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Vote For Aaron Yan Here

Aaron Yan and Jiro Wang Fans! ATTENTION
You can use your facebook account but Aaron is in the top close he just needs your votes daily go vote for him!

JIRO is lower down but I believe he has enough rockers out there willing to give him some booster votes!


Wu Chun Best Actors Awards Top Ten Red Hot Stars

Wu Chun won an award at the Top Ten Red Hot Super Star awards. With his outstanding performance in My Kingdom [Da Wu Sheng] , alongside Han Geng and Barbie Hsu.
After his breakthrough  into the movie business he has been grabbing onto work non-stop.

Congrats again!

Christmas Concert (Arron&Calvin)

Calvin was one of the host that day in New Taipei City where he was accompanied by Xiao Sha, and Sa Sa to celebrate Christmas with the great tree of lights. 
That night every super star was excited to see the lights, Artist that perform that night included AaronYan, Amber An, S.H.E , Cyndi Wang, Rainie Yang, SIGMA, and others.
Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen, though reunited on the stage and all the fans were so happy! The Calvin and Aaron Fans even were set together in the crowd! LOL so sweet of them!
As Aaron got onto the stage Xiao Sha ask the two of them about their relationship and Aaron said : We are good friends, Calvin said: Not bad not bad...they two laughed and said it had been a long time since they'd seen each other.

Towards the end of the video Aaron throws out his warm packets to the crowd then instantly says: its so cold! So Adorable!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Fahrenheit

Its been offically 7 years now...Fahrenheit is officially 7years old as of today.
Any true Fahrenheit fan can remember that after the success of KO-One and Tokyo Juliet Fahrenheit was put together. These four guys each representing the mean of the 4 seasons.
Jiro Wang ( Wang Dong Cheng): Summer / 95
Calvin Chen ( Chen Yi Ru): Spring/ 77
Wu Chun ( Wu Zun): Autumn/ 59
Aaron Yan ( Yan Ya Lun) : Winter/ 49
Each one of them had something in them that help them to create this group, Jiro Wang had tried and tried over again to find his dream as a singer, finally after so long he signed on to be the first member of Fahrenheit. Aaron Yan a natural talent just waiting to burst, his manga like looks gain him many chances to enter the entertainment industry and all thanks to his blog he became the second to enter the group, Fahrenheit. His father sent him away to Canada with hopes that he would do good as a banker overseas but soon he returned to Taiwan after winning a Sunshine Boys competition to join the boy band, Fahrenheit. Finally the beautiful man who had a gorgeous face and a breath-taking body, a model who just simple went to Taiwan to look around and was pulled into the industry to star as the lead in a drama even though his chinese wasn't even fluent, the shy-boy from Brunei who wasn't afraid of anything gave Fahrenheit a chance.

They have accompanied many people through many things and now we have all slowly changed and grown up with them. Happy 7th Birthday Fahrenheit!

We celebrated their birthday again, and it was a good break for us too! We loved the amazing cake and we kept trying to blow the candles out but just like our love for Fahrenheit they kept burning and wouldn't die!

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On our other post, we posted about our shirts however wrong didn't know the price of the shirts yet. But we have confirmed that the shirts will cost $15! Thanks

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I Love FRH!! Shirts!

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想要告訴全世界你最愛 飛輪海嗎?! 那就要把它穿在身體上阿! 哈哈
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Pictures of shirt is located on facebook page! <3

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Jiro&Calvin's Mini-movies

Jiro Wang's mini movie "Seeing"

Calvin Chen's mini movie "Making Happiness"

Both these mini-movies are great! Calvin's mini-movie is more light weight and simple but it is really appealing, plus all the luscious bread makes you hungry, but also tells you that cherishing the beauty around you and love those who love you will always complete you.
Jiro's mini-movie pulls more at the heart though, it talks about looking past the mask on everyone's face and really at who they are. There are a lot of impaired people out there but they dont ever forget that happiness is very simple.

