Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Sorry, I've only updated a little bit on Fahrenheit recently. I've been super busy and my work hours keep changing also I have other priorities to commit too. But aside from that I do have new post pending to be uploaded, I will upload everything hopefully by next week.
Feel free to check in once and a while as I may have had a chance to upload something between now and next week.

Again, my deepest apologies but I will update asap. Thank You for understanding.

But I have good news also~ I am constructing a NEW COMPETITION so get the word out.

The prize could be anything from Fahrenheit Stickers or a Fahrenheit Shirt or who knows what other goodies I may have.

Also, if you have some nice contest ideas plz comment below too~ I'd love to change things up a bit :D

Thank you Guys~ LOVING FAHRENHEIT Forever!

一刀不剪 舞蹈MV Aaron Yan- No Cut Dance MV Teaser

A quick look into "No Cut" Dance MV.
Many people are guessing that it's PUFF KUO as this version of the MV's main actress, the DREAMGIRLS thread on Weibo also reposted it so, I'd like to know do you all believe it could be Puff Kuo??? A reunion of Just You days with Qi Yi & Liang Liang perhaps.

Take a look yourself :D


Chun Shanghai fans overload

Wu Chun had an incident with the media not too long ago reporting that his popularity had gone down due to him joining the show "Daddy come back" exposing himself and his daughter to the fans and other views. Everyone claiming he was spoiling her too much whereas others say that he is a great dad. The media also addressed him that he was trying to use Fahrenheit to raise the ratings and his popularity again (trust me I usually don't like these types of media coverage and this time I actually snapped); We need to remember that Calvin Chen did happily join into the show and happily afterwards say that he enjoyed his time with NeiNei, and not only in Brunei but even when Chun was in Taiwan Calvin appeared to visit NeiNei. The many rumor of Fahrenheit not liking eachother has really gone out of hands recently, and let alone no one seems to consider even if Chun wanted to ask Aaron or Jiro to join the show it would be so hard- 1. Jiro is still hosting a show and has to train little children plus he is working on a new drama, movie and his upcoming album! and 2. Aaron is in his promotion period his albums he released in the past two months, and he is still shooting FILWM, which makes it almost impossible for any spare time to fly to Brunei.

I just wanted to clear that Chun is doing all he can to love NeiNei, and keep contact with Fahrenheit because even Jiro and Aaron have admitted before they received text from Chun with blessings before the two proceeded onto their concerts.

With that all aside Chun made an appearance in Shang Hai for a promotional event, to stand in as an endorsement model but when leaving the whole area did get out of hand. Fans pushed and shoved to get their gifts to him, and he was grabbing their gifts but his face showed his fear towards them. the bodyguard did their best to fend of the fierce crowd, so Chun wishes to tell everyone to be very careful in times like these because there are also other families or people walking around and he hopes to not disturb their experience.

This incident is very hard to avoid but at least it proves that the above note of "Chun's popularity lowering" isn't true. Rather I believe his popularity has risen. He is a strong man with character and he loves his family dearly but he also cares for Fahrenheit so please ignore all bad news you may ever come upon.


Calvin Chen hiding in Germany

Everyone was guessing maybe he returned to Vancouver, Canada or perhaps he was in New York, USA turns out that Calvin Chen wasn't in any of those areas! He later confirmed he was in Germany.

Uploading different photos it's hard to say what he was really doing, perhaps he was shooting an MV or maybe he was shooting photos for his clothesline or maybe just on another adventure for show hosting. Whatever it may have been that Calvin has been up to perhaps one day will all find out.

I have a feeling this busy bee also is going to give us all an action packed month to stay tuned to him, considering the past few months he has been flying out of Taiwan and China so much and he is still working on his EP too.
Calvin remember to rest too , we love you sunshine boy!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Aaron Yan and his mom goes onto Great Sportsman Chef


I love watching Aaron and his mom on this show! They are always so funny, and his mom is so funny.
In beginning she begins to argue with ChengCheng (HOST) by saying " Last time you already said I look young, nothing new??"
ChengCheng laughs and says another joke: " Do you know why you are so tired?"
Aaron's mom laughing replies : "Because I'm running around in your head all the time!"

