Sunday, September 30, 2012

Orenda Model---Aaron Yan

With his new album now on the verge of exposure Aaron Yan has recently picked up another line of fashion to represent by himself without other Fahrenheit members. After so many modeling terms from his Fahrenheit like ALT Fashion or Eastern Camel Arron is a natural Pro! Love the one fact that he is so handsome yet beautiful that the girl is always pushed to the verge of she looks about average! all in all the clothes look nice!( or maybe its him)

HOODIE: Clothes that can SING!!!~

Aaron Yan....October 19,2012 we anticipate your album!!!

Check out my teaser for Aaron's Album

2012 is here and Aaron Yan is bringing in the moment!!! Check out the style gap and also the maturing Aaron Yan's voice! It's amazing...literally I was taken aback when his song Yuan Lai came out but he is a perfectionist!

Radio Broadcast of Aaron's song

The song is called 可能你還愛我 (pinyin: Ke Neng Ni Hai Ai Wo) -Perhaps you still love me.
It is an adaption of  PINK's I DON'T BELIEVE YOU ; the chinese lyrics Aaron sings here are all written by himself!!! Great job he did too, a very touching song and full of passion.
Pre-ordering starts OCT.3rd or you can go onto click here to preorder on yesasia
and on OCT. 19 the album finally enters the market! This album holds great expectations from his listeners to professional music critics let's hope for the best!


炎亞綸 可能你還愛我


還記得嗎 那年的幸福
do you remember  the happiness from those years
曾經 那麼的相信 未知的未來
once we all believed we knew our futures
你的 喜怒哀樂 習慣動作
your emotions and old habits
頭髮味道 手心溫度
smell of your hair  the warmth of your hand
我都記得 所以算是愛情 吧
I still remember so it counts as LOVE right?
可能 你還愛我
Perhaps you still love me
爭吵時候 才會低頭沉默
when quarling then we bow our heads silently
什麼也不說 因為怕我會難受
saying nothing because your scared of me being sad
Perhaps you still love me
為了讓我 懷念你的溫柔
in order to allow me miss your gentlness
才會鬆開手 要你給我自由
then letting go of eachother  allowing me to go solo
還記得嗎 漫長的夜晚
do you still remember  the long nights
什麼 話都沒說 心跳成巨響
what words have not been said  the heartbeat turn loud
小心 流著眼淚 怕你聽見
careful of tears in fear you will hear
只能祈求 別背著我
only praying dont turn on me
快抱緊我 能抱緊我 嗎
quick hold me tight can you hold me tight
so you watch me leave
記得 記得 我狠狠愛過
remember remember I once loved
我們 就算狼狽 也不顫抖
We never trembled even if embarrassed
呼吸再痛 也不呼吸
breathing with pain rather to not breathe
小心翼翼 藏進我的心中 吧
carefully hiding in my heart
可能 你還愛我
Perhaps you still love me
分手那天 才沒那麼灑脫
The day we broke up wasn't easy
是在提醒我 你不是真離開我
it's reminding me you really left me
可能 你還愛我
Perhaps you still love me
分開之後 還能夠常連絡
after separation can we still communicate
卻不曾提過 誰在你懷中
but we never mentioned who was in your arms
Perhaps you still love me

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What Are You Waiting For? Eng Sub video

jiro - what are you waiting for eng sub

finally it's up sorry everyone I had to open a new youtube and work with timing and so much more on this video so it took me like forever!!! but it's finally done!!! success hahaha! see you all soon in another work!
support Jiro:D

Don't flag me!
and also Support his album!!!
I do not own any of the content! This video is for ppl who cannot understand English only!!! The music solely belongs to the artist and his company...
Buy it!!!---
HIM Int.-
Jiro FB site:

our blogspot supporting fahrenheit:

