Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jiro fans make a cartoon banner for "My Broadcasting Girlfriend"

5/20 is the release of My Broadcasting Girlfriend, and so many of Jiro's fan bases have been ontop of helping Jiro by spreading publicity to the drama.
Below the little illustration is a fanbase in Mainland China's background setting of the movie.
it illustrates exactly what is on the promotion poster for the movie!

Besides this Jiro has been busy also with promotions for his facemask he is endorsing and also the cameo part of Condor Heroes he will be playing in shortly. 


Aaron yan's new body Tia describes as Ice Cream

Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo premieres 4/6/14 at 10pm.
Aaron Yan and Tia Li though have yet another surprise to share with fans whom are anticipating the drama.
Settv has never yet to plant a scene that everyone cannot wait to see, and in this case its still the classic shower scene!

Lu Tian Xin who is driving has an accident with Tao Le Si and her pink powder spills all over him. She can't help but laugh and say he looks adorable, Aaron's character Lu Tian Xin not wanting to be the losing end takes the remainder of the pink powder and pours it onto Tia's character Tao's head ending her laughter. Many should remember this trailer, well it leads to the two having to go to a near by hotel to shower before heading back out.

In this situation though little did Lu Tian Xi expect her to accidentally see all of him! 

This scene had Tia exclaim that "Aaron's body is a lot different from what I expected if I had to describe it, then it was like ice cream for my eyes. Sweeter to look at and not having to feel it." 
Tia also restated what she meant by different from expectation because Aaron while dressed in clothes and his suit looks very small and slim fitted but actually he is hiding all muscle, his arms and his shoulders and also his hidden six pac has joined in. 
Later when asked on what she liked in a man's body she explained I can do without the six pac or eight pac but a toned upper body and arms is always welcomed.
Aaron proudly stated he has been working out a lot before and after working hours and watching his diet to get where he is , but he feels great about it because he is healthier now also.

Chun takes NeiNei to the Beach!

It's been awhile since the Daddy of Fahrenheit has made headlines with his family but this time its not any surprise. Chun has earned himself the name of a great dad, and husband.
Below are photos of Wu Chun taking his daughter NeiNei to the beach to play in the sand but rather more people noticed how much his daughter looks like him.
Many fans even made the comment that Chun and NeiNei look more like siblings than Father Daughter. Her big eyes, pointed chin, and fair skin proves she earned much of Daddy's good looks, but of course many individuals who have seen Chun's father also knows the good looks are in the genes. 
Also Nei Nei is born the same day as Chun so it doesn't seem odd that this little girl is growing up to be a beauty. 

Jiro's words of the day

"Give someone some time to understand you, and give yourself some time to understand others, friendship, and love is just the same."
-Jiro Wang (weibo)

Honestly these words are quite accurate, being the one with an open heart and mind will assist in finding companions for the future. In the work field in today's society especially it is useful considering Jiro's job also, he is a man of many characters but still full of morals<3


Saturday, March 29, 2014

X-Dormitory releases Trailer

The Ko series ended with Jiro leaving as Dadong with Xiu into the Iron Dimension to realize King followed them, where she meets Xiu's wife or her counter self Xiang.
The drama picks up with Xiu trying to see why the whole dimensions aura is different and unsafe once again. Dadong meets up with Xia Tian weakening both of them and possibly making it harder for him to return home. 
The new series brings back the whole Xia family including Han,but sadly Danson wasn't on the list for cameo cone backs.
Regardless the family and friendship of the Ko Series still exists and this time Guilong is the one who starts to make trouble again with the tangled issues.  


Aaron Yan's photos catching fans attention FAST

He recently has been working out alot, every other day he uploads a photo from the gym but none yet to actually show the progress.
Yesterday's post though was different, he stated that if he keeps posting gym photos will everyone get bored of his photos - Fans instantly replied it was impossible! 
By looking at this photo too, his working out has been paying off considering he is always showing up Arms Covered , this photo showed exactly what he has been hiding. Aaron did discuss releasing a photobook once, and if he did I'm sure it would sell.
On LINE messenger he posted up " They are real" bringing up the issues regarding his eyeliner eyelashes being fake.Many fans made remarks stated they already know his eyes are made with the greatest eyelashes and that he doesn't wear eyeliner so he needless to say doesn't need to prove it anymore! :D
His latest post though said " People ask me if working out every morning then going to work is tiring, honestly it feels great!"
At least he is Happy!! :) 


"Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo" Tia's chicken costume triggers Arron's memories

Tia stated when she first read the script the idea of the chicken suit sounded quite cute but now its a different story. The actress laughed and said "...even during break i have to find a stool to sit and rest because its hard to sit with this suit on. "
Aaron claims he recalls during the Fahrenheit days he too wore a costume like this but lucky for Tia, it was still quite breezy out so she wasn't dying of heat inside because his costume being worn indoors was dreadful.
But it is said Cuteness has a price ;)

Aaron still didn't give up his chances on teasing the model/actress on her new look, poking at her cap and costume non stop. 

