Thursday, May 1, 2014

Aaron Yan takes in new puppy

The dog lover is one who takes in all, actually Aaron Yan has allegeries so hecan only have a certain type of dog. So that is why he has mini-poodles a very loved breed in the Taiwan and Asian countries. 

The female owner of the dog is also of entertainment status, but I am not very clear upon who she is but I know her name is Ms.Gao, and her dog Maru gave birth to 4 little puppy's one of which went home with Aaron to join Cookie&MeiMei.

Ms.Gao also happily expressed how the new puppy would be going home with her new daddy now, and will have to grow up to be a good and obedient dog. And not to forget to help the new daddy (aaron) state clearly , he really doesn't have on eye liner he just has really long eye lashes! ^^


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