Thursday, August 28, 2014

FILWM celebrates - Aaron&Tia's final kiss

The ending of ep20 left many fans happy with the Great Ending of Tao Zi&Tian Xing. But the real party started with the crew and the cast came together to celebrate the ending - Fans also gathered in the banquet hall cheering after the two (tia&aaron) came together once again on stage and finally had their true "Final Kiss"

Everyone huddled together and tears were shed, laughs were shared and everyone expressed that these passed few months have been nothing but great moments. Though there were a lot of hard obstacles to come over , like the character Huan Huan for Beatrice Fang to get over considering she went from a sweet little sister character to the antagonist, or Tian Xing picking up a third character of how he sacrifices everything to make everyone happy, or possibly even Tao Zi who slowly grows to be more and more courageous towards those she loves and cares for.

And of course a lot of drinking did take place, everyone going around and toasting the crew and the cast for their efforts, without everyone behind and in front of the camera nothing would be possible :D
So Fall in Love With Me~ good bye it's been great can't wait till next time to see you again maybe~!
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy 33rd Birthday To Jiro Wang!

 Guess what today is? It's Jiro's Birthday! Wishing him a Happy Birthday. Above is the video that we created with some shout out from Jiro Fans.

Also, We'd like to thank all those who supported our event, even though there weren't many, but thank you guys for making a difference. We really appreciate it.

-Xiao Lin

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Aaron Yan ft. Puff Kuo in his "NO CUT" MV -video linked


The shooting of the MV is quite simple- grey lights and a background. Aaron is the only one who is surrounded by the dancers, Puff is wearing very high heels for this but it was for the factor that she needed to be positioned taller so they could meet eye to eye for the ending.
She only went into two classes before the MV so I guess we can't really blame her that the dance looks a bit rough, but perhaps keeping the original dancer who performs with Aaron wouldn't have been a bad idea as fans state in preference.

Regardless though, Aaron's charm does do some overkill, you may even forget about Puff is in the video. Which isn't bad but personally the chemistry was decent, it seemed like some shots Puff wasn't quite ready. (But I think its because she has been so busy lately, accepting this MV was a great thing for BUFU fans though.)

Puff also said herself " I am the worst dancer in Dream Girls, I don't know why I even accepted but I took two classes and we just went with it."
Aaron who knew of this case replied , "Like Puff, I was the one looking at others sometimes too whenever I forgot my dance steps, I am not a great dancer but I want to show confidence with my work. I dance with a lot of effort and heart."

The MV itself though, fits very nicely and its very cool as to how the arrangement of the different clips clash eachother! ENJOY


Jiro Instagram Video- LOCH remake

Those of you who follow Jiro , may have already known and seen the video link above that shows him in action for the newest remake of LOCH ; the series has always been a big hit - a love story in the time of WuXia between Xiao Long Nu and Yang Guo. 
Jiro though only does play a smaller role, a general to be exact. His character did already finish shooting as he is now working on other dramas/series/movies now.

His features have fans testifying if they can really accept him in the ancient attire and performance, regardless though his eyes give off a great force of strength one of the wuxia era.
So excited hope all of you are too!


Aaron yan-Singapore Promotions FILWM

Last week Aaron Yan flew to Singapore with the Airing of Fall in Love with Me close by and since its been over a year since he had returned to Singapore, he personally went to promote the drama that has just recently finished up shooting :D

Fans flew in from Taiwan, and many other countries hearing that Aaron would be present, he also did a book signing for the fans there that bough the drama's notebook and stickers collection that was included with the novel (script).

The whole area was packed but Aaron happily greeted everyone apologizing for the delay because it took him almost 40 minutes to leave the airport because so many people came to welcome him. Though some fans can watch the drama online, having it aire on their television is what everyone has been waiting for- Aaron thanked everyone for showing up and then headed back to the hotel where his xinmsn interview that can be found above was recorded!

Fall in Love With Me will continue its greatness in Singapore now :D

Monday, August 18, 2014

Overview of everything- Sorry I am late! (Admin)

I have soooooo much to update, and so little time to do it all! I have started school again as many of you who may be in college, I dont know how long it will take me to update all the information that is needed to be updated! I can give everyone a 401 Brief though!