The two's chemistry is growing and the ice is melting at least <3


Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo is to premiere Apr 6! 

3 Peas In A Pod to be released on DVD

The 3 Peas are back!
But this time it's on the SG Airlines<3 
Catch Penny, Peter, and Perry together on their adventures through a final trip in Australia  to seal away their college years!
Not only that but it has been confirmed 3 Peas will be released on DVD!! Singapore is going to have it released by the end of this month for pre-orders, about SG$15. China and Taiwan fans may also have a chance through fan clubs and weibo to buy the dvds and be given them through member meet ups but currently it is unconfirmed if Left-Profile will release 3Peas internationally for sales. 
If I receive any news that it is going to be sold to the internationally market I will assist to have everyone updated! 


Friday, March 28, 2014

Settv releases "Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo" pomo preview photos

Aaron Yan and Tia Li's upcoming drama "Falling in Love with Me" will be premiering on Settv in April!
Settv has been releasing continual teasers and now loads of photos one after another to show the sneak peeks at the drama! 
These two actually are wearing a couple outfit if you asked me but I'm sure most people can see it too!

Below is a clip from the scene that is probably shot towards the beaches of Taiwan, maybe in Hua Lien or Ken Ting both beautiful areas in Taiwan. But regardless it cannot be overlooked tht Tia and Aaron are both having fun and working hard for this drama<3 


Can I just say he looks very classy and handsome in these photos? haha 

kawaii version of Xiao Lu!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday HitFm!

Above is a photo of James and Aaron with the host from HIT FM ! she is very famous DJ, and as long as Artist in Taipei are holding a fans meeting she will be there.
Aaron and James both ran over regardless of their heavy schedule ran over to wish everyone happy birthday!!!

They updated on how James has recently released an album and Aaron is working on his next album and also acting in SETTV's drama with Tia Li.

(3-14-2014) Boys vs Girls shenzhou show Calvin gueststars

I personally have yet to watch this show but it is stated to be quite amusing as the boys vs girls teams go against eachother in many different types of obstacles. 
This specific obstacle is sort of like a moving box and is harder to move around with the gravity pull. 
Calvin participated in this show before so I stuck a link above, but this particular one won't show just yet and I have not found the link but I wanted to share his details with everyone and I will link a video once found :D

personally I think they all look so silly here but it looks so fun!

Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo Previews & OST list

fan art credits as written: xiao lu si

[When something bad happens, something good will happen afterwards]

This trailer covers how Aaron Yan's character Lu Tian Xin takes a endorsement that was very important to Tao Si Le (Tia Li) , but she decides to not give up and not be weak. Aaron's other character that he plays called Xiao Lu then tell hers, "on the bright side if something bad happens something good will always happen too."; curious at his statement Tao Si Le ask Xiao Lu "When will this good thing happen then?"

[You, look like Lu Tian Xin!!!]

In this trailer Aaron's character Lu Tian Xin announces that he is taking a break from advertising and he is going to look for some more inspiration. He takes on the image of Xiao Lu. As Xiao Lu he goes undercover and runs into Tao Si Le with their first meeting where her can of pink powder spills into his car, and he happily dumps it back onto her. Tao Si Le's hatred towards Tian Xin makes it almost impossible for her to notice that Xiao Lu looks just like Lu Tian Xin. 

Opening Theme- Liang Ge Wo De Ai (two of my loves) - Aaron yan
Ending Theme- Xian Zai Kai Shi Ai Ni ( starting from now I love you) - Aaron Yan
Trailer Theme- Duo Yu De Ai ( Extra Love) - Aaron yan
Insert Song- Ba Ai Huan Gei Zi Ji (Returning love to myself) -Aaron Yan

Aaron Yan above has been seen to not only get to be the opening and the ending theme song singer but he is also the insert song, and the trailer theme designated artist. He has come a long ways as of the last few dramas where he only received maybe ending themes or insert songs. 
He himself has stated other than nervous about this times songs, he is very excited to be able to have the whole soundtrack almost to himself, the music and the characters and also the script are all things he is very happy with. 