Jiro Wang- What Are You Waiting For! Eng. Subs

the audience at the end of their patience stirring restlessly
anyone can see the excess tenderness in your eyes
romantic can't be too slow must be impulusive
I've had enough the prelude has dragged on for too long
unleash that wild beast inside the heart

the entire world's cameras stuck on your fake movements
quick let's have a passionate kiss
let the satellite broadcast it

wanna ask you what are you waiting for
don't love me what do you wanna do
hesistate one more minute
and you will certainly miss out
tell me what are you waiting for
want the results then you shouldn't say maybe
as long as you only need to be loyal to your intuition and fall in love with me
no need to think too much
countdown faster than a heartbeat like a beating drum
time is sounding an alert who can fake indifferentness
loneliness is urging you and me hurry and struggle free
within your hands- lock in formless chains recover the most delightful freedom

repeat ##
Baby tell me what are you waiting for
why don't you dare to love me
perhaps i'm too anxious and scared you
or is it that you still haven't fully prepared
there isn't much time left
if you want to love than you need to seize it
there aren't many opportunities
only this moment remains
let the smoke and fire burn
Why Not even if it'll dazzle, it'll only have one second


Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Moment (Preorder Version) Aaron Yan (Singer)

Expected release date: October 26, 2012. Preorder Now!

This autumn brings the highly anticipated first solo album from Aaron Yan! After the success of his debut solo EP The Next Me last year, the popular Fahrenheit member shows the sentimental side of him in his first full-length album, in which he keeps the important moments he doesn't want to forget in 10 touching and emotive ballads. Produced by Bing Wang, Joeloe Kuo, and Lu Zhen Huang, The Moment features the heart-stabbing first plug "Maybe You Still Love Me" (Track 4), as well as Yuan Lai (Track 9), the closing theme song of Aaron's latest idol drama Alice in Wonder City.

Preorder Version comes with a 2013 Aaron Yan calendar.

Product Title: The Moment (Preorder Version)
Singer Name(s): Aaron Yan (Singer)
Release Date: 2012-10-26
Language: Mandarin
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Disc Format(s): CD
Package Weight: 300 (g)
Shipment Unit: 2 What is it?
Publisher: HIM International Music Inc.
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1031651828

Product Information / Track List
炎亞綸 首張個人專輯 「紀念日」

總會有些人 有些事 有些時刻
炎亞綸 紀念日

「紀念日-不想忘記版」之預購紀念品 : 「2013不想忘記」珍藏日曆

01. 被忘錄
02. 紀念日
03. 備份人生
04. 可能妳還愛我
05. 比寂寞更寂寞
06. 換我陪妳
07. 少來
08. 逾時不候的永恆
09. 原來
10. 借過

Aaron Yan faces Album pressure Lost 7KG

Aaron loses 7kg with the upcoming of his new album!!!!
Last year 2011 Aaron Yan released his first solo EP that took the charts like nothing and stayed not only on G-Music charts but many others top ten not letting anyone move him! He also broke Show's flowing top selling album last year! He ended the year as the 3rd best selling album of all Taiwan! 
Under all the pressure Arron has found it almost impossible to even sleep! October 19 HIM has announced that Arron's Album will be released for selling and that pre-ordering starts the 3rd! It started right when he heard they would allow him to record an a full album he started in March to record full songs so nothing was rushed but carefully polished. Arron an artist who always wishes to bring perfection to his fans and listeners has felt that perfect could be better giving himself more pressure.
He even went and found more music teachers to teach him on what to improve on, as an artist he defiantly feels it is his job and dream to bring great music to every listener. (that is a guarantee that his new album will be amazing!) By May he was busy with Alice in Wonder City, still studying in his guitar classes and added more time to practice the piano! All this work almost ruined his body!
Arron who was once 68KG is now back to his 61KG he started at when last years album came around! All I can say is that He Ting Yu is just Arron Yan Ya Lun....They are Music Lovers who want Perfection so they don't let down their audience and listeners!
Arron Yan thank you for your hard work but take care of your body also!

He has been feeling very nervous with the date moving closer but Arron also posted very many smiley pictures of him and his Iphone's Siri! Plus cookie&meimei accompanying him....Arron is still smiling before telling us all G9 (goodnight)!

