Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KO-3 Starts Shooting [Zhong Ji Yi Ban 3!] (終極一班3 開拍)

終極一班3!!! KO3 has started shooting!
KO-Returns (KO2) received really well ratings and everyone was shocked at how welcoming the drama was to everyone so the decision was set down to go on and make KO3!
The new cast was released and now the new boyband SpeXial has all joined the casting group, not only that but since Wu Xiong and Ling have dropped the crew Wu Xiong's sister Han, and DCW's member Xiu has returned to join in.
So the new cast consist of older cast members and new cast members!
Jiro Wang and Pet Ceng's both admitted they are awaiting this new script, and hopeful that it will also receive good ratings.

The news media realized that Pet Ceng is very lucky other than just Wang Da Dong, and Zhong Wan Jun joining her love circle is her other lover from KO3-An-Guo DCW's Xiu.
Jiro questions Pet: If you had to pick one who would you pick?
Pet: uhh..I don't know all of you guys are nice.
Jiro: Come on, just pick one.
Pet: Okay, Wang Da Dong.
Jiro: Okay I'll cut her some slack, I'm standing right here she can't pick the others ;P

The two also pointed out during the press-conference that Pet has removed her braces and she expressed "I believe this drama has brought me good luck! My teeth have naturally straighten themselves!"

The script for the drama has not been exposed yet but with time slowly bits and pieces should unravel. A new crew, and more people in the cast, hopefully Jiro stays for the whole drama this time!


  1. would there be any chance of ya se and xiao yu just cameoing; i wonder... :-/... glad xiu's back tho! huang zhong and han too; yeah!

    1. not likely I believe but Jiro's parents do come back... if anything shows up we will update it