Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guess where Calvin is?

辰亦儒: 猜猜我今天在哪裡拍戲阿?提示:我很愛逛的地方😄
Calvin: guess where I'm shooting my drama today? Hint: it's a place I love to stroll around!

Calvin in Shenzhen

Calvin: I am in Shenzhen at 9 degrees, you temperature is it in your city? 🎏

Calvin if you were here the temperature would be it'd always be 77 degrees! He is working hard even with bad weather so when if comes to supporting him I wanted see all those enthusiastic Calvin fans! Sunshine use your smile to warm up our hearts!

Love broke through the door cast picture with staff

Love broke through the door (Prince who lost his castle) cast today in the hotel after the shooting, handsome drop Chen Calvin also with the hotel staff took pictures. They praised his dedication and professional attitude, smile, sunshine smile warned their hearts! They are very much looking forward to the 7th Song Qian and Calvin a few weeks till they see again to the hotel shooting!
The shooting at the hotel was said to go rather smoothly and that many were happy to see the Happy Sunshine Boy and were really excited he took pictures with them! Wouldn't everyone be happy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jiro acting in X-Family2 through bad weather

It's cold and raining and if your acting it'll make someone shocked!
Jiro posted this picture while he most likely acting in cold weather and rain considering the factor that Jiro's a professional now he most likely was able to pull it off but still hopefully it's not too bad that he'll catch a cold!
Jiro good luck we are all looking forward to this drama!

Calvin and Lu Jia Yi

Calvin Chen and Lu Jiayi partner with Taiwan's intellectual anchor woman again after a few conversations , both concluded with a tacit agreement. Calvin with a wonderful performance, painting the perfect phrase for this season, also for the first appearance Mainland presided over a magnificent opening for Love Fantastic Art (show) will be amazed us! Video and more pictures:

A miracle for Alice Arron Yan builds on the violin

Credit to 2012.02.29 United Daily News :
Aaron in his upcoming drama is to play as a violinist, and in Orchestra to play in cooperation with the Taipei Symphony Orchestra, before shooting the regiment's Hong Kong chief also personally guided a few classes, cramming for his bow and posture, Aaron straight up said "hit a jackpot" with his teacher whom is a very much professional violinist, also recently held solo recitals, really want to ask him to teach me, well that means spending a few thousand dollars. He is working hard for this drama and wishes everyone will be able to see his hard work pay off in the drama!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Purple House Director comments on Jiro

The director of Jiro's breakthrough movie Purple House tagged Jiro today saying how because he is a prince everything is chic with him! Lol! Jiro simply replied back politely for more guidance in the future. The director instantly replied with a cute Your too polite I miss you already!
There chitchat was a adorable and proves that when your friends with a director they don't let you go loose! Lol I'm just joking I wouldn't know but I do know they these two still have great relations!
The image of Jiro being Chic is from his upcoming drama sister keeps going I believe!

Chun and the Ministry of Health Brunei

Wu Zun in Brunei and the Ministry of Health perform public service activities to appeal to healthy lifestyle on February 26, FITNESS ZONE works as a healthy lifestyle and attitude of the Ministry of Health official partner, Wu Zun personally attend the image-mentioned health hiking activities, together with the Minister of Health, its issued clear to the people encouraging healthy lifestyles and various non-communicable chronic diseases early detection and appropriate treatment of the message. Chun is working hard for a healthier world!

Fei Lun Hai

One once recently told me, that in Taipei, you can of course, be walking around, but you wouldn't really see much of FLH much because they aren't that popular anymore, but you know what I think?

I think it doesn't matter, because they will always be that #1 Boy band  to me, that #1 FLH, Only 4 FLH, that No other boy band can replace.
Since December, FLH has disbanded, and became a Trio band, instead of 4, but in most fan's heart, we all know, that without CHUN, there is no FLH, there may be, but its not the same without the 4 of them. Each and every single one of them complete FLH!! But we still continue to encourage FLH to go on, because its FLH, our only 1 FLH. -Yeah~

The 3 others, Jiro, Calvin, and Arron of course, are keeping up with their busy schedule to! Also along with Chun, SO we must continue to keep giving them strength! <3 <3 <3 <3

~I wish all the contestants that turned in a story, Results will be announced on here, and of course, on our FB page! Also Stories will be published on here!~ SOo Good Luck to all! I'm Glad, that I can make some of you smile! =]

-Smiles are worth a Million words-


~Only 4 FLH~

Sunday, February 26, 2012

亞綸說謝謝布丁們 Arron Yan Thank You

Arron Yan didn't forget to say thank you for all the support! Fahrenheit Jia You every member is so kind to their fans!