炎亞綸發片壓力大 為新專輯戒口急瘦7公斤




Arron Yan Thank You For Liking Our Pages

It has finally happened! Aaron Yan is the first Fahrenheit Member to notice ONLY4FRH our existence! Thank You dearly Aaron! It was a really big shocker! Because a simple like from someone we've admired for seven years means a lot! It's true that's what makes Fahrenheit different from other super stars, they equally taught us how to fight for our dreams and goals while striving hard to achieve their own!
He too will now know what it is that we keep up on! We sound so stalkerish sometimes though! LOL all fans will but you must all remember he belongs to everyone and Fahrenheit is our beloved (*our as in us and all of you!) also do not forget that as fans we want to see their hard work pay off so we support with all our heart and will!
Fahrenheit will be back...soon! But as for now! Jiro -good luck on your rocker dream! and album "What are you waiting for!"  Arron- best wishes for your next album "The Moment" Chun- hopefully your drama in japan won't meet with too many problems! Calvin-Let's hope you get another best show host of the year award!!! and plz...let's improve on jokes! LOL

I don't know why this one won't flip LOL

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012-10-01 Hit Fm Radio---Aaron Yan "You Possibly Still Love Me"

2012-10-01 Hit Fm 全球首播 炎亞綸-<可能妳還愛我> 09:00~12:00 活力 DJ

2012-10-01 Hit Fm Radio---Aaron Yan "You Possibly Still Love Me (pinyin: Ke Neng Ni Hai Ai Wo)" 
9:00~12:00 energetic DJ

Online Station here for Taiwan

I will upload a youtube link soon if I catch one! 

There are some people, There are some things, There are some times....We never forget.
"The Moment"
-Aaron Yan 炎亞綸-
Giving the world a beautiful Anniversary.....

Aaron Yan's Album "The Moment" mv teaser released

To watch the teaser watch here

-in the teaser it says:
There are people, there are things, there are times
that no one can forget....

Aaron Yan "The Moment"
10/3 releases...!
this most likely means the MV or the pre-ordering will start then!
let's anticipate because his hair did get shorter! And now he looks like a mature little kid!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Arron Yan's New 2012 Album "Anniversary" releases in October

Arron Yan Ya Lun released his EP "The Next Me" at the beginning of last year and with only 5 songs and one piano instrumental he managed to sweep the charts and never fell out of the top 10 on any chart. He swept the audience off their feet with his voice alone with out his other members....Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang has also came out with his own album but Arron has already cleared that he and Jiro like different styles of music. Jiro is a rocker and likes his rock music and Arron has told the public already he focuses more on his lyrics and prefers ballads.

Arron's new album is to be released in October 2012; next month!!! The album name is Anniversary ( pinyin: Ji Nian Ri) 紀念日

炎亞綸: 紀念日 專輯 10月2012年 發行!!! 大家要期待!

Arron posted on his weibo the other day also that he was already done shooting his first MV so that means that it will be released soon! Let's all anticipate!!!

If you haven't heard him before plz click the following links:

Aaron 炎亞綸 page of videos on HIM

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wu Zun blesses The Bingbing Fan affair looks forward and Aaron open movie company

September 22, Wu Chun appeared Shijiazhuang Northern Mall, to help out luxury brands Dior, "The New Nude custom nude makeup large roadshow. Chun said he admired Fan Bingbing, also said the blessing of her romance. Previously, Aaron attended the event to Wu Zun Taking a loudspeaker, For the two together to open the film company. In this regard, Wu Chun said, if Aaron interest, he can also be fully cooperate.

