Tuesday, April 30, 2013

jiro- FabulousBoya photo updates

these photos are for the promo of Fabulous Boys!

1 photo is for a charity performance event for SiChuan!

Fabulous Boys Press Conference 5/6 XiMenDing

The taiwanese remake of the korean hit You're Beautiful is suppose to aire on May 12 on both MingShi and GTV!
Before that though a prior press confress will be held in the XiMenDing area! This will be the first time for all the cast to show up in public together.
Jiro Wang takes on the lead singer in this quartet and the song Promise has been rewritten with Jiro singing vocals!

The 6th of May will be the press conference and then that following week on the 12th Fabulous Boys will be making a premiere! Good Luck A.N.Jell!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

[2013.04.25] Aaron in Beijing at 中国TOP排行榜颁奖晚会

He won the 港台年度校園人氣男歌手獎 (something like students’ most popular male singer award?). Apparently this is a big annual awards event in China and many other Taiwan artists were also there, including Ella Chen, JJ Lin, Rainie Yang, A-Lin and Cyndi Wang. As well as being an award winner, Aaron were also called to be one of the awards presenter for the night and presented the 港台地区年度最受欢迎新人獎 (most popular newcomer award) to Ella!!!

Ella giving Aaron a massage.

Updates on Aaron Yan's Insomnia Concert!

  • He is going to sing around 30 songs, 90% will be his own songs.
  • There is going to be a 20-minute musical performance.
  • The opening is going to be rock, just to get the audience all hyped up.
  • His band will be focusing on using electric guitars and drums to create a soft rock atmosphere.
  • He will be singing English songs which belong to some of his favourite English/American singers - e.g. Adele, Pink.

- The above concert info were exposed by himself during his radio interview

2013.04.29 飛碟電台夜光家族 of today




Credits to: xsweetwhispers

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KO-3 Starts Shooting [Zhong Ji Yi Ban 3!] (終極一班3 開拍)

終極一班3!!! KO3 has started shooting!
KO-Returns (KO2) received really well ratings and everyone was shocked at how welcoming the drama was to everyone so the decision was set down to go on and make KO3!
The new cast was released and now the new boyband SpeXial has all joined the casting group, not only that but since Wu Xiong and Ling have dropped the crew Wu Xiong's sister Han, and DCW's member Xiu has returned to join in.
So the new cast consist of older cast members and new cast members!
Jiro Wang and Pet Ceng's both admitted they are awaiting this new script, and hopeful that it will also receive good ratings.

The news media realized that Pet Ceng is very lucky other than just Wang Da Dong, and Zhong Wan Jun joining her love circle is her other lover from KO3-An-Guo DCW's Xiu.
Jiro questions Pet: If you had to pick one who would you pick?
Pet: uhh..I don't know all of you guys are nice.
Jiro: Come on, just pick one.
Pet: Okay, Wang Da Dong.
Jiro: Okay I'll cut her some slack, I'm standing right here she can't pick the others ;P

The two also pointed out during the press-conference that Pet has removed her braces and she expressed "I believe this drama has brought me good luck! My teeth have naturally straighten themselves!"

The script for the drama has not been exposed yet but with time slowly bits and pieces should unravel. A new crew, and more people in the cast, hopefully Jiro stays for the whole drama this time!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wu Zun put in Brunei Hall of Fame

Brunei Buzz- Interview (Click Here)

Brunei Buzz interview link above describes their interview with Wu Chun after he was placed in the Brunei Hall of Fame!

Being placed in the hall of fame for Chun is a great pleasure and surprise. The Actor/ ex-singer is happy to have earned such a great honor. 

Aaron Yan goes to US for vacation in news

The young artist Aaron Yan decided for new years this year he would take two weeks off and went to the United States for some fun!

He went to many places, enjoyed himself all over L.A. and even watched Kobe play another game. He slipped in with other stars, then when everyone went home he stayed back and enjoyed himself.
Countless fans that loved Aaron recognized him and he gladly took photos. Bet he felt pretty good though to get out and walk around!

Well prepare in May he is back for his Insomnia Concert.

Aaron infront of Universal Studios!!

Aaron ready for the GAME

Aaron in the news.

