Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wu Zun on Wow! Hou Ma Ji!

Patty hou's new show WOW Hou Ma Ji!
Consist of her and co-host Ma Ji Ge.

The show covered Wu Chun and his secrets and so on.

This is the first promo show WuChun appeared on before his other shows, and also the same day he met with the media and admitted his marriage.

As a married woman Patty also agreed this decision was right, all of Chun's friends also supported him.

Ken Ge, the producer and friend of Wu Chun also said that he is not someone who likes to lie so now he can live with no regrets or anything to hold back his heart.

This is the Show if the link above doesn't work "CLICK HERE"

Wu Chun on "Wan Quan Yu Le" promotion of book

Wan Quan Yu Le Follows Wu Chun through with his book "Ignite Courage" {jue ding yong gan}

Hua Qiu and Wu Chun
enter a challenges to have the artist live up to his title
"Ignite Courage" 


Wu Zun on Da Xue Sheng Le Mei {University or Not meets Ignite Courage}

Wu Zun comes out with Ignite Courage and goes onto Da Xue Sheng Le Mei for promotion.
The theme of the show this time around is "College/University Muscle Builder Men Show"
So who would be a better person to invite then the man that is a coach himself.

Wu Zun has published Ignite Courage after introducing it's birth he also introduced his marriage and his babies. A girl named NeiNei and his son whose information is yet to be disclosed.

My Boy Boy Boy Boy Friend Trailer

My Boy Boy Boy Boy Friends "movie trailer"

She is someone who always wants more...
after these four men...give her too much she realizes 
she no longer needs to be so greedy rather
she just wants one to truly love and cherish her.

Jiro Wang- Shen Zhou Performance 11/23 promo video

Jiro Wang's Promo Video For his ShenZhou Concert

Jiro Wang will have his Shen Zhou performance on November 23, 2013!
Rocker Fans plz dont forget to spread the word!


Jiro Wang CocaCola Performance 2013

During the interview Jiro answered many things that were definitely worth listening! One of which was the news of his upcoming works!!!
Jiro was asked whether or not he had any plans on getting married or having a baby, he laughed and said he is married to work now and he isn't having plans on marriage. Rather the artist expressed "When I act, acting is my baby. My music is my wife."
This statement is almost ironic because next year the artist is to come out with another new album after his concert tour is finalized and he is to act in a Ancient Chinese Series.
He is making a small cameo appearance in the remake of Legend of the Condor Heroes that is now using Michelle Chen as the main lead "XiaoLongNv"

Jiro happily expressed the idea of whether or not Fahrenheit will reunite on stage next year.
He said "If our schedules are all working, and Chun's babies are good to go, I'm sure all of us are willing to reunite on stage."
The brotherhood has proven themselves for us for Fahrenheit, for prior to the day that Chun was going to announce himself as a father and husband he reunited with Calvin and Jiro and when Aaron was going to have his concert tour Chun didn't forget to send him a text that Aaron happily made public to show their brotherhood was still strong as always.

This years Coke Performance was give to Jiro only consider that the other are now other different contracts, Jiro is to be said the only one to carry on the sponsorship of Coke. Regardless this rocker was full of passion and roses~!


Aaron Yan "one day boss" but, becky mask

Aaron Yan does it again attract over hundreds of young women and girl to see him as the one day boss while selling, the face mask "but, Becky"
The theme this time is "Just Have to Love but,Becky"

Aaron Yan's Settv Drama has been such a hit even but, Becky has been helping in producing the last few episode, while interview Aaron did confirm that the drama that was originally only 20 episodes will now be 21 episodes!

SETTV now will have two weeks left instead of just one!!! Anticipating!

CCTV 10 Artist Performance "Jiro&Calvin Reunite" - We Are Fahrenheit!

CCTV has put up a program invites 10 artist to perform for this "2013, 10 Singers Concert" 
In the concert though Not only was Jiro invited to perform but also Calvin was invited to be a host!