Two great mini-movies and two brilliant lessons. Fahrenheit has done it again.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Aaron Yan "Memo" MV released

Literally after I heard this song all I could say is...I Love It! The idea of the music video was even better, Aaron is dressed sorta in a French/British look...very cute by the way in personal opinion but also his natural movements do know like when he sings and he always jumps around. Well the little memos appear throughout the music video and then also it has like supersized lyrics, then there is the Magnifying glass that just is adorable, and really cool.
I have to give props to whoever created the idea of this music video, very originally and very new to the Taiwan industry usually not something you would see.

Great song, Great Lyrics too, and amazing music video "A Must See"

Personally I said two things when I finished this MV
1) I love this song
2)Arron Yan and this is why I love you :D

Friday, November 9, 2012

Opinion on BlogShirts for Fans

Fahrenheit fans would you interested in puechasing a T-shirt Designed by us?
wear it proud as a Fahrenheit fan or an Arron fan  or Jiro fan or Calvin fan or Chun fan!  Support us in supporting them!
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Jiro Wang "Our Script" MV Released

汪東城 Jiro Wang - 我們的劇本 (官方版MV) 

Jiro Wang's "Our Script" Music Video is released today~! The song is the opening theme song to his drama Sister Keeps Going or Drama Go Go! with actress and producer Ruby Lin. There are scenes in the Music Video from the drama and also of Jiro dressed in Pink being himself absolutely adorable!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

AaronYan -Ji Nian Ri Lyrics [The Moment-炎亞綸 紀念日]

[order--- Chinese/Pinyin/Eng Lyrics]

有 多久了 我們沒見面
you duo jiu le wo men mei jian mian
how long has it been  since the last time we met
但閉上雙眼 還有錯覺
dan bi shang shuang yan hai you cuo jue
when closing those eyes the illusions still appear
妳吻我 那瞬間 還在唇邊
ni wen wo na shuan jian  hai zai chun bian
you kissed me that moment  it's still on my lips
陽光依舊 像回憶般溫熱 是這場風
yang guan yi jiu xiang hui yi ba wen re shi zhe chang feng
the light shining still like warm memories    this wind
讓細節 復活了
rang xi jie fu huo le
allowed the details to be ressurected
那時候 誰都沒 想過永恆
na shi hou  shei dou mei xiang guo yong heng
that time  no one had thought about eternity

*我要永遠記得 那一天 我勇敢了
wo yao yong yuan ji de na yi tian wo yong gan le
I will alway remember that day  I am brave now
在這同樣地點 擁抱妳的那一刻
zai zhe tong yang di dian  yong bao ni de na yi ke
at this same destination that moment hugging you
突然覺得很感激 我能活著
tu ran jue de hen gan ji wo neng huo zhe
suddenly feeling very thankful  I was able to have live
我要永遠記得 那一天 妳微笑了
wo yao yong yuan ji de na yi tian ni wei xiao le
I will always remember that that day  you smiled
眼中閃著淚水 說妳不怕孤獨了
yang zhong shan zhe lei shui shuo ni bu pa gu du le
eyes full of tears saying you were no longer afraid of loneliness
哭著對我說 不停對我說
ku zhe dui wo shuo bu ting dui wo shuo
in tears tell me telling me unstoppingly
妳多麼 愛我
ni duo me ai wo
how much you loved me
妳 不見了
ni bu jian le
you  disappeared
但妳的背影 像這場風景 裝在眼裡
dan ni de bei ying  xiang zhe chang feng jing  zhuang zai yan li
but your back view is like this scenery set into my eyes
一伸手 差一點 就抱住妳
yi shen shou  cha yi dian jiu bao zhu ni
reaching out my hand  just a little more I could hug you
落葉依舊 秋來了就變色
luo ye yi jiu qiu lai le jiu bian se
still deciduous    the arrival of autumn and change in color
不管遊客 被故事 拆散了
bu guan you ke  bei gu shi cai san le
Regardless of tourists  the story still split up
我還是 逆流著 時間的河
wo hai shi  ni liu zhe shi jian de he
I am still the river you left this time

我要永遠記得 那一天 我勇敢了
wo yao yong yuan ji de na yi tian wo yong gan le
I want to always remember that day  I became brave
在這同樣地點 擁抱妳的那一刻
zai zhe tong yang di dian  yong bao ni de na yi ke
at this same place that moment when I hugged you
tu ran jue de hen gan ji  wo neng huo zhe
suddenly I feel thankful  I am able to live
我要永遠記得 那一天 妳微笑了
wo yao yong yuan ji de na yi tian ni wei xiao le
I want to always remember that day  you smiled

