Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Miracle For Alice End of shooting party

They are dons xD everyone gathered up AND then the girls were trying to figure where was Arron! He made it though and everyone is all bundled up ready to say their good byes and best wishes! Arron did admit to dropping a tear or two because of the ratings only being .56 a drop from episode one but he said as long as someone can see our hard work it will be okay!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Miracle for Alice Photobook Meeting

A Miracle for Alice or Alice in Wonder City has held their two phtobook signings in Taipei and in Kiao Shung today May 26,2012! Today is also the Premiere of Alice in Wonder City on GTV. Arron was asked various questions, from how he felt between kissing the two actresses, to the bedscene and the ratings between him and Jiro's Absolute Darling...so I will report his responses to you one by one! First though you can find Alice in Wonder City's photobook on yesasia.com---http://www.yesasia.com/us/alice-in-wonder-city-photobook/1030921707-0-0-0-en/info.html

Arron was asked about the kissing between Lara Liang Xin Yi and Tracy Zhou Cai Shi his response: It was different..ummm i used a different feeling because the kissing scenes were different!

He was asked about the bedscenes: It's well different than Jiro's I'm sure but it will make you blush and heart rush!
They also asked about if he had and response physically to the situation: (awkward laugh) We are 
professionals , I can control myself. 

Ratings?: Arron expressed this is the first time I've actually cared for the ratings because before I understood that all the drama's I picked were weird and we have really all worked very hard for this drama! Also the storyline not only the music is interesting but also the way it deals with dreams and society is really something to look into maybe it will be able to help people too. 

Arron really wants everyone to walk this drama but he also udnerstands how hard Jiro worked for Absolute Darling because acting in general is very hard and being a robot is really hard. 

Below are photos from when they were in Taipei and Kiaoshung for the signing of their photobook!!!

Arron was backstage getting Ready in Kiao Shung
Arron, Lara, ZhouCaiShi, Shu Mei Jie in Taipei
He Ting Yu
TracyZhou, LaraLiang, Arron Yan, Shu Mei Jie
From the photobook
Arron in KiaoShung
Sign away
Lara and Arron's signatures

Absolute Boyfriend or Alice?

This is the first time Jiro is up on his limits and his breakthrough as a robot and having a bed scene is seen in absolute boyfriend! Arron though the youngest member in Fahrenheit has already passed into a bed scene in Death Girl but this time the scene is to be much more intense what is it that everyone is expecting! What I'm trying to say is they are working hard so don't forget to tune in every weekend to GTV and CTS so they can break at least 2!!!!

Arron is topping charts

Last year with his debut of The Next Me he was the only EP artist to top the charts well he's back but with his photo book with Lara ZhouCaiShi and XiuJieKai in A Miracle For Alice!
Jiro Wang his bandmaster also joined the chart when Absolute Boyfriend came out! The photo book is this weeks best seller! Jiro's absolute boyfriend is still there thought Fahrenheit holds it 1st n 10th!

A Miracle For Alice Arron's story

Arron talks about how when he was young his mom and his relation was very uptight because his father was a doctor he had to work incredibly hard at everything. It didn't matter if it was extra classes to pull up grades or if it was piano lessons which his mom always stayed to watch him learn a whole song. Arron feels that the pressure was really high as a child do he became very competitive with everyone. He remembers when once his mother saw a test he took he scored 94% but he never finished the last question she instantly broke down into tears.
Once Arron was in Middle School he started to rebel he didn't feel that he wanted his mom to map out his life. He paused with everything and started to skip classes but why he was doing this was simply to try to find himself. Arron dropped from top10 to 100s and he felt he doesn't regret it.
The character He Ting Yu's character in the ending really reminds him of himself especially when it comes to the mother son relationship towards the ending and he was really scared if he was out back into the situation he would find himself caught there again. But he felt very lucky to have such a lint crew that kept him there by continually saying "You know when to stop!"

Who said idols don't have a past that is just like ours this proves it idols or not everyone has a Miracle to chase!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Arron on YLBFB


Xiao Gui spills all his secrets!...and decides he has too many fans to hurt him plus he's hair is worth a lot of money!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sister keeps going photo updates

Look Sister Keeps Going they are signing Shoes! And a big group photo but where is MingMing!

Tank a father before marriage!

Tank became a father last year in November! He originally was going to get married to his two year girlfriend MerMer but because of their daughter Huahua they postponed the wedding! September 28 of this year though they are to go though with the plans! Tank admitted himself that since he's not a very romantic guy all he could do was compose a song called "Let's get married" for his fiancé!
Best wishes Tank!

Arron's attire equals NT88,100 USD2,970

Arron Yan is wearing all designer and he equals up to NT88,100! (USD$2,970.73!) that's a lot but thats Arron he's all style and talent! But after I added up everything I was in shock!
(in TaiwanDollars)

Look at those numbers!

Jiro and Dylan late night snack

It's normal to see one handsome guy eating a late night snack but when u see two! The try to remember to breathe! Lol Dylan Kuo and Jiro Wang the two good buddies that just clicked upon meeting were eating a late night snack and Dylan uploaded the photo many fans noticed that the Jiro's hat was M-Jo's newest hat designed by Jiro!

Pop Music Chart Arron Yan Enters

The pop music charts last month had Jiro and Fahrenheit had entered the chart but Mr.Perfect has fallen out of the top10 and Jiro is now 14th so Arron is still the only Fahrenheit member with a new song in the charts!

His song called "Originally" (PinYin:Yuan Lai) 原來
Is the ending theme song of his drama A Miracle for Alice.

