Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CeCi JieMei Magazine

CeCi JieMei Magazine covers with Wu Chun commenting on how he has magical eyes, in the magazine you can see even though he's a pro he is overly mesmerizing with the magazines favorite image model in some time. Wu Chun uses his eyes to electrify the reader and maybe the cover image would make a nice accompaniment on any lucky girls wall!!!

Jiro and insomnia

Jiro had been having problem sleeping mostly just because he is so busy! After shooting this clip for his upcoming drama the Director said with a question mark "shooting for a military look or hero look" Jiro jokingly posted that the scene keeps him up but his work is also coming along great:)

But he also had a post on how while cruising he came upon his own road!

The Prince Who Lost His Castle

Though Calvin has returned to host AppleDaily he did get a good number of scenes finished! The drama is flowing nicely and he is having fun, after Ai Si Bai Hui or Love Buffet this is the second time Calvin has stepped out and taken the first lead!!! I'm personally excited to see this drama after I saw these photos!

Calvin cap from Japan

Calvin posted on his weibo a quick thing on how he lost his favorite new Japan bought cap~! Poor guy posted a picture of it up and I can understand why he is sad about that!

He gets a red pouch then he gives

Does $10 thousand sound like a lit of money to give out to some people? Yes it does unless your Arron Yan, once again surprising us with news! As if it wasn't already shocking he wants best actor but he actually bagged over $10 thousand to others!!! Arron Yan you really are a angel in a devils body lol quote Jacky Wu! And he has covered newspaper crazily once again with his small decisions.

A Miracle For Alice Receives Red Pouches

If its really New Years then of course the actors and actresses of A Miracle For Alice will receive a small present from the director! Red Pouches, they were deemed Golden Red Pouches hopefully to bring luck to each lead, Arron Yan who wish was specifically pointed out as Wanting to take home a Golden Melody Award!!! What a wish that we all wish to see him bring home!!! Arron Good Luck! Also there are some images from the Set of this drama below~!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Dadong tells us where to be Feb5th!


DCW will be holding a concert and Comic Co. Sent out videos of Stars inviting you to go see it on Feb.5 one of which was of course dadong!!!

Jiro Supports Dylan Kuo


Listen to Jiro recommend his good buddy's movie coming out on Feb.10th!!!
Dylan Kuo Good Luck I love you and Dadong!!!

Jiro's weibo said at Dylan everyone will regret not watching because I almost feel in love with you!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Start Down!

Arron Yan YaLun posted Start Down with this image for the new year!

Smile Wen ft. Calvin Chen!!!


Wanna see Calvin's Mv performance with Smile Wen well here it is! This is his piece of work done free of charge bc they are close friends!!!



This is the behind the scenes

A Prince And The Castle

Calvin Chen was on his weibo today n posted up an image of a large castle like building that had a lake front and everything in the mist of night! I'm not sure if it's connected to his drama but we will have to wait and find out for now let's admire~....

Sweat With Chun For A Cause

120127BorneoBulletin 'Sweat' With Wu Chun For Charitable Cause:International artiste Wu Chun is inviting the public to meet him and "sweat for a good cause" on Sunday, Jan 29, in a two-hour aerobics marathon, from 7am to 9am at the Hockey Stadium in Berakas. http://t.cn/z0sj1iT

Credits to: zunba-zunhouse fans

Calvin Chen working hard for his drama

He's now a well known show host and anchor but if that's not enough he still has a drama coming up! The prince who lost his castle with a k/t super idol collab is always something to anticipate and with Calvin's fans help we can see how hard he is working!!!

Time For Taiwan

This years performance it's time for Taiwan can't miss out on their hottest boy band and and also their ambassadors Fahrenheit 飛輪海!!! There will also be other artist like Soda Green and Amber Kuo performing! So on April 21,2012 from 7:30-9:30pm don't miss out in the Taipei international convention center to see your beloved stars!!! Don't miss a chance to see FRH performing!

January 29th Arron is in Color Magazine

He took it back in December of 2011 but the mark of the 17th anniversary of Color Magazine will include Arron Yan Ya Lun!!! The 2 pages here are in the issue~Enjoy!!!

Sister keeps going updates

Jiro Wang being studious while shooting for his drama "sister keep going". 大東加油我們等你!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jiro is going to the night market

Who said celebrities couldn't go the night market! Jiro can and he can go casually as well! He might end up having tons of fans following after posting if on his weibo but he is going!

Sister Keeps Going Updates

Ruby Lin couldn't be cuter while on the scene she decided to buy some goodies and the staff members commented hey eating food keeps her up and ready for the next scene! Jiro and Ruby also out their real smiles while riding on bikes, such a blissful site that it left a smile on even the crew members faces!

Calvin buys 21,800 yuan worth of clothes

Calvin wore leather bought from Japan worth 5,000 yuan, the total price to the stylist was about 5,000 yuan to buy his shirts and jeans, Puma shoes that were delivered to him, about 1 million b. bag. Total amount wore on his body: 21,800 yuan

Friday, January 27, 2012

Yan Ya Lun Arron was seen in London

Arron Yan has been busy with his EP all last year and that year his sister also went to Europe with his fundings for her education!!! Well since everyone is enjoying the new year why can't he...a fan actually strolling the streets ran into Arron and took a picture of him! Everyone guessed its most likely he was there to visit his little sister Wu Ming Pei! Arron was also not all dress up like on television but natural and still his charming self!(I'm talking about inside) but outside too of course hahaha!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Ahhhhhhhhhh! Tomorrow Xiao Mei && me, Hao Mei will go perform our star event and so give us strength! But thanks all for the wishes so far! We will get a gold !! Love Hao Mei ! GO! GO! GO!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Miracle for Alice Airing Date Posted

Miracle For Alice Arron Yan Yalun's idol drama piece this year started shooting Jan.6th and it has been confirmed that they intend to start broadcasting the drama on October 1,2012! All puddings or fei fei fans lets all anticipate some great work!!!

