Monday, May 19, 2014

Aaron & Crew spends Tia's birthday with her early

May11, was Tia Li's birthday day and actually she wasn't going to spend her birthday at all considering that it was on mother's day. Regardless though, Aaron Yan and the rest of the crew came together to celebrate for her. 
Prior to this scene though in the BTS of ep7, it was also seen that Tia was surprised once before when Aaron came out and said "Yu Fen,...YU FEN!" she opened her eyes to see a cake with a candle and everyone saying Happy Birthday to her. 

She received a cake from fans in the shape of a pink purse, that said Happy Birthday around it and she posted her gratitude towards them on facebook. 
Aaron on the other hand had made a Xiao Lu cake for her, so besides the deer *lu* she recieved in the drama as Tao Le Si, he stated she received another as well...
Tia expressed it was her first time getting a three decor cake for her birthday, and Aaron laughing said "...o this time you've all seen three layers of meat and cake."  (referring to his cake that is supposed to be xiao lu) 


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