Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wu Chun possible reunite of Fahrenheit

"If I am going go return to singing, I will return to Fahrenheit. Our relationship is still really good." 

This quote will be relighting the hopes of many Fahrenheit fans across the world, it made weibo, twitter, facebook, igs and many other social media accounts go crazy with the repost and relikes of this statement.
The re-uniting of Fahrenheit may just be possibly considering the daddy of Fahrenheit has stated he would be willing to return to Fahrenheit once more.
The hopes of many may be as high as my own, the night Wu Chun appeared on the singapore stars award carpet no one expected to here this come from his mouth, but he stated it and I am almost certain as many fans as possible will be holding Fahrenheit up against it.

Calvin to release his first album this year as he is working on it now, in addition Aaron will be releasing his 2 album by the mid summer, and Jiro recording with plans also to release an album, Fahrenheit fans intend to save up all your money because with sales going to be booming all of the following CDs must be purchased!
As for Chun's statement he will be held accountable I'm afraid haha but regardless Fahrenheit will always be welcomed back onto the stage too. 



Also congrats to Wu Chun for winning an award during the Singapore Star Awards ceremony!!!

I cannot recall which award it was but I believe he was in the top 10 fav. actors awards. 



  1. this is the hope ive been hangin onto. no matter what, i support em all. Fahrenheit! I'm waiting for you!

    1. We have all been hoping for this I am sure :D