Tourist Flood Into Brunei For Chun

The Chinese new year is here so everyone I'd on trips, and I've specific trip that had caught the eyes if many if the trip if tourist going into Brunei that consist of 284 people! Out of this tourist group when asked wat they wished to see in Brunei the largest thing that came up was Fahrenheit member Wu Chun who took over hearts of many individuals on the trip! The following trip may hold even more fans who knows? Check out the arrival below!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jiro spends new year with his DCW brothers

As good brothers since high school Jiro will never forget his brothers DCW! Altogether Jiro Xiu Ming Jie and Duan all hung out together not as stage performers but as Rockers!!!

The faces if children can be seen in them....

Arron Yan finally back on weibo

Those fans who follow Arron on weibo noticed ever since he caught cold back in the beginning of January he hadn't posted anything! As of January 7th the Weibo King slowed down but just today he showed up again posting two post!
1: He wished everyone happy Chinese new year!
2:He said A new year hoping for wise guidance and a dragon fire hot year!

Arron we wish you the best this year and hopefully the sick ghost will stay away!
Jia you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jiro cute weibo post

初二這個好日子。大家有木有回娘家好好拜個年做個乖孩紙呢。祝大家 新年新氣象。祝所有龍的傳人闔家歡樂。新的一年龍飛鳳舞。飛龍在天喔。

After two great days! Everyone has returned home to be a good child!blessing everyone new year new feelings. Wishing everyone born on the year of the dragon happiness. A new year must be flamboyant! Soaring high!

This is roughly what he said Ge kept using proverbs n metaphors so...lol well just check out his weibo pic!

Purple House & Jiro Win Awards

In 2011 Jiro made a breakthrough on the bug screen with purple house or The House! This movie won the most anticipated Horror movie of the year! Not only did that award go out to the Purple House but their main actor Jiro Wang also won most ground breaking actor!!! Finally he has been recognized!! A great year to end with!

Miracle For Alice updates

The storyline for Miracle of Alice is quite simple but I don't wish to disclose too much do I'll simply say that Arron and his co-star Xiu Ji Kai which everyone should recognize bc hes been in every drama I've seen(not literally) but they will both be violinist and it has been confirmed that Lara will play a character with a beautiful singing voice! I actually know very little on this actress but I don't believe she's been in any other FRH works so a new collaboration! This story will talk s lot about chasing dreams around music perfect for Arron who hasn't been in a drama for a while due to his EP. GTV will be airing the drama most likely in the summer sometime and also they will be on sets in Japan and Taiwan! Let's all anticipate!

Jiro sends out his new year blessings

Wang Dong Cheng is someone u need to have around during this time of year bc he is summer so he will keep u warm! And he will do just that by sending out his blessings to everyone!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Arron 炎亞倫 is sick and DJs

If though he is sick and we mean sick u can hear it in his voice with truthfully reminds me of ding xiao yu's voice but anyhow, Arron Yan cold is something you can hear and also it so sweet how he kept up all the hard work to still go on air! He sent out plenty of power even with a stuffy nose! We hope fans that are next to him can give him some space and respect so he can heal faster! Just remember a fans limited live is priceless unlimited love from a fan is worth a price okay?Yalun did exclose that he is in the process if recording a new album!!!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Arron Yan wishes everyone Happy New Year

It's the year of the dragon this year and HIM artist Arron Yan wishes everyone a great new successful new year!

Arron not feeling well GuiGui sends her wishes

Arron Yan and GuiGui were a hot topic on and off screen and whenever Arron is confronted with how his feeling for her are now he stays with I've always treated her like a little sister! On Weibo back in December Arron had posted how he was feeling unwell and f
GuiGui sent him a message saying the body is important and that he would be fine ! Arron replied with telling her the lumps were going under scans soon and said thanks to GUI Er or child ghost! GuiLun's friendship is definitely strong!!!

Calvin Chen dresses as a King

If we were you were to see our sunshine boy dress like a king from back in the time of dynasty do u think u were on the wrong channel? Well song worry because it was a fun experience and only for AppleDaily's Vast of the day!!! Calvin loses the nice outfit and throws on wat a king should look like!!!

Jiro Wang pink shirt post

Jiro Wang to all of us if known as anything other than not funny! We all love fix passionate expressions yet joking exercises, today on weibo or the Chinese twitter he put up an adorable comment to go wid his adorable picture!

Where see we going?

Ruili Apparel Feb. edition has Arron Yan

February 2012 has Arron in their magazine! He is taking on yet another image through this photo shoot! Arron Yan is going straight for I don't want my idol baggage anymore look! His hair is up showing his forehead he once wouldn't show because everyone claimed Ge looked like zaizai Vic Zhou! Though both Da S and Xiao S have claimed he had a pretty forehead the youngest member of Fahrenheit is making yet another break through! Jia you Yalun~!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Arron Yan Album Takes Top5 & Top 10

On the G-Music Charts Makiyo beat Arron Yan taking 8th at the end of the year but S.H.E member Hebe Tuen didn't place into the top20!!!
On another chart the Five Golden List Arron placed 5th along with Elva Hsiao, ahead of them were 1)Show 2)MayDay 3)Jay 4)Stephanie....Wow his EP did amazing ranking on both top5 and 10!!!