Monday, September 8, 2014

Aaron Yan's younger sister gets married

I was quite taken aback when I heard the news but hey~^^ its all good news! Congrats to Wu Ming Pei (PeiPeiJie) for finding her other half. 

I am unsure of any other information but I know it feels like just yesterday Aaron had started to help fund her so she could go to school in Europe and get her design degree. Though she has never really wanted to join the entertainment business PeiPei because of Aaron has become a little star herself <see her in HengXing Shining Star MV> 

Our deepest blessings to you PeiPeiJie~^^ You have found your happiness but we all know you have a brother who loves you dearly and is both happy and sad to send you off <3 

Aaron Mom & Him playing kiss kiss- pretty sure they were drunk by now but haha these two are so silly :)

PopuLady's YuShan- also appeared for the wedding and in congrats and thanks she posted:
Congrats to my peipei jiejie, thank you so much for allowing me to wear your designs for Aaron's concert. And thanks so much for treating me like a real younger sister takong care of me, and telling me when I was worried about nothing. May you only have happiness from now on <3 

Aaron&WuMingPei <3 Brother and Sister 
A lot of people don't even know these two are related haha but really it's just because Pei looks like daddy, and Yalun looks like Mommy :) 

quick cute story bout these two: 
One time someone tried to bully PeiPei, Aaron was very upset snd charged into her class when the teacher wasnt there and picked the guy up warning him "This is my sister! Try bullying her again if you dare!" 
...She never got bullied again <3 

Their relationship is great, and these two were always inseperable - as long as Aaron had a performance Pei was there. Once again, Congrats to PeiPei!


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