Thursday, January 29, 2015

*ADMIN NOTE* Excuse my absence!!!

I feel so bad I have yet to be able to upload more to all of you :( I am currently very busy so I am unable to find time to blog yet :(((((

But we are not resting! As soon as Xiao Lin and I have gotten our school work more settled we will catch up on all the missed blogging :)))

Below are all recent photos to do with our Frh Men <3 Sincerely Sorry for the delays and thank you for understanding! 


Saturday, January 24, 2015

[EVENT] Create a banner for our blog!!!!

Hi FeiFans! Well, here is another one of our events! All you have to do is create a banner for us and we will be featuring it on our blog, The winner of the banner will have their piece of art set as our blog banner. 

  1. Here are some rules:
  2. Has the have our blog name which is
  3. Has to have your name on it somewhere
  4. One person can only create a limit of 2 banners
  5. The banners have to have all Four Fahrenheit Member!
  6. The size of the banner has to be set as 840x300
  7. The banner must be messaged to us and we will post them up.
  8. The way of winning is by the amount of likes the picture has. We will choose up to three people as the winner. 

We Will also be giving away prizes. The prizes will be:
  • 2 wu chun t-shirt,
  • jiro ko 2 notebook,
  • 1 sticker packet of Fahrenheit 
  • 1 picture in a frame of calvin 
  • 1 picture in a frame of Aaron 
Below are some examples from our Previous Winner.

For the pictures in a frame, we have not chose the pictures yet.

If there are any further questions. Feel free to ask.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2014 Chart Sales- Aaron lands no.10!

2014 Charts- Sales all in... Aaron Yan released Drama&Cut this past year, both placing in the top 20 best sales!!!

Cut placed at no.13!
Drama places at no.10!!!

Surprisingly that makes Aaron, H.I.M's best seller of 2014~because Hebe also sold into no.14, PopuLady was also no.20! 

He released Drama and Cut around early to mid 2014, but busy with his drama and other projects promotions started late regardless Aaron Yan still sold high. Ever since 2011 [The Next Me] great sales all the way to these two mini albums also his sales have been very promising :) 
Anticipating what the new year may bring, and awaiting for more amazing music :) 


Friday, January 16, 2015

Aaron Yan- Final Days in Japan

Working out, shooting scenes, selfies, and recording but all in all his long trip in Japan is almost over and the question still marks up?

What has Aaron Yan been doing in Japan for so long??? it feels like a few days but in reality it's been probably almost 2months? 11weeks+??
He doesn't disclose his locations a lot so its hard to say:D but regardless he has still been busy busy keeping that work out schedule and finding a way to stick to his diet--- though he is in Japan his favorite foods are all there so I don't think he can say he didn't cheat a little bit haha.

*Note* I did read that he was there shooting a movie but so far I don't have anything but some small news on that so I don't put my claim on that ...though I believe that is most likely because most times he is in Japan he is always shooting movies haha ***

(Above) Aaron Yan: Last days in Japan, taking a morning walk and realizing how nice it would be to have roads this clear always but it'd be scary too!

(Above) Aaron Yan: Everyone busy with working, school, and other business but its okay I am always working hard alongside everyone too! We all work together!


Too Much to ship home Jiro

He bought plenty while in Mainland China shooting "SinglesVilla" now his issue is... how will he send it all home?!

Jiro has been keeping up with his love and passion for action figures ... regardless of the size. Fans rejoiced and laughed at the understanding why Jiro asks them to not give him anymore- He seems to have enough to worry about already :) 

Jiro plays a ver who loves and cares for animals dearly in Singles Villa. His passions for animals is not just on screen though but also off screen as he really does bond with each one of them. Jiro is also known for defending homeless dogs and cats or other animals that are mistreated :) His character is also very warm just like him~!

Singles Villa, Jiro Wang best wishes~~[also with shipping everything home] hehehe...


Monday, January 12, 2015

WATCH "Amazing Race-CHINA" with Calvin Chen!

Follow him as he joins his parter Zhou Wei Tong into a new world of hard task and rules full of challenges that you would never expect Calvin to overcome.
When you finish watching this I guarantee that you will be mind blown by how much a genuine 'GOOD' person Calvin Chen has proven to become.
(do your best to not wish for his useless partners dismays...-,- I did good till ep6.)

Regardless they are each given task to complete during each episode and lets just say that Calvin is a genuine kind soul, joining in this contest all the contestants each praised him for his gentlemen ways, and how honest he was. He is always the no.1 winner to me :D

SUNSHINE BOY shine away~~~!


Enjoy everyone~!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jiro Wang on Game Show

Jiro Wang every season usually jumps onto this game show and personally its quite amusing and unique. Based on the zuma/aztec theme, you play trivia games and test your strength with the obstacle courses :)


Jiro Wang on Happy Camp

Jiro Wang, Joe Cheng, and the cast of Singles Villa jumps onto Happy Camp to endure the adventures of luck of the draw--- games ^^

Let's just say his expressions are priceless always haha ;)


Aaron Yan - Working in Japan (Day11)

Aaron Yan has been busy in Japan, recording working out... but its still unknown what exactly he is working on?

Maybe he is releasing another single or doing something for a mini movie in Japan... we'll find out soon but currently we don't know :)
"Aaron: its cold here in Tokyo, now my eyebrows have frozen in spot."

"Aaron: So hungry have to eat two times as much while here in Japan for breakfast<3"

"Aaron: Style and fashion what is in and out wear it to claim it."

"Aaron: Recording, hopefully it'll meet you all soon."

"Aaron: working"

"Aaron Yan: Long flights gotta read to kill my time."