Wu Zun recently has only been busy with promotonal tours for his endorsements like clothing lines and watches ect. Mido for one is the one he has been keeping strong too. He has brought NeiNei to one of his events will update on that later :) 
Calvin is preparing on finishing up his EP but he is also busy running into mainland china and around many other areas shooting countless shows as a host or as a guest his list has been full lately :) I will update accordingly as the shows start to premiere! :) 
Jiro's birthday is coming up!!!! August 24! We are holding an event for him so please go to the post with the link and help Join Join Join!!!! Every year we do these videos but sadly not as many people joined this year :( His schedule though has been packed finishing up movies and shooting another drama was Nichkun of 2pm. :) 

Aaron Yan and Tia Li have tied the knot in Fall in Love With Me, ending the series in the blissful and heartwarming attitude that Xiao Lu and Tao Zi originally had carried to begin with :) Don't forget to stay tuned though because Aaron has invited puff kuo to reunite with him in his CUT mv dance version and is rumored she is also going to be featured in his Unstoppable Sun MV! Anticipate! 

圖來之 小羅絲 的FB 如果拿走請說明是 小羅絲 的作平!(Photo attained from XiaoLuoSi FB - If u take it, copy, save anything PLEASE KEEP HER NAME ON THE IMAGE NO MATTER WHERE YOU PUT IT!) 

Once again my deepest apologies and I promise to post as soon as i get a chance once my hours of work and school are more settled I will help all of you FeiFans follow your biases ;) 

Also if you have questions or if you wanted to hear more about something or someone's new (Fahrenheit Wise) just leave me a comment ;)))) (I do read all of em) 


Saturday, August 16, 2014

To all Jiro Fans out there!!!!

Hello Feifans! It comes to that time of the year again! Jiro's Birthday! We'd like to ask everyone a favor, which is to come join us on our birthday blessing video for Jiro!

You can contact us on our facebook. 

Here's the link to our facebook event
As long as your a Fahrenheit Fan, come and join us! Please and thanks! 

We originally planned on ending the event on the 17th, but we will extend the dates to the 20th. Hope to see all your wishes then! ^_^

Admin Xiao Lin

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Calvin Chen helping to raise money for Kaoshiung

Kaoshiung's disaster has risen to another level and many artist have joined forces to help raise money from everyone willing to donate with their loving heart. 

Calvin states that this issue has shaken many individuals of Taiwan, and everyone should be careful and help also pray for those in KH affected by this matter and also should pray for those going in to help. The disasters have been countless lately but remember to find your loving heart and give back to help the world be a better place :)

Artist like Calvin Chen, S.H.E, and many other artist and actors all showed up to help support! Find your love for the world.


Last Ep of FILWM! (preview eng sub)


I shall not spoil much...but I may say it has been a while and I am quite sad to say good bye to "Fall In Love With Me" - I will deeply miss Aaron and Tia (XiaoLu/TianXing&TaoZi) regardless though everyone has done so much in the past months working so hard to keep us as fans happy to be able to witness them on screen. Thank You to the director, scriptwriter and the crew along with the cast!

(Tian Xing & Jia Gai Xian) "XiaoLu lives forever with these two's friendship"

Aaron Yan posted that his last day for shooting is coming near... almost time to celebrate!

Aaron: Thank You to all of you who've been with me through these months making this drama possible, our memories will live forever. Tia, Kate, Jia Gai Xian, Huang Ting Wei Thank You.

Aaron: Tao Mama, or Qi Yi's Mama Thank You for all your great efforts alongside me through two dramas! We are finally finished!

Watch the preview- I added eng sub already...the ending will be sweet but now the real question is that what was Tian Xing's plan and how will Lance and Tian Xing's battle end his marriage with Huan Huan!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Aaron Yan & Calvin Chen & JIRO WANG- Photos of the Day

Everyone having a good day. Shooting the last few episodes no more tears now right?


Is everyone having a good day today. Happy Sunday!


So many memories, and so much appreciation! At this moment I just wanna say... Thanks! Thank you to Everyone!

(JIRO IG/Weibo)


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Calvin Chen spends Couples Day on "FeiChangWanMei"- video of bachelorette performance

WATCH SHOW HERE- Calvin also sings in this one

Calvin spent his couples day on the show Fei Cang Wan Mei performaning for a Korean star in which the show had organized for him and other male artist to spend time with while in Europe.