眼中閃著淚水 心卻一直溫暖的
yan zhong shan zhe lei shui shuo ni bu pa gu du le
eyes full of tears saying you were no longer afraid of loneliness
堅定對我說 不停對我說
jian ding dui wo shuo bu ting dui wo shuo
firmly telling me  non stopping you told me
yao wo kuai le
you want me happy

記住了 星很亮的那一天
ji zhu le  xing hen liang de na yi tian
Remember that day the stars were so bright
記住了 雨很急的那一天
ji zhu le  yu hen ji de na yi tian
Remember that day the rain was so fast
ke zai wo sheng ming bian cheng le ji nian
but to me it has all become a memory
ru guo ni hai liu zai wo shen bian
if you were still by my side
yi ding hui xiang pei wo xi shu yi bian
you would definitely count the times again

我要永遠記得 這一天 我勇敢了
wo yao yong yuan ji de na yi tian wo yong gan le
I want to always remember that day  I became brave
回到熟悉地點 溫習妳的每一刻
hui dao shou xi di dian wen xi ni de mei yi ke
return to those familiar places keep you warm
突然覺得很感激 我還活著
tu ran jue de gan ji  wo hai huo zhe
suddenly I am greatful I am alive
我要永遠記得 這一天
wo yao yuan ji de na yi tian
I want to always remember that day
我微笑了 為了不讓妳心疼
wo wei xiao le  wei le bu rang ni xin tneg
you smiled  so I wouldn't heartache
我對自己說 不停對我說 我要我快樂
wo dui zi ji shuo  bu ting dui wo shuo   wo yao wo kuai le
I told myself   non-stopping telling myself  I want to be happy

Enjoy the song guys, it's really touching and the story is from Aaron Yan's personal experience and the last words are what he really wants to explain to us.... He simply says everyone wants happiness but it is only possible when you accept the factors from your past and courageously move toward the future....Everyone has A Moment in their life...cherish it and take it into your future.

Calvin New Mini-Movie: Upcoming Drama

News Coverage Over Calvin

Calvin Chen stands for Warm, Spring, and when you think of think of Love. Love is in the air~ don't worry Calvin lovers it's just his new projects. His new mini movie that will be with Li An An. He stars as a Baker and she is an assistant, in a short period of 3 days the mini-movie clip was finished now the question was---it was Li An An first on screen kiss was it awkward?
Calvin expresses: It's the first time kissing before a camera, we've all had that feeling before so as a senior if there are a lot of NG's it will be okay.

After his Premiere of "When Love Walks In" with f(x) Victoria and SJM's Zhou Mi , Calvin has gotten the attention of a greater number of fans and views. He also realized that the ratings for the drama was not bad and placed in the 1 or 2 all through broadcasting~! Calvin expressed that he also goes online to see who views his videos and how many hits he gets, with some decent numbers he thinks that the mini-movie will gain some good response from the audiences.
"When Love Walks In" has already premiered and finished broadcasting in China but it is still getting ready to premiere in Taiwan, Calvin said that he is actually quite nervous over this fact and that he doesn't know how Taiwan viewers will take to the drama. (I can say one thing though from my own experience there are a lot of f(x) and SJM fans in Taiwan & Fahrenheit fans so no worries Calvin ---plus the drama was amazing!)
Calvin was also asked that from Love Buffet and When Love Walked In the premiere time took 2 years, will everyone have to wait that long again to see him on screen?
He only said that he has a new drama that will start shooting in the end of the year until march then they will take it some other places to shoot scenes and as for the actress he only said "She's one of the goddess of Taiwan." The industry does have a lot of those but he threw in he has worked with her we have An Xin Ya (love buffet) or Smile Wen (her MV-Mei Guan Xi) or Monica (Frh's Sexy Girl MV)....who will it be??

