Tuesday, February 25, 2014

F.I.R 阿沁和炎亞綸再次合作!F.I.R Ah Qin joins Aaron Yan again!

The last time they worked together it was in the making of the compositions for "JiNianRi" or Aaron's last hit song "The Moment" this time it is again for Aaron Yan's upcoming album that has yet to be announced on what to expect.
Ah Qin himself has happily expressed on his weibo that "...last time it was only the composition of JiNianRi this time I have enjoyed working on the composition, arrangements, recording, mixing, and even the ideas behind the song!" 
Aaron himself has expressed he is very happy to see a producer like Ah Qin who is willing to put so much time and effort towards music. 
Both music addicts have happily named the song "Xian Zai Kai Shi" (Starting from now) ; which as Xin expresses is going to take a new lead on Aaron's singing abilities and style, It will bring out another side of Aaron. Qin express how he can see the burning passion inside of Aaron and has decided to let it out once again in this new ballad that should have fans standing on the edge to hear!

Hoping everything falls into place for these two! and Excited to hear a new song!


Friday, February 21, 2014

HIM Has Company Party

H.I.M International had their congregation party the other day where everyone in the comapny comes together for a day of cheer and drinks to celebrate the passing of the old year and the incoming New Year! 

Last year many H.I.M artist released new works and had countless performances everyone and above all The H.I.M family has welcomed more and more people into their family ~^^ 

wells Cheers to all! 

Jiro Comes Back as GuiLong in X-Family2

X-Family2 now being renamed as 
X-Dormitory will be bringing back the X-Family memebers Lan Mei Xin jiejie (mom) , and also Xiao Rou (XiaMei) ; But we cannot forget our hero or shall I say vilian? Gui Long!! Played by none other than Jiro Wang.

He is under a new contract but the actor doesnt look like he'll be throwing this series aside just yet, after all it did play a role in his breakthrough for acting :) 

How long Jiro will participate is still in the hands of the script writers but regardless this series will be another one to look forward to!! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Time Of Love 爱情来的时候 Movie

To all Puddings!!!!
Appearantly, A Time of Love has been broadcasted yesterday. Click on the link below to watch.

A Time of Love

Here's the second source

Youtube A Time Of Love

-Xiao Lin-

Instagram Update

For many fan, if you haven't heard, Calvin has an instagram. Now, Jiro also has an instagram. After looking through a few pictures on his instagram, it seems that he has had this account for quite a while; however, he just never expressed it out to all the fans. 

 Jiro's Weibo Update(2014-2-16)

Rough translation: Does everyone have an Instagram, this is mine. There will be some notes handy for shooting moods and signs where I will be going and staying. Track me. Haha Go! Go! Go! 

-Xiao Lin-

Sources: Instagram

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Time Of Love[complete bts sub]

Aaron 2014 A Time of love complete bts subbed by dearaaronyan. (Thanks for the hard work!)

» [ Intro SaveFrom.netPart 1 SaveFrom.netPart 2 SaveFrom.netPart 3 SaveFrom.netPart 4 SaveFrom.netPart 5 SaveFrom.netPart 6 SaveFrom.netPart 7 SaveFrom.netPart 8 SaveFrom.netPart 9 SaveFrom.netPart 10 SaveFrom.net]

Credits to: dearaaronyan tumblr

Happy Valentine's Day From Fahrenheit!~~

Today is a very special day for many people; however, for Jiro today is MJO's birthday!

Jiro's Weibo post: Today I have completed a great mission, but I will not tell you guys yet hahah. Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

Aaron updated his weibo and facebook. 

On weibo
Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Lantern Festival. Everyone who has lovers, looks for them. For those who don't have lovers, find a friend to eat rice balls.

Aaron's Facebook update
If you don't have a lover, come join us in A Time of Love, join our heart.

Calvin's update: Happy Valentine's Day and Happy End of Lunar New Years.

As of Wu Chun, he spent his day having a big feast with his family. Being very happy, he wrote a song for his angels and his "New love" his little princess, wanting to sing out loud to all.

I just called to say I love you
I just called to say how much I care
I just called to say I love you
And I meant it from the bottom of my heart

 Wu Chun expresses that his love for Nei Nei is different, but it's a 'Love' that stays true inside without boundaries.


This wasn't all he had to say to his superangels. He also wanted to share a little surprise, his little princess and a little quote to share:

"Welcome 'LOVE' into your LIFE.
Welcome'HATE' to your EXIT DOOR!"