原來是美男 炎亞綸主演男主角 Taiwanese version of You&apos;re Beautiful to Star Arron Yan as Male Lead

You're Beautiful 原來是美男 was a very welcomed drama from Korea and of course it has to come to Taiwan one more time but with a Taiwanese cast! So let's hear a drum roll for Arron Yan who is the most likely choice for the main female lead! He could be playing the main male role! I'm about 99% positive on this as soon as it starts shooting i'll be 100%! Arron Yan starring in this great scripts Jiro is bringing back the X-Family and a classic like Sister Keeps Going while Calvin is breaking through with two great Korean stars plus lets not forget that A Miracle For Alice is to be full of musical talent! There's just so much to anticipate!

Brunei Fitness Zone holds Bukit Ladang Cup

Bukit Ladang Championship tips off

Show Caption click to expand contents
AK Fauzi Salleh
Sunday, February 26, 2012

TWO blowout games featured in the first night of the Bukit Ladang Basketball Championship 2012 last night at the Fitness Zone Basketball court in Kiulap.

Aewon crushed Loco 97-49 in the first match while Roosters, comprising players on the national team, ended the night with a 89-59 thrashing of Dagger.

Shim Jan Ting led Aewon's scoring charge with 14 points, aided by the duo of Willie Jong and Loo Zhi Hung who scored 13 points each.

Mohd Rezan Nakila scored a game high 16 points for Loco in the loss.

The first quarter saw Aewon jump out to a quick start.

They were moving the ball well and connected on their passes.

It was quality offence as they ran their plays to score easy baskets.

Two points on a break by Jong gave his team a three-point 11-8 lead with only four minutes left to play in the quarter.

Mohd Rezan would respond with a three pointer to make it 11-11 but Aewon would go on a run in the final minute to end the period strongly, increasing their lead to 17-11.

Aewon employed suffocating defence in the second quarter, holding Loco to just three points in the stanza.

More impressive was the fact that they managed to prevent their opponents from scoring with four of their starters resting on the bench.

Loco's ball handlers were constantly under pressure and their turnovers proved costly with the scoreboard reading 42-15, in favour of Aewon, by the end of the first half.

It was pretty much the same affair in the third quarter.

Shim did most of the damage, utilising his height to dominate the boards, extending Aewon's to 70-33 heading into final period.

The fourth quarter saw Mohd Rezan step up his game in an attempt to bring his team back to life but to no avail.

Aewon continued to dominate on both ends of the floor to cruise to the convincing victory.

Aewon captain Yong Kui Seng was happy with his team's performance but is looking to improve on their weaknesses for the next game.

"At first we started a bit slow, we kept switching players to see how we play as a team in the game, in the second quarter we raised our game and by the third, we knew that we had the win," he said.

"We will look to improve on our defence and our set play for our next game," he added.

Meanwhile Ben Sim recorded a double-double to help his team make quick work of Dagger.

The national team captain recorded a game-high 27 points and pulled down 10 rebounds while Choo Yung Jian blitzed his defender to add 21 points of his own in the rout.

Lim Liang Wei also scored into double figures for the victors with 15 points.

*credit*The Brunei Times

Bukit Ladang Cup-
Bandar Seri Begawan - The Brunei Basketball Association will be organising the Bukit Ladang Cup for men's open basketball championship starting Feb 25.

The championship is only open to local and foreign Chinese residents who are working in the country. The aim of the competition is to unearth more local Chinese talents in the game of basketball.

Each team will have to pay $300 for registration fee and the deadline for registration is Feb 20 at 5pm.

Registration forms can be obtained at the Batu Bersurat basketball court. Beside medals and trophies, Fitness Zone has sponsored three months free subscription for 12 players in the championship team while for second place team they will get two months free subscription. Third place team will get one month free subscription.

Arron Yan at Sprite Awards2012

2012Sprite Awards Arron Yan went for the first time by himself! Here are some more pictures!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sprite Awards:Most Anticipated New Comer

He is the one and only male artist who chased his dreams to stand on stage without the surroundings of his brothers but of only him and his music! Arron Yan Ya Lun has done it again with his EP taken home most anticipated new artist!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

20 sec clip Absolute Darling and Mr Perfect Fahrenheit

Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase was remade again to a Taiwanese Korean collab of Jiro and Ku Hye Sun! The 20 sec clip of Jiro is out! And along with that is also Fahrenheit singing Mr.Perfect! This new tempo actually made heart skip a best bc I thought it was someone else till I caught on it was because without Wu Chun's voice their songs carry a new flavor and vibe! In other words this is a song to anticipate!!!!