Let's all hope for a smooth shooting no matter where he is! Best wishes Calvin!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jiro Wang's drama Sister Keeps Going Premiere--promo on "Different Changes Show" Mainland

Jiro has been in Mainland China recently again and he has been busy promoting his new drama that Premieres every Sat. at 10pm!!!
Sister  Keeps Going (Jie Jie Li Zhen Xiang Qian Zou) produced by Ruby Lin is finally out~~!

Watch Jiro change into someone else!

On the show jiro sings the ending theme song for the drama : I should have loved you!

Are you all ready for Eason to enter our heads and hearts<3

First kiss of Lin Geng Xing is with Jiro! Manly LOVE :D

Let's get started now~ did I mention all the guys in this drama are amazingly attractive especially Jiro & Peter Ho~

Arron Yan autograph session-fan buys 3000 album

During yesterday autograph session in Taipei, Arron for the first time performed The Moment [ji nian ri- 紀念日] he posted on weibo the night before about being nervous and when finished he gave out a big sigh of relief.
Fan cam of his performance

Arron expressed later that if his album breaks his last EP's sales then he would show his amazing body~! LOL Aaron teased: yea, my figures not bad!

Later fans found out there was  fan from Mainland China that bought 3,000 copies of Arron's album!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Aaron Song Translation-Perhaps u still love me

Perhaps you still love me

Perhaps u still love me

(OT:I DON'T BELIEVE YOU) (orignal: Pink- I dont believe you)
中文詞:炎亞綸  (Chinese lyrics: Aaron Yan)

還記得嗎 那年的幸福
do you still remember  that happiness that year
曾經 那麼相信 未知的未來
Once I believe the unknown past
妳的 喜怒哀樂 習慣動作
your emotions and habits
頭髮味道 手心溫度
scent of your hair the warmth of your palm
我都記得 所以算是愛情 吧
I still remember so it's love right?

可能 妳還愛我
perhaps you still love me
爭吵時候 才會低頭沉默
after arguments we quietly nod 
什麼也不說 因為怕我會難受
nothing is said because your scared I'll be sad

可能 妳還愛我
perhaps you still love me
為了讓我 懷念妳的溫柔
in order for me to remember your gentleness
才會鬆開手 要給我自由
you let go  giving me freedom

還記得嗎 漫長的夜晚
do you still remember ; the long nights
什麼 話都沒說 心跳成巨響
nothing is said;  the loud heart beats
小心 流著眼淚 怕妳聽見
be careful of the tears  afraid you will hear
只能乞求 別背著我
Can only beg do not turn on me
快抱緊我 能抱緊我 嗎
hurry hug me tight, can you hug me?

so just sit and watch me go
記得 記得 我狠狠愛過
remember remember wo really did love once
我們 就算狼狽 也不顫抖
we even if are embarassing we did not budge
呼吸再痛 也不呼救
breathing still hurts but no ones breathing
小心翼翼 藏進我的心中 吧
very carefully it hides in my heart

可能 妳還愛我
Perhaps you still love me
分手那天 才沒那麼灑脫
that day we split was not as easy as expected
是在提醒我 妳不是真離開我
it was reminding me  you never really left me

可能 妳還愛我
perhaps you still love me
分開之後 還能夠常連絡
after the split we can still talk
卻不曾提過 誰在妳懷中 
yet you do not speak of who is now in your arms

Perhaps you still love me

Monday, October 29, 2012

Gouverneur Watches new face---Model/Actor---Wu Zun (Chun)

 20121029nagootv 吳尊《伯爵 Gouverneur 系列 》發表part3 吳尊出場 part4 代言分享 part5 情境平面拍攝 part6 平面拍攝 part7 電子聯訪

 Gouverneur Watches new face---Model/Actor---Wu Zun (Chun)

   He says that he has finished shooting his last project, the end of the year he expects to do promotions. Also he himself plan to keep writing his books, it may include stories of himself and his past to share his experiences to others. He himself said he remembers his father had a Gouverneur watch and it may be about 20 or so more years old so it may be cool if he can find it again. He calls it an antique itself. Chun also likes to buy watches for himself on his birthday and enjoys wearing them to different occasions. (this year Aaron was also a watch bearer of 2012 in Taiwan)
   He said about Love "If I find it now, then I will cherish it." 