Photo from Aaron's trip (food)

Aaron with the Simpson Siblings 

Aaron infront of his favorite "Transformers"

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Calvin Chen becomes Uncle!!!

Calvin Chen happily uploaded a photo of a sweet asleep baby girl on weibo...who is she?
This baby girl is the first grandchild for the chen family!
She is Calvin's Older Sisters little girl who has just entered this new world!
Calvin happily expressed:
" Im an uncle! Im an uncle! Hello baby girl~ I have bought so many presents for you!"

Every child is a blessing, give your wishes to this child~

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Calvin Chen, Danson Tang, Claire Guo are all friends of SJM's Zhou Mi?

The 4 on SS Xiao Yan Night

Click link above to watch:
(I can't translate all of the show--but this is majority)

The show basically starts with Xiao Yan Jie asking how in the world are 3 people who are doing three different things here at the same time: one is hosting, one is still acting, and one is promoting her album and singing?
Calvin-Hosting Danson-Acting Claire-NewAlbum
Why are they all here today? Well its for a good friend, SJ-M's Zhou Mi!!
Zhou Mi has recently released a new book over a lot of things for travelling; other than finding good food, Xiao Yan Jie realize there are a lot of clothes, shoes and accessory notes.

She ask the 3 friends to describe him:
Claire: He is a very truthful and direct person. He says exactly what he is thinking.
Calvin: He is funny, kind , and though he looks calm he has a very crazy side in which I have seen before :D
Danson: He is a shopaholic. "That is all I have to say." LOL love danson...haha

ZhouMi then appears onto the show and the 3 are questioned how they met him and how they become friends.
Danson: I originally was meeting up with Han Geng, so they were in Taipei for a performance so I went up to their room and rang the bell, then out of nowhere a guy in a robe walks up and opens the door. I was so scared "What do I do? What if I rang the wrong bell?" ...so after that Han Geng said its okay they were sharing a room. So that situation, me and Han Geng were talking and there was Zhou Mi sitting in a Robe on the side going through the internet. Afterwards we met up again with Han Geng in korea and we went out and got to know each other  I concluded that he is like a tourist organizer.
Calvin: We actually met in a lot of places due to performances, Taipei-BeiJing-Seoul-WuHan-ShenZheng-HaiNan; we met everywhere. He is really good at setting up things for tourist, so maybe whenever I went to Seoul or Korea I would look for him. He came on the show once and we did get eachothers numbers. Then we actually became friends afterwards.
Claire: We met actually the same day as Danson and him. We were watching the same performance. (XiaoYan cuts in with the rumor of Claire liking SJM's DongHai) Claire clears it up by saying that really she was only asked who in SJM does she have a deeper impression on? She answered Dong Hai and it was made into a big deal.
Zhou Mi figured after a while that she liked Dong Hai, but he met with her again and asked her again who she liked and she explained the situation.
Zhou Mi teases: I realized Claire actually loves me more!!

Calvin then tells the story about how Zhou Mi and him met with the accident of shooting the same drama "When Love Walks In"
Zhou Mi text Calvin: Hey I got a new script at dah dah dah.
Calvin text back: Oh cool, I just got a new script too! at Dah dah dah...
 Then when they met at Shen Zheng they realized it was the same script.

Calvin and Zhou Mi then goes on about the time when they both met up really late around 12am after shooting for the day and Calvin had to returned to Taiwan for hosting he asked to put his extra luggage in ZhouMi's room and Zhou Mi agreed to it.
The incident:
Calvin wearing his pj's rings the bell with his luggage and across the hall is ZhouMi's manager (KoreanMan sitting on the phone with the room door open) starring at Calvin, Calvin looks at him and says hi, Zhou Mi opens the door in his robe ** LOL** and lets Calvin in.
About 3 min. past, and the phone rings. ZhouMi answers the phone and his manager ask:
Hi ZhouMi...so...are you sleeping yet?
ZM: No?
Manager: Oh..well..ehh..yea...uhh so...Is Calvin..uh in your room?
ZM: Yes?..
Manager: Oh yea...mhmm..well...are you guys going to rest?
Zm: (WHAT?) well, he's here to leave his luggage.
 hahaha the manager thought they were going to sleep together.