Arron Yan Sprite Awards

Arron Yan Headed to Guang Zhou China today for the Sprites Award!!! Everyone is wishing him tons of luck why?...well considering that other artist like Jay Chou JJ Lin Anthony Neely and A Lin will all be present chances are always slim of course our Arron has pulled off a lot with a small 5 song EP! Arron's Puddings followed him one by one to Guangzhou...whether from Taiwan Japan Philippines Singapore You Name it they all flew! Arron set out this Morning at 8 am he told everyone on weibo he was going and everyone wished him luck!!!

Sunshine boy is enjoying his sun

In Hai Nan sunshine boy is enjoying his sun because it may be cold out but with his character he will never be in the dark! Sunshine Boy is just smiling his way through his new drama!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The legendary Ares Hand

The series is coming along just five but is that Ares Hand!!! It really is the legendary weapon is back but is it on Rex's hand or is that Ultimate One's leader Dadong! You can tell by looking!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Arron Yan Shout Out

Arron Yan's puddings where are you? Still silently supporting him well guess wat he had a shutout that his newest workload is coming along well and he wishes to be able to show it to everyone soon! He is anticipating to show everyone his new achievements! Arron also posted up when he went to sleep: " Good Night, my cute ones." that's right puddings it's you guys he's talking too but majority of you guys are probably thinking the cute one is him right? Your not along many other puddings agreed!

Jk pop Kim Hyun Jun n Calvin

Kim Hyun Jun showed up on JK Pop with our wonderful Calvin! He tested Taiwan's great delicacies and expressed the meat was really good and he enjoyed it! Calvin are u secretly doing your ambassador job this way!


We ask for 飞轮海爱情 From all of who? The ones and only Fahrenheit Fans! 
Put this in full screen before you watch

I hope that you guys know you guys are the ones and the only ones who give Fahrenheit Liliang! They also give us the strength to smile, cherish the ones that we love, help us reach our goals even though they are not here with us in person, it doesnt matter cause you know what is the purpose of looking up to fahrenheit? They are the ones who are here to show us the way as good idols as how much they have been through. So don't give up on anything that you do! I hope that after you are done watching this video you should feel loved! How much you are appreciated for your existence.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jiro expresses temperature

Taipei's temperature isn't bad, Jiro Wang is strolling around while shooting! Who said work could have its up sides at times too!

Jiro auctioned off a peach blossom dragon

[香港晴報]22/02/2012 拍賣桃花龍
Auction peach blossom dragon! Do u see the dragon in Jiro's hands...auctioned off by Jiro, it's the year of the dragon so such a darling item after coming in contact with him is worth how much???
Find out
Thanks to Kappa we have this chance!

J/K pop upgrade

Chen Yiru hosting in Japanese and Korean music crazy to have a new unit would like to show your beloved idol should be assistance to you? Want more people to understand more? Japanese and Korean music crazy new unit "Chen VJ sound machine" in the program for your voice! Detailed Look at MTV official site

The Prince Who Lost His Castle (Love Broke Into the Doir)

It is reported that, the cooperation Cc and Calvin Chen, Zhou Mi, Li Shaoxiang drama "Love broke into the door" originally known as "The Prince Who Lost His Castle" will be held August 9 to August 23 broadcast TV in Anhui China meaning its total airing with GTV too is not far away!

New years in London Arron Yan

2012.02.22 during his break for new years, Aaron spent 300 000 in London exploration to spend time with his sister Wu Ming Pei! Aaron just stay in Paris for eight hours, no time to go shopping, just go to the most famous Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and other landmark attractions, he boarded the Eiffel Tower, through a telescope to see the street, very nice.
Arron was not in Taiwan for New Years this year,for he flew to London to find his sister and spend NT $ 300 thousand yuan, happy to spend eight days holiday, in addition to swim in London, he set aside one day aboard the Eurostar to Paris to play, this line as of charge of the trip: "nobody knows me in this place a really good way to relax, when the air is happy." his visit also visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum!
The exciting trip full of happiness and no worries is something that all his fans wanted for him!
*credits to AppleDaily*