That is our Wu Chun!!! He is always cherishing every last moment! 

Sister Keeps Moving Media Meeting

Sister Keeps Going will aire next week!
They had their Media Meeting for a premiere of the drama today.

Wang Ming Ming (played by Lin Xin Ru -RubyLin) posted on her weibo: Leading these handsome Men into the meeting today~~!

RubyLin---an understudying scriptwriter who is slowly experiencing what love really is, she is still looking for love over her 30s.
JiroWang---Portrays an out of style superstar that is slowly brought back into the light of stardom

Friday, October 26, 2012

Aaron Yan Before&After today

Hehe so I was browsing around and ran across photos of Aaron, before he went to meet his stylist and after...I think he looks better casual, don't you? (of course he looks best singing)

(**credit**i got the photos from fans on weibo)

Here are some other photos I want to share also:

Also Today Oct. 28,2012

He is so cute~~especially with his dogs~ can u guys see cookie in the back haha (he's holding meimei)

He one looks amazing in glasses, and two haha takes pics walking

Ok I'll admit it, I am in love with this photo

A fan took this photo and he looks so daze its cute


Mei Mei & Cookie

Aaron explains that taking care of dogs like them is like taking care of children. He loves his dogs very much~~! 

Aaron on Radio Shows

20121027 訪炎亞綸。他的戰鬥意志,除了在"我說你猜"單元中看得出來以外,當然還有他不甘於只是偶像,一直追逐音樂無限的可能性,可以看得出來!如同我今天開場問他的,偶像和唱將,你只能選擇其一,你肯定回答我"唱將!",顯然你正朝這個方向前進,加油!也謝謝你留到這麼晚,只為了要玩"我說你猜",哈哈哈...

Aaron Yan's promotions this year majority starter ones have been on radio shows and I have to say that he looks really nice without all that make up and stylist make overs for his album; he should create a look like all casual~~! But this DJ is Dou Zi (Bean) ; he expressed that Aaron Yan isn't that simple of an idol singer, he actually is a very passionate artist who towards music is willing to try anything! He expressed if I ask Aaron whether he'd rather be an idol or just a plain singer, he definitely chose singer~~! 

he full heartedly writes a lot before he give it to any host, on this one he wrote a lot, and the host said he is a very hard working artist, who is really kind and well-mannered.

 Aaron Yan was wished good luck with his album, that anyone can see he worked super hard on~!

ALT new face---Wu Chun is home

He's been busy with his new project in Japan but he has return home yesterday! Hope to his sweet bed now! But the best part of this is that now we call all be reassured that Chun's not given up on giving his best no matter how tired he is~~!

Also Chun has literally become the NEW FACE of ALT FASHION, after his departure from Fahrenheit he hasn't gone to a zero jobs but many new doors opened just like he had planned and one of which was to be the new face of ALT Fashion!!

Chun's new look make me think that he has matured yet there is something new in him, I can't explain it but it almost feels like Chun has truly found who he is and in his photos there is another feeling.

SS Xiao Yan Zhi Ye- Aaron & Gui Gui

SS Xiao Yan Zhi Ye commercial

Gui Gui and Aaron are on a show together! how long has it been its been like years now since these two have appeared on the same show together! But the show also has Zhang Jie! Love him (if u watched Alice in wonder city, he is Lara (lan die fei) other bandmember) This episodes seems to talk about ppl that broke from their bands to chase dreams of their own but never really split up the band.

Full episode...I'll load a better one if I can find

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Calvin shooting mini-movie & new script on hand with Taiwan's Goddess AmberAn&SmileWen

Calvin has been busy and I haven't been able to pin him down lately and no wonder too! Because he's been working with the beautiful Li An An on a mini-movie series, while Aaron and Jiro are promoting their albums. Calvin has been surrounded with beautiful cute ladies all day long LOL!