The next argument with ZhouMi&Calvin is over ZhouMi's drinking.
Calvin talks about how when ZhouMi always says he can drink a lot but on the day that everyone was celebrating the ending of When Love Walks In.
Everyone drank happily and this is why Calvin says Zhou Mi is crazy, everyone wasn't done but Zhou Mi all of sudden got super happy and ran around the whole VIP section then charged up the stairs and charged down the halls and then into his room.
Calvin: All the fans outside didn't know what was going on.

Danson-ZhouMi's incident
Danson doesn't drink so Zhou Mi gave him milk while at a club. And holding Milk and Dancing is now Danson's style because of Zhou Mi. Calvin jokes that he found the best girl who was dancing with an oreo! Calvin keeps cracking out cold jokes.

Calvin and ZhouMi also has another incident with going to the NightClub.
Calvin really wanted to see how it is different so he ask Zhou Mi to take him, But after 2hrs Calvin changes his mind and they just leave to go stroll for drinks. Zhou Mi then changes to a more loose down to earth T-shirt and cap, and turns into tourist guide. Calvin looked like superstar.

You're Beautiful Taiwan Version Releases in May

The remake of You're Beautiful the Korean Hit is finally going to release in Taiwan. Fabulous Boys has been scheduled to release in Mid-May of 2013 so just next month. If I locate any more information I will upload them. 

Jang Keu Suk and Jiro Wang have both though become a hot topic for comparison after controversy of officially using Jiro Wang for the lead was released. 

Many fans believe that Jang Keu Suk fans believe that he will be a hard character to portray and replace in many You're Beautiful fan-addicts hearts. Jiro fans have opening admitted though that they do not fear this controversy, and why is that? Well, Jiro is profound for his way of "original acting skills" Jiro is man who acts as he deems fits the character.

The Japanese remake of You're Beautiful was classified by many net-zens as a failure remake, making many people wonder if the Taiwanese Remake would do the same? Fans after months of arguing on forums and web chats finally are all willing to give the Taiwanese Remake a try and see what exactly will this new A.N.Jell bring to the stage.
It has also been rumored that China is considering remaking this drama, an anonymous net-zen commented: 
I can trust Taiwan's version of You're Beautiful will not be too much worse than the original, considering the sneak peek was quite amusing and Taiwan drama quality is quite good but it worries me that China also want to recreate this drama.

Whether China remakes it or not, lets us just anticipate the Taiwanese version of You're beautiful aka Fabulous Boys~!

The new song "Promise Me" has the original  music but re-written chinese lyrics. 

I retrieve all the facts above from the FB pages of Fabulous Boys, Weibo fans, forums, and other sites. 

Wu Chun's Fitness Zone Turns 10yrs!

Wu Chun, former member of Fahrenheit celebrated his gym's 10 yr anniversary!!
The Gym's 10 years of business have been very successful and in the 10 yrs it has been in progress it has gained numerous members and other advancements !
Chun has successfully opened up to 3 different Fitness Zones and worked reguslry in the Ent. Business. Back in 2007, Chun was named the Most Successful Entrepreneur of Brunei. He was probably the youngest Entrepreneur ever to gain this award.

Hoping Chun's Gym can go international fans all congratulate their idol!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Calvin has returned to MTV

calvin chen has finished his shooting with 3 peas in a pod and returned to MTV to continue hosting recently!
Sunshine boy has been missed recently by everyone!
He happily posted on FB:
Hi everyone! I'm back!

K/J pop craze! just isnt the same without him! Calvin Fighting~! lol

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aaron Yan's Concert Merchandise

Aaron Yan's congratulation concert for his album "The Moment" will be held May 4-5 in the Taipei Uni Arena. The theme is Insomnia with Aaron Yan, A music concert to not fall asleep in...

The music company and orenda has teamed up with Aaron to come up with merchandises to give to fans!
They are:
1. A cute dolphin T-shirt
2. A cute closed eye sleeping mask
3. A tote bag with Aaron Yan's Insomnia concert image on it!

All these merchandises are to support his new album and upcoming Concert !