Both Aaron Yan and his mom literally joke N yell at eachother throughout the whole episode, during the last few portions they argue about how they didn't do this and that.
So cute, well enjoy.


Monday, July 28, 2014

FILWM - ep17 broke 2! Shows abs!

FILWM EP17 aired last sunday showing Huan Huan and Lu Tian Xing's enagahement ceremony almost taking place, but Tian Xing finds that Huan Huan is already capable of standing and questions if she can or cannot walk. Making the incident into something big, leading everyone to the hospital to see if Huan Huan really can stand or not. Due to no medication or rehab her legs have worsen, her mom and brother lance also surprised at this question it later. The whole situation explodes and Huan Huan's personality which was originally just silly and naive has become full of complications. Tian Xing  confronts Auntie Li about this but leads to nothing as she will not listen, in the final closing Tao Zi's parents feeling bad for their daughter and Tian Xing's relation finally steps up to ask "Will you love TaoZi forever?" When Tian Xing answers "yes" Tao Zi's mom says "Then leave."

Now~ what will happen is unexpected still no preview yet as they are still shooting. The ending will be have to hold quite a twist considering all that is happening. Regardless though, EP17 has broken 2!!!! or should I say 2.16, but on the part Tian Xing confronts Huan Huan it went up to 2.47!!! almost breaking 3!!! Holding first ratings ever since its premiere Aaron and the other men in the cast did promise a shirts off show off the abs challenge.

Not only did they get to work out some first, but they had the female cast sit on top of them too! Regardless fans each reacted differently many saying "Aaron and Leo look good but Jia GaiXian is so cute... needs to work out more." 

But congrats to "FALL IN LOVE WITH ME" !!!!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Wu Chun- "I love my Daughter and Miss her everyday"

There is a saying that every daughter was their dad's lover in the past life, that is why father's treat their daughters like princesses in this lifetime.

   Perhaps that is true or at least for Wu Chun & Nei Nei (Wu Xin Yi) ; She may only be a little princess but someday she will grow up and Chun's biggest fear he has stated is going to be letting her hand go. It makes him nervous to even think of such a thing. Chun stated as he was onstage during an event for charity in Mainland China that when he saw the little girls and boys run up to their dad's and hug them and holding hands he really missed his daughter.
   Chun has shown everyone on "Daddy is Back" that he is now trying and still learning how to be a good dad, some people may say he spoils her too much but to him she is everything. She is naughty but she is young and doesn't understand much yet, with time he will teach her through love and care (or candy, I mean she loves it )!!!

Wu Xin Yi, will one day maybe grow up and leave daddy but Chun can be assured she will never forget that she is always daddy's little princess after she rewatches episodes of "Daddy is back" . 


I miss this show so much already~!


Wish List 許願清單- Behind shooting photos (Jiro)

During the shooting of "Wish List" it was very hot so Jiro was sweating like no tomorrow but luckily there were scenes that were inside or the resting portions he could run off and find a fan or use a automatic hand fan.

This photo though I found quite interesting fans snapped a photo of Jiro running off to the next set in his full attire, which I may say looks quite interesting and very daring but he pulled it off.


Ep16 FILWM Kissing Scene ratings breaks new record

Fall in Love With Me breaks 2! 

Although the overall rating was only set at 1.79 this week, but Aaron and Tia's kissing scene and this episode for 16-24 aged viewer the rating went up to 2.34!!!

A night alone with with eachother, and a funny behind the scenes was what everyone was waiting for. The tears portion have been going for so long, and though the drama is going for something with deeper passion now not as simple as the beginning the drama itself is still keeping a strong storyline for the followers.

Regardless these two have been working hard, and kept the no.1 top ratings so far and everyone is waiting for next weeks premiere of Huan Huan and Tian Xing's engagement. 


FILWM cast watches ep16 with fans

      Aaron Yan,  Tia Li, Lu Yu Qin, Fan Zhi You or if you're following the drama then... Lu Tian Xing, Tao Le Si, Leo, and Huan Huan has come together this last sunday to watch ep.16 with fans.
The fans had to be over 18 and there was limited siting so fans had to fight over tickets but then again they were sold out in moments.
      During the show there were many mix emotions because if you watched the episode not only does Lu Tian Xing and Tao Le Si decided to take a day to themselves and enjoy a very passionate kissing scene but they also had a very strong slapping scene between Huan Huan and Tao Zi.