Admit there is a "reverse growth" secret wholeheartedly recommend nude makeup products

Entertainment circle stars regardless of age how to change the face but nothing changed, even with signs of "the inverse growth" of Wu Chun is a typical representative. Has more than 30-year-old Wu Zun doubt age has passed, from the appearance point of view, and the skin is still a popular flower handsome image, pressing youth. Media "pressed", he also revealed the secret of "inverse growth:" The most important thing is to be happy, and then to maintenance, pay attention to nutrition and do more exercise . "

Nude makeup as a custom site guests, Wu Chun was very dedicated, fully recommended products to the presence of the media and fans, and to introduce several nude makeup professional language. He said that he privately tried the nude makeup brand, I feel very comfortable. Turning to the brand's origins, he said five or six years ago came in contact with the brand of clothing, and subsequently send perfume to the side of a female friend. When asked about the impression of Shijiazhuang, he took the opportunity to publicize the product one. "I think Shijiazhuang like makeup because I think Shijiazhuang scenery is beautiful, as make-up, drawn pretty."

Blessing the Fan Bingbing affair said he not hurry love

Earlier, Wu Chun has said magazine interview very much appreciate the Fan Bingbing, more praise its starred in the movie "Guanyin Mountain" (film critic) , looking forward to cooperation with Fan Bingbing and director Li Yu ( microblogging ). Admit there is a romance in the propaganda film "secondary exposure" when talking about Fan Bingbing, Wu Zun also sent their best wishes.Not easy to find a favorite, bless her. "Talk to their own emotional problems, have been looking to get married and have children in the 35-year-old Wu Zun said it did not hurry love. "Love can not worry if it is not suitable when I met the right, I will go to grasp., No way."

Treat Fahrenheit equal treatment expectations and Aaron open film company

Although Wu Chun has long been out of a combination of Fahrenheit, but he revealed that four of the relationship is still very good, and often privately hair SMS. September 17, Fahrenheit member Jiro in Beijing's first solo album, "etc." press conference, said Wu Zun support himself, has bought 50 albums. If Fahrenheit Other members also made films, Wu Zun how to support it? In this regard, Wu Chun said with a smile that will be treated equally. "Whether they made films, I always buy the 50, three are the same."

Previously, Aaron attended the event to Wu Zun Taking a loudspeaker For two together to open the film company, more open to cooperation mouth Wu Zun screen play brothers. In this regard, Wu Chun said, if Aaron interest, he can also be fully cooperate. "He (Aaron) said to open the film company may joke that if he is really interested, I also quite interested because I am quite interested in making movies."

(This article Source: Netease Entertainment)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fahrenheit's next events! Jia You Jiro!

ahrenheitThe Jiro-BEST Rock Music unit2012/9/17In 11:00 - 11:30.23:00 - 23:30Resend Validation
FahrenheitJiro - Malaysia's second gold depending Award "awards ceremony2012/9/2219:30Putrajaya PICC
FahrenheitJiro - Second gold depending Award Presentation Ceremony2012/9/2219:30Putrajaya PICC
FahrenheitJiro - Malacca Autograph2012/9/2314:00Melaka Mahkota Parade Plaza Hall
FahrenheitJiro - Malaysia "What are you waiting for" Autograph2012/9/2314:00Melaka Mahkota Parade Plaza Hall
FahrenheitJiro - Malaysia "What are you waiting for" Autograph2012/9/2319:00The Johor Bahru KSLCity Square, central hall
FahrenheitJiro - Johor Bahru Autograph2012/9/2319:00The Johor Bahru KSLCity Square, central hall
FahrenheitJiro - new album signings2012/9/2716:00The Shanghai Guangqi City Square
FahrenheitJiro - new album Wuhu signings2012/9/2815:00Wuhu Wanda Plaza
FahrenheitJiro - Jiangsu Arts Channel "group" video2012/9/2820:00Video and
FahrenheitJiro - new album Guangzhou signings2012/9/2916:00Guangzhou Baiyun Wanda Plaza

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jiro's most touching MV

Jiro's song Xiang Ni or Just Like You can be explained as in memory of his father! The lyrics are also very touching! Jiro's mv includes many different memories and really is a tear least I cried because it made me think of my grandfather who left me the same way Jiro's father left him. His dad told him when he finds his 'Her' to hold her hand tight and cherish it...Jiro your yearning for your father to hear you!!! Best wishes his album is still fifth on the charts!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jiro wins Most Welcomed Artist