While there She does express as a bachelorette this time, she had the most feelings with Calvin Chen.
Bringing him a gift , he accepts it while singing a song for her.

below this link is for a different show airing on the CCTV show, but he is hosting this time.


Monday, August 4, 2014

"WishList" Jiro- Little Daddy

Though he may not get to be a daddy yet, but on the set of Wish List Jiro is doing his part of playing a fun and energetic older brother to accompany Tong Tong the little girl on the scene.

There are even a few cute fan photos of Jiro trying to get her attention but tired from shooting Tong Tong often doesn't care to stop and runs off to sleep. Can't blame her though,its a lot of work.
Jiro perhaps one day you too will join Chun under the "Super Dad" name, but from past news Calvin just may beat you there.

Whoever is next, fans should get ready because Fahrenheit one day will be a "Super Daddy" boyband haha.

I find this photo so cute, he is making he fly on his shoulder (classic).


FILWM- Happy Couples Day 七夕節快樂

Episode 18 just finished up airing with the ratings of 2.17! The only drama breaking 2 on sunday's showing list :DDDDD

FILWM though, hasn't forgotten to celebrate Couples Day with everyone though, Beatrice Fang (HuanHuan) uploaded a photo with Aaron Yan (Tian Xing) wishing everyone a happy valentines day and that hopefully no one does what Huan Huan has done in the drama to get the one they love.
Beatrice is indeed though, a very sweet girl. For instance behind the scene everyone loves to make fun of her due to her weighing more than the average girl but she has a lot of fun by running around and carrying all the cast up saying how strong she is. So cute :D

Regardless, even though its hard. Lu Tian Xing and Tao Zi still tried to find their happiness far away. Though, it doesn't work out that way the two did try, and for their love they chosen to give up everything from dreams, OZ, even family... but looks like everyone will have to keep watching to see how this drama will conclude :D


七夕節快樂 Happy Couples Day- celebrate with WISHLIST cast

Xu Yuan Qing Dan- WishList cast uploaded photos onto Zheng Luo Qian weibo showing that even though its 'couples day' (Chinese valentines day) everyone can still work hard and be happy.

This past saturday was actually Valentines Day so I am a little late, as I have apologized before. Above though are Jiro, Nichkun, Zheng Luo Qian and another actress not yet named. The crew was together on Couples day and didn't forget to take a bunch of cute photos before going back to work.

Having fun and always looking handsome Jiro is so cute in some of these :D I have to say though, he makes Nichkun look like a little boy (regardless of age gap that is) Jiro is always like a little boy at heart <3


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kaohsiung in Flames- GOD BLESS

    Kaohsiung had a major accident a few days ago, so if anyone has been paying attention to the news then everyone can see that Taiwan has been baffled by this issue.
The explosion injured numerous people, but many of those whom may have been injured or lost homes or work due to the explosion have hope; as all of Taiwan has been praying for them. Also a charity is underway as to raise money for the families and help to raise funds to rebuild and fix the streets so that the city can be safe once again and away from harm.
   Traffic now is also a bigger issue and now today most people have to leave earlier than usual, this explosion was said to be caused by heat build up in the pipe lines and some other reason leading to a huge connecting explosion.

Aaron updated his facebook : God Bless Kaohsiung, God Bless Taiwan. There are so many disasters lately hope every stays safe and away from harm.

Calvin updated his facebook: God Bless Taiwan. God Bless those hurt and those going to help. Hope everyone is safe.

Jiro updated his weibo: God Bless Kaohsiung, God Bless Taiwan. Praying everyon is safe, and that everyone can be recovered quickly.


NEW VOICE 20140802 Episode- Jiro Wang


In the beginning he wasn't doing to bright as a teacher, but as the days rolled by he has been getting better Jiro Wang, in these last few weeks has been doing great and holding the lead. Both of the other judges have been astonished by what his students have been capable of, but that does not mean anyone is going to be going easy.
The three judges one not willing to lose to the other each have trained their teams to surprise the audience once again- So enjoy watching and be ready to jump at some great performances :D


Friday, August 1, 2014

FILWM- Novel/PhotoBook Releases :BUY ONLINE


Not only do you get the novel book but there are photos following the drama and also there are the little stickers that come with it that were used in the ending clips of FILWM!


(*photo credit to Yesasia/SETTV/FILWM)