Li An An and Calvin originally had a kissing scene scheduled at the end but for the media they went ahead a shot an extra one. The media asked how Calvin felt, because he totally gained alot, teasingly he answered, "This is also my first kissing scene so as a good senior the NG's will be appropriate."
After winning an award as best host, Calvin enter the acting world again with his drama "When Love Walks In" alongside chinese kpop stars Victoria Song [f(x)] and Zhou Mi [SJM]!!! His performance had improved leaps and bounds and caught many eyes we can say because this mini movie is not his only work but also he is planned to have another new drama but with Taiwan's sexiest models too---(they call them Goddesses overseas.)  Amber An Xin Ya which everyone should be very familiar with, because currently she is literally everywhere! (if you watched Love Buffet, the girl that liked Aaron.) and also his long time host partner and friend Smile Wen Zi Man (she was also in Fahrenheit's MV -Liu Xia Lai) . Although all of them are good friends Calvin openly admitted "I'm not those guys who stays home all day looking at photos of pretty girls but I do love pretty girls." He teasingly said, "I must have done something good my last lifetime to earn all of this." \

___I dont kno why the photos r sideways sorry____

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

S.H.E Returns with new hit "the Flower blossoms again"

S.H.E Returns with a new opening HIT from MayDay's A-Xing's lyrics; it sorta replies to their original song "Hua Kai Hao Le" The Flower Blossoms. After Hebe's release of 2 albums, Ella & Selina also released one EP each. They come back together to steal the charts for all the fans that miss them so much. Many Fahrenheit fans say that it is time for Fahrenheit to return too! Since both bands met with the break up situation around the same year. (2010)

The No.1 Taiwan GirlBand is back with their new saying:
From Shero to Zero and Zero to Tomorrow!

They have gone through various ups and downs...from almost loosing Selina, to her marriage to Ella's marriage, and Hebe facing the nomination of Best Female Artist at the Golden Melody Awards. The Girls return to the stage that night, and now they are ready after 11 years together to give us all the best!

Listen to S.H.E's New Song

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aaron Yan releases album Zhou Cai Shi special guest appearance

October 19,2012 Aaron Yan officially released his album "The Moment" ; the album is as Aaron's says a way for him to remember all those memories from his past...."...there are those bad memories that our brain naturally deletes and I want to keep them so I want to memorialize them with this album."-Arron.

He has contributed to every track in some way or form, whether it was the arrangement or the style of the song,but there are two songs which he himself wrote the lyrics for.
one of which is his first hit :
Perhaps you still love me 可能你還愛我 (ke neng ni hai ai wo)
and his other song:
Lonelier than lonely 比寂寞根寂寞 (bi ji mo gen ji mo)
both tracks are songs of personal experience.
Lonelier than lonely Aaron Yan express was when a friend of his asked him how come she never understands her boyfriend who is the same horoscope as Aaron, "its like I'm lonelier with him than without him." Aaron admits this is true I can get carried away with what I do so I may overlook some things possibly who I am with also. So he took her words "Lonelier than lonely" and with personal experiences and put them into lyrics.
His first track Perhaps you still love me was in memory of a girl he loved dearly and also his good friend that had passed away. He says you will never know that pain until it happens and now I know more to cherish all those who are beside me supporting and loving me.

紀念日 MV The Moment---click here and enjoy
During his first album release press meeting Aaron's "The Moment" MV actress also showed up as a special guest to send him blessings. The director did bring up that the two of them really took only 2 daytime days to shoot the whole 10 minute music video!
It was unbelievable but a lot of things were natural they expressed even the cats they came over by themselves and also because Zhou Cai Shi and Aaron were familiar with eachother it was easy to create the mood and get to work. Aaron expressed that because the actress was Zhou Cai Shi he was easily put into a situation where he could play his role. The host later reveals that the kissing scene was very simple in the MV as compared to their past drama. The both laugh awkwardly and give eachother a look. Aaron explains the other kiss in the drama was more passionate and this was just gentle and like school-days kind of love. The host said that the mic though picked up a different sound, "bump bump bump" it was your heartbeats! They both shyly admitted it was becasue in those moments your more likely to get pulled into the situation and mood so it was understandable. When leaving they shook hands and Aaron said "it moments like these that I'm not used to." saying that the two of them are really close so they can just hug each other with encouragement. As a good friend Zhou Cai Shi didn't forget to give Aaron a present for his album to sell past last years record making him the best selling new comer. The plaque said "Ji Nian Ri-The Moment" and had it's Birthdate on a child's certificate.