The event was filled with fans from everywhere, and Jiro brought to the stage his Handsome Rocker Self while successfully performing his song; meanwhile the one thing that everyone remembers from the night was the reminiscing saying

"Hello, we are Fahrenheit" 

Calvin and Jiro stood together onstage and brought back tears and joy to the roaring crowd with these simple words, expressing true brotherhood never dies. 


Monday, October 28, 2013

"Just You" episode 19 Rant

  • The episode opens with Liang Liang choosing to leave Qi Yi; bc she doesn't want him to feel troubled.
  • Jerry doesn't stop harassing Jia Yu; but she refuses to see him
  • Liang Liang's parents show up and now both moms are arguing it out for their children
  • Once Liang Liang's parents return home; she returns to Qi Yi's home 
  • Liang Liang is kidnapped by Jerry
  • Qi Yi loses his cool finally, and takes out all his anger on Jia Yu
  • Sen, warns Jia Yu if she knows anything to speak up bc Qi Yi will totally have a misfire for Liang Liang
  • Liang Liang with her randomly happy and always willing to help personality assist Jerry with his lost thoughts
  • Jerry admits to her that Jia Yu is only lying to Qi Yi
  • Jerry later goes back with Liang Liang the next day
  • Qi Yi upon seeing Jerry almost punches him but when he hears her voice he stops
  • Qi Yi hugs Liang Liang and doesn't let go till the end of the episode

"Boss, I am choosing to back out; we need to know our places. I am your tenant your employee, Jia Yu is your girlfriend"

"Do you want to know what I was thinking those times you puffed out your lips?"

"She is gone, I don't want to lose anyone I love"

Calvin Chen "You and Me" official music video released "3Peas In A Pod Theme Song"

3Peas In A Pod Official MV Calvin Chen "You and Me"

3 Peas in a Pod disclosed their Music Video for the theme song "You and Me"
one is performed by Calvin and the other by Alexander Lee.

Alexander Version "You and Me" {korean english} 3peas theme official

Click Either of the following links and enjoy the new Music~!

3 peas is to show on November 14,2013!!!

ONLY 17 more days!


3Peas in a pod Countdown

17 days left!!!!
November 14,2013
Premieres!!! Its getting closer!
Are you all ready for Perry Penny and Peter! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Calvin's Cute Facebook Updates

uncle Calvin is back with hos favorite Princess....^^
Isn't he so cute with her around, its almost hard to say he will be a dad who spoils his daughter (children) hahah But from all these cute photos, it seems likely he will care and always accompany his little ones as he does this little princess<3

Calvin didn't forget about Halloween coming up...
Guess whose Pink Panther ? hahaha

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3PeasInAPod Retweeted Us!

Please Keep Supporting 3PeasInAPod!!! 

They even helped retweet our blog update on their Count Down For their Premiere!!! 

     NOVEMBER 14, 2013 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Countdown to 3PesInAPod

Has everyone marked their Calenders! 
NOVEMBER 14!!!!! 

Do not forget though that November 10th! is Calvin's birthday!!! 

So much to anitcipate in so little time!!! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jiro Wang's Concert Tour "Sheng Zhou" poster released "Breathtaking"

The posters are just so~~~ Fabulous! 
Jiro definetly has gpne out and dpne something for himself I am sure the 11/23 concert will be amazing!!! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Calvin shares his cooking skills

You all remeber how whenever Fahrenheit went onto shows and would always say that he was just the taster out of the four? Well, looks like these few years he's been practicing! The artist has finally picked up on himself some new cooking skills! 

Calvin shared on his fb a photo of him cooking steak and fish stew!! 

Just You Finish Filming <3

5 months later and its time for good bye, GAZE has been our main office for these months and they are now done filming :) 
5months means... Puff Kuo has broken Aaron Yan's curse of 8months and more of shooting!!!!

The drama is still airing and is to stop at episode 20, so let's follow and wait for the ending!