his mouth super wide!

~Arron Yan the Hotel in ThaiLand~
Arron and his friend went to Thailand when he was still in High School, well his friend had went to the bar that was upstairs leaving Arron alone. He took a shower but he turned all the TV's on to the same show so he wasn't so scared...that backfired when all of a sudden the sound to one TV changed! He yelled out thinking it was his friend "Hey you back?"....Silence....Arron finished his shower and ran upstairs then saw his friend he asked if he had been back in the room but the friend said he'd been at the bar the whole time.

~ if you guys want any other stories I'll be happy to post them...!~xm