Meng Niu newcomers award holds its fifth ceremony and among the many nominated Jiro Wang was one of them!
Hebe from SHE also Jiro's senior when releases her first album To HEBE, also took home most welcomed female artist and started HIM's trail for the great line of artists hidden in the groups! Jiro's fellow band member Arron Yan last year releasing only a mini album of five songs managed to take home "Best Male Artist" and started to bring HIM again more glory! The thing is now everyone's expectations were high for the other band member of Fahrenheit too!
One is a Rocker the other is more on the ballads...but Jiro did it he came home with a trophy and is off to a good start!

Jiro expressed that the company didn't tell him that he even won ahead of time they just said your going to gel perform so I wore a little better looking outfit and figured hey it's a lot my friends lets do this! But afterwards they said Most Welcomed Artist Ahhh why was my images up there so he admitted I was completely blank but very touched. I am like a newcomer now and I understand now a rocker, but I am still very touched to have experienced this!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Aaron Yan's Album is only missing two songs

He has finished recording 8 songs and is now on his final songs!!! Arron uploaded on his weibo that he only has two more songs left to record. Arron also was talking to others and expressed he actually broke into tears while recording and that hasn't happened yet. When he went into a quick interview with color magazine also he also admitted that a lot of his new power and hard work is all for his father who has always silently supported him these years!
Arron Yan's album is to be released soon so we should meet it in Octiber but the JUICY topic is that!!!! SHE CyndiWang and A-Mei also planning on releasing albums the bottom Half of this year!!!! The real battle to steal the charts starts now but with Jiro and Arron's rumors will the sales be affected? I doubt it but after his EP that sent him soaring in all southeast asia countries and not being nominated for best newcomer for the golden bell awards a lot of people expect more this year! Let's wait and see!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Arron Yan denies rumors--chrono afdection's big sales

Aaron Yan works with Chrono Affection as the boss for one day in XiMenDing's MoMoStore. He heard that fans had started lining up the day before started at 1pm and his event didn't start till 3pm the next day and right before he appeared a fan had fainted he said everyone must remember to drink water and bring umbrella. Arron has marked Chrono Affection sales at it's peak and he says that everyday he uses it at least 2 times especially in the summer when everyones skin becomes really sensitive. Arron also expressed on the situation over him and Jiro's surgery; Arron responds that on that day Jiro was replying he understood the question not about surgery also the both of them fear pain so it's impossible to have surgery. And over the rumors of Arron and Jiro not getting along he also denied because right after the news went out Jiro immediately texted me to tell me what went wrong and also when his album came out we(FRH) all sent flower a blessings! Arron replies to all the rumors of Fahrenheit not getting along as faulty rumors only---Aaron said I joked around in Singapore that when Chun opens up a movie production I would help him and that we can act together as brothers...of I was just goofing around but if he is serious in willing to invest in it!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jiro Wang's Album Debut continual friends support

Jiro Wang is handsome but his friends don't loose either! Dylan Kuo and Mike He have both separately already told their good buddy they've bought the albums and waited for Jiro to sign them! Also Mike has made continual appears on promotional shows Jiro has went on. One of which was 10 o'clock super idol house where Blackie and Dou Hua Mei both host and hear about each detail that the star has suffered to finish their dreams.
Jiro expressed it was true his senior year in high school his father had passed away and that his last words were "Whenever you ever find someone you really love you need to hold her hand very tight just like I hold your mothers." Jiro who always says he will do anything for his mother was rather taken aback when his mother did tell him once "No matter how much you love will not be like your father." The mother-son relationships in Fahrenheit is all very strong...Jiro cherishes his mom more than anything and expressed if she was to disappear I'd have nothing.
Jiro also thanked the producers of his newest drama "Sister Keep Going" for buying 50copies of his album; he had them all signed and sent to them!