Saturday, October 20, 2012

Aaron Yan finds match on "A Date With A Prince"

Aaron Yan has been single for 3 years now after his last girlfriend he hasn't gotten into another relationship, taking on another chance he is now on the show A Date With a Prince the same show his fellow band member Jiro Wang went on.
Aaron Yan's video instantly made all the girls on the set uneasy...everyone muttered "Who is it? that...oh my goodness it's him....isn't that.." the video then says "Hello, I am Aaron Yan."
 In the link below:
playlist for Aaron on the show

He introduces him self and only receives a few lights, but when he uses the second video to tell everyone about himself he doesn't receive any red lights. Slowly though the conversation carries onto Aaron's leg that he injured when he first entered the Entertainment circle. Aaron Yan explains he is a singer, and actor and he loves his career he enjoys every moment of it, but he is most happy when he is at home with his two dogs and able to feed them and play with them.
All the girls throughout the show do not know how to respond until Aaron Yan's well known friend Chen Bo Lin shows up on the screen and half the lights go red, they all say it was because he is Chen Bo Lin who starred in the hit drama series "Wo Ke Neng Bu Hui Ai Ni" they all love him too. Aaron Yan replies: he's not walking out here( laughing )

Towards the end Aaron is left with the two ladies Tina and Agnes. Tina admits that if she was with him she would always be happy feeling like she was in a drama with him. Agnes on the other hand says she too is a lover of music and wishes that they could enjoy it together.

Who did he pick??

Aaron Yan and host: Harlem Yu

Aaron's entrance

His entrance makes the crowd crazy

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