Aaron Yan picks up more endorsements for new character

Regardless of it being his new character taking over his life or that he is so busy he just keeps adding to his schedule Aaron doesn't seem to plan to rest just yet.
His manager said that Aaron recently has been doing a lot of homework around the commercials, and advertising field to see what else he needs to understand for his character in the upcoming "Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo".

Below are photos of Aaron holding a snack that he has recently helped endorsed and happily shows off to consumers.

Aaron's managers says that this is just his character, aside from doing his job as an entertainer he takes his roles very seriously so he wishes that through more endorsements he can get a better understanding of his roles needs and characteristics.

Jiro Wang's Instagram updates

Jiro Wang recently has been very fond of using his IG account, after everyone realized who he was he has gained so many followers, regardless he is doing very well updating everyone of his everyday moods through photos.
The image above he states that 
"I'm not perfect, but I keep trying cause that's what I said I would do from the start." 

Above is a photo of Jiro on the set of X-Family2 or as they are naming it The X-Dormitory, he is posed with Pets Ceng, and Xiu. He said that even though it may just be a cameo as XiaTian and as Gui Long, he is very happy to have returned.
Quite honestly everyone is still very excited to see this series premiere considering only Jiro has continued to take part in the KO-ONE series once more making many fans reminisce the old days of the original Ultimate One Class. Jiro didn't forget to note though that everyone should be looking forward to his new movie "My Broadcasting Girlfriend" to start showing in May. 

This photo is a personal favorite of many of Jiro's fans simply because he said "Mic HOG" under the description, but many fans replied if they went to the KTV with him he could have the mic XD
Regardless I'm sure anyone would want to take the mic home afterwards haha. 


Uncle Calvin updates on Tong Tong

It may be ridiculous how much I post on tong tong and Calvin but really besides working on game shows and doing some other side jobs like hosting from time to time the only other thing Calvin has been doing with free time is playing with tong tong!

She is also 11months old now almost a year has gone by and it feels like just yesterday he was so happy to have a little princess to welcome to the world! :D
well, lets bless this happy uncle and niece <3

Friday, March 21, 2014

Jiro Wang's "Wo De Bo Ying Xi Nv You" (My Broadcasting Girlfriend)

Jiro Wang's "Wo De Bo Ying Xi Nv You" is to premiere (05/20/2014) May 20,2014!!
Just a few more months and this love flick will be ready for everyone to enjoy. 
The poster released for the movie consist of a simple look, WeiWei n Jiro together with a Red Umbrella. 
Below is a snapshot taken from the set of the shooting.
The storyline is to follow the book, so Jiro's love rival is naturally to be WeiWei's boyfriend in the movie (whom I've yet to confirm on the actor) but regardless this movie will be a romance flick to enjoy. 

Calvin shares TongTong's 11month videos and photos

As the months go by he is happier and happier by the second.
Recently Calvin posted a video of TongTong (his niece) pointing out the objects his sister and him would ask her to find. 
The reactions of everyone and tong tong were adorable.
Uncle Calvin is a happy man with his little  angel!! 

Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo- Press Meeting

Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo met with the press last week, Tia Li& Aaron Yan showed up striking the media with their new looks.
Aaron states the outfit he wears is one that most fans online voted on as their favorite to see him in, also noting most the styles for Lu Tian Xin, his character whom is a Director for an advertising comapany, will be closing to european styled suits. His other chracter Xiao Lu, a different character he takes to find back his passion towards advertising, will have a more casual and colorful look. 
Tia's outfit she stated most likely will not be showed in the drama, her attire rather consisted of more everyday casual clothing that is comfortable for working and suitable for her rough character. 

When the two were asked upon the pressure given to them on this dramas ratings Tia answered "There is always stress to come with ratings especially this time because it is my first time as the lead as well, and Aaron's previous dramas have all been so welcomed." Aaron simply smiled and acknowledged stress does come along for the ride. 


The two were later questioned upon their interactions with each other offscreen and their first impressions. Aaron as stated before said "Puff is more direct, open and is pretty much like a buddy to everyone whereas Tia, is more of an introvert but she is very polite and unlike Puff she isn't as direct but understands how to get her point across."
Tia on the other hand made Aaron laugh when she said "I expected Aaron with his age to be more of a little character, someone like a little brothers character but instead I realized he has this ability to make the people around him feel very safe. He gives off a great amount of safety."  Aaron teasingly said after wards "No one fear, I'm here I'll keep you safe." 

The two seem to be getting along very well and even when questioned upon Puff's issues the two openly answer all questions. 

Tia posted the below photo to remind everyone only 14 days left till 
"Ai Shang..." joins everyone onscreen!!