The one thing that was quite interesting though was that everyone was very into the drama, Aaron though was REALLY into the drama, the whole room was watching when Aaron started grabbing the kleenexes and started wiping away his tears:D

The slapping scene though the emotions changed instantly and even Huan Huan herself didn't dare to look at the scene with the fear of everyones reaction, I mean think about it- she has to play the villain here and all the fans are sitting directly behind them!

Overall though, I have to say I love how Aaron and Tia chose to go totally casual, and Li Yu Qin and Fan Zhi You wore more fancy casual. Also I find Tia and Aaron's outfits just adorable, okay so ranting haha.

All in all everyone had a lot of fun, and this experience is very new and special for such dramas but since FILWM has been holding no.1 in rating from the time they started airing so SETTV set this screening for the fans and the cast :D


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jiro Wang teams up with Zheng Luo Qian & 2pm Nichkun

許願清單 (Xu Yuan Qing Dan) translating to WishList, which is what I will address it until they open up their official site as to what they will call it. 
The drama is to have up to 30 episodes and will be taking place in Shen Zhou China. This drama's storyline is yet to be clear but the cast has been named and 2PM's Nichkun has been called to act in this drama also Jiro Wang and Zheng Luo Qian both now pro actors in the business are coming back to the drama series after being on the big screen for so long. 
Wishlist's drama director is also korean but the scriptwriter is said to be a proclaimed writer for many successful scripts :) This drama will be one to anticipate just looking at the cast so far. 

(2pm's Nickhun) 

(Zheng Luo Qian)

(JIRO WANG Dong Cheng) ^^ 

well, let's have some imagination with the name "Wish List" what do you all think the script is gonna be about besides romance~~^^


Friday, July 18, 2014

Calvin. - New Work WHERE AT?

He keeps moving around on us~ 
first he is in Europe then comes back to Mainland China all of sudden he stays in Taiwan for a bit but now.... He is on the run again!

Got an international drivers license and a new look, and looks like Work has taken him overseas!!!
it appears that Calvin is in New York! 

Why is he here? I honestly am not clear maybe for hosting maybe for more work on his EP? or a vacation and job opportunity! 

well, Calvin Jia You!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

愛上兩個我 ShowBiz Challenge Watch (Aaron & Tia)

This past week seems to have been a busy one for Aaron and Tia so lay back and enjoy them Play against John Team on Showbiz Settv! See if they win! haha 

Let's not forget Aaron Hasnt lost yet!

Jiro Wang post one more Ancient Look

With his scenes ending, Jiro most likely is missing everything about his performace and this look. 
Its a bit fresh and new but Jiro did enjoy it so we will all anticipate~~^^


Monday, July 14, 2014

Calvin- Let's hip hop

Busy Boy may be flying around like crazy but he is working hard on his EP too.

The end of Aug. or early Sept. Calvin has stated to release his solo work and we have yet to disclose the topic or the idea behind it yet sooo we shall have to anticipate his new Hip Hop style too :)


Calvin- Remember to work back muscles

He has been working hard, really hard. Still a bit too skinny but hey he is those people who cannot get fat!!!!! 
Calvin~~~ also reminds everyone who is body building to not forget to work out their backs too...
But Calvin soo much muscle need to eat more too! 

Also just a funny side note anyone think this photo looks like a bat cutout haha! 


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cut- fansmeeting and signing to continue

Over 10,000 fans show up and the signing started around mid day and didn't finished until the next day.

Fans screaming and all coming to support him he couldnt turn them down only 30secs that Ah Guan (the Dj mc) got Aaron to show fans his well built abs!

(few weeks late sorry)

Calvin shows off his niece

During Wow's celebration Tong Tong didn't really want to pay attention to uncle calvin but we can all see that Tong Tong and Calvin love to go everywhere together and it almost seems that Calvin himself is so proud of little Tong Tong who is a little genius herself. :D

Calvin happily posted videos of Tong Tong and him going out for a cruise, and video of her in the house walking and running. Calvin is a very proud uncle, whom has already claim by next year he wants to settle down. Tong Tong get ready you have another family member soon.