Monday, May 5, 2014

HITFM! Vote for Fahrenheit!!!!

HITFM Radio Voting Link - CLICK TO VOTE-


HITO RADIO is doing a voting for Past Bands such as S.H.E , 5566, TWINS, LollipopF and of course our favorite of them all FAHRENHEIT

Below for you fans that cannot read Chinese I have provided a guideline as to how to vote please follow.
In most cases it wont require for you to have a weibo to vote, but in some it may.


STEP1- It'll be the 3 one down, click the two words I have circle to open the list.

SETP2- scroll down and find Fahrenheit's photo, click the two words below their photo

Step3- if you have a weibo, connect with that. if you don't TRY to use the Facebook if it doesn't work then please msg me.

MY PERSONAL FB account- mssg only for this purpose
*ONLY MSSG if you are stuck and cannot vote, i will help you if needed. After voting is over, I will delete this so please respect my privacy.


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