Arron has already disclosed that this year he will do his best to meet with fans with a full album by the end of the year! In the album he has also finally gotten the company to out in lyrics!

Arron Yan bag introduction from AppleDaily


AppleDaily does a bag raid of Arron Yan! He carries a keyboard and an umbrella to hide him and he says AppleDaily will never find more than one person under it! Arron is asking for it here lol! Arron also tattles that since he has a bad waist he has to carry medicine with him but his dad makes him carry a lot of others. Cynthia conclude Arron is someone with little confidence.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Miracle for Alice on YLBFB

娛樂百分百播出時間: 5/24(四)6:00pm「娛樂王」 6/2(六)6:00pm 「粉絲同樂會」
A Miracle For Alice on YLBFB air time: 5/24 (4) 6:00 pm "entertainment king" 6/2 (6) 6:00 pm "fanmeeting"
remember in time to watch!

My BoyBoyBoy Boyfriend

Jiro has been in Mainland shooting my boyboyboyboyfriend alongside co-star Xie Na of happy camp but he did take a break and got to go home when asked about how he felt he said... He was going home to see his mommy! He was so happy!
Jiro is from an only child family so when he is confronted about his mother wanting him to get married he says that if he finds her he hopes she can have his wife by her side to help her because he is seldom by her!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Arron's Dog watched A Miracle for Alice

Arron's mom has been traveling with him these pass few days and she even watched episode one of A Miracle For Alice with him and along with his dogs Cookie and MeiMei! The two dogs have been missing him dearly also! Take a look at the adorable two and done pictures Arron's mom took while with him. He Ting Yu we love you!

Arron represents Taiwan in Japan August 9!

August 9th keep your calendar marked because Arron Yan will be performing in the National Yoyogi Arena in Tokyo Stadium, for Asia Progress M set! I'll keep up with it for u!

MJO boss supports them

MJO's brand has become a great seller but the question is has the brand been promoted enough lol does this really need to be ask! Just pay attention to M-Jo's bosses photos and you'll know the answer!
Jiro showed up on the magazine covers and he reported the photo not to show off the motorcycle but his Jo! Robot shirt also he has released a new cap too! Both are very nicely designed!
Do you see the main point

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Miracle For Alice Ratings win by 0.01

0.01!!! That's right the face off that the media was all over what will everyone watch A Miracle For Alice or Absolute Boyfriend! A Miracle For Alice starring Arron Yan, Lara, Xiu Jie Kai and Zhou Cai Shi won over Absolute Darling starring Jiro Wang, Ku Hye Sun,and Kun Da by just a breathe. But what really made the topic hot was that no one expected what they got out of A Miracle For Alice, many professionals saw what they saw an amazing breakthrough! For Jiro Wang acting as a robot who can't show feelings and working with a Korean actress refinery was a breakthrough also but viewers saw what they called An Actor's Breakthrough that starts his ride to fame! For the past Hana Kimi was a break through for both Chun n Jiro who were young actors entering a long chain of people gaining them an audience. Some say that Arron Yan's professionalism with the extravagant Violin performance and his every aspect can be described really as Maturity. The ratings for the drama peaked @1.29 when Arron's violin Hai Ou disappeared and he went on and performed with Chen Hai Jie's violin. His hard work of learning the violin ahead of time by two months and everyone knowing the crew started shooting the scene around 5pm and didn't end till 12am definitely added to its points. In the weeks to come viewers expect a lot from the drama. Arron! Jiro! All the way hold 1st and 2nd!!! Arron happily celebrated with the director with two cakes for their successful start!

AppleDaily news 05/21/12 Calvin's neck !

Calvin Chen went to work today and had a red mark and Wen Zi Man teased him saying ohhh do u have something to confess
He said yeah! I hit it while working out!

This is part 1 the others are under the user!

Alice in Wondercity Ending theme song information

Here's the lyrics to Aaron's song! ENJOY!!!

Song name: the original
Album name: "Alice, the miracle of TV soundtrack with" / Aaron debutMandarin album
Singer: Aaron
Broadcast time: May 20, 2012
Authors: Xiao Xie blue
Composer: Chen Chien-Qi
Distributor: China International Institute of
Taiwan idol drama "Alice's miracle" Ending Theme

原來心酸 是這樣的
原來無所謂 很難
我自認堅固的心 會疼

有誰比我 更笨
對感情更沒 分寸






The original sad is this
Original does not matter it is difficult
Originally looked at you to give him
The most moving of laughter
I consider myself a solid heart will hurt

Who is more stupid than I
Feelings even more measured
Not think the original
How cruel to you
You will be turned

If I can recognize the early
Dependent on how deep you
What happens now
If I could Xiangni as brave innocent
Perhaps I am more worthy of you love

So this is regrettable
The original does not regret it difficult to
Originally, I envy him
Can make you laugh so loud
I have no talent

If I can recognize the early
How deep you rely
What happens now
If I could Xiangni as brave innocent
Perhaps I am more worthy of you love

Are there any possible love you
I know I am not qualified to ask
But I finally came to understand
You used to love me deep
I want to love you

If I can recognize the early
How deep you rely
What happens now
If I could Xiangni as brave innocent
Perhaps I am more worthy of you love

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jiro thanks fans

Jiro Wang after getting home after the conference he thanked all his fans for their support of his next movie! He did delete his prior status about being sad with his fans who kept staying late outside his house making it hard for him to rest. But I will still make a statement it's nice to have an idol but they are just like us need rest and though we love them we must watch our actions. Jiro fans you guys are great I've watched all your efforts and how loud you all are at all his occasions I admire that you all have such strong support for him keep it up!