Friday, May 30, 2014

Calvin Updates from Fb

In the last few episodes of "Daddy is Back" Calvin has been making premieres making NeiNei become particularly fond of Uncle Calvin, who is also still keeping in touch with Wu Chun and has also announced that he is working on his EP that is scheduled to be released in late summer around August of this year :D

In this photo Calvin stated that he wanted to thank his good brother for some great gloves and now he was going to also become HULK. and with just the referencing and the photo of the gloves its easy to say that its Wu Chun he is referring to. 

This photo Calvin uploaded stating that he was "...Singing for you." and that 'YOU' may be just anyone of you lucky ladies and supporters out there ahha well fans all that can be said is that he is working hard and putting in a lot of effort to bring us a good EP! 

Congrats Calvin and still anticipating you're future works. 


1 comment:

  1. those r some cool gloves~ i love chunru xD
    im so excited for his ep!!!!