We(admins) also hoped that everyone had a great day with their lovers. Even though not everyone had a love, it's ok. Eventually when the right time comes, you'll find the right person. Like Wu Chun said, Although love is different, most importantly, it stays true inside your heart. That's all that matters. 


A Time Of Love Update

Story Line

Aaron plays the character Chen Da Tian, who comes from Taiwan and takes a flight over to Japan searching for a recipe from a 300 Year Old wagashi store called "Wada House." Da tian is searching for the Wada House's bakery teacher, Naomi Watanabe, who plays the role of  Yoshiko Wada being the 10th generation of the teachers. When he arrives at the bakery, he discovers that Yoshiko is a fat and ugly girl. One the other hand, she needs to marry someone before she turns 30 or else she would not be able to take over the Wada House, which is a family business. In conclusion, Yoshiko and Da Tian carries a fake marriage until the day that she turns 30.

While waiting for A Time of Love to come out, they have a page that everyone can follow, which has clips from behind the scenes videos. 

-Xiao Lin-

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Proud Uncle Calvin- tong tong is 10months

Proud Uncle Calvin was happy to share with the world on FB that his little princess is officially 10months now!

Time flies so soon but gladly Calvin has allowed us to also watch her grow up! 

Jiro to become a producer

That's right, he is entering the producing field next!
   He has conquered acting, singing, and his own fashion line what's to hold him back from joining a new profession. The accomplished actor Jiro Wang has become has slowly given him back a good amount of confidence to attempt at becoming a producers.
This has yet to be a hands down condition just yet but he is considering producing his first Ancient Chinese series. After all this past year he did shoot over 5 different movies and fans are chasing him around everywhere just to keep up with his busy schedule; on top of all the commotion though many news critics would rather know when does he plan to settle down.

   He state that he originally planned on 35, but considering that he has just now started considering producing where it will require him understanding the script to a different level, and making important decisions such as the characters being chosen or clothing and ect... he believes that plan will be delayed. This may leave fans relieved but leaves Jiro's mother weary if she'll ever get to hold her grandson/daughter, his mother is profound for speaking out that though Jiro is a busy she still wants a baby to cuddle up to. (Let's not forget last year she stated she didn't care if he was married or not, she just wanted the baby- I am sure she was joking but it is quite amusing.)

   Regardless he is going to be producing soon and he will also be partaking in the new Legend of Condor Heroes as a minor character for a start on Ancient Series, and after wards this year he is to release a new album also shoot some more new scripts. When anymore info is released we will share!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Aaron Yan Teams up with Populady YuShan&BaoEr (CNY PROGRAM)

It's BEST RADIO~ Happy New Year show so let's welcome Papaya~!

This is PopuLady's YuShan, Bao Er & Yan Ya Lun,
Aaron clears up when YuShan questioned the name that Papaya sounds better than
PapaYan because papaya is a fruit giving it more meaning than papayan~ which sounds more
a child calling their daddy- papa yan! ^_^
The first song on the list was Aaron Yan's "Ji Nian Ri"

As the show carries on they talk about what they do during their new years with family and Yu Shan explains how they eat a meal together and play games while Bao Er explains that she lights fireworks with her family and they sit around together and chat.
Aaron playing the nosey role for the listeners ask what exactly they talk about and Bao Er says usually work, or what they are learning, Aaron as a good host ;) says "What about boyfriends? They don't ask about that stuff?"
Yu Shan and Bao Er both laugh and say that is private material they don't ask, and when Aaron is asked he quick switches to saying their time is running out and PopuLady's song "XiaoWeiLai (little future)" starts to play.

The next segment of the show Aaron mentions how populady has released a new album last year and ask what their favorite song is and Yu Shan answers they liked every song, and Aaron quickly replies "Stop with those polite answers, I want the truth", and since he asked BaoEr and she answers the same he says " Okay nothing to talk about here now" the girls quickly respond and say that they want to know something about him. He is asked "From the time you debuted till now what is the most embarrassing thing that occurred to you."Aaron thinks and says, "Honestly recently there was one incident, where I was backstage and saw MC40 (from DaMouth) and I saw he had a new haircut and I accidently called out "HEY JR" (another showhost/ex boyband member) ; realizing I was wrong he looked around and looked for JR before I said Hi again and left." Then the show goes to another song. Aaron Yan's "Dang Bu Zhu De Tai Yang"

As the laughs carry on after the song, the girls introduce once again Papaya~ but Aaron purposely slowly reopens again and says Hello we are papaya and we are papaya because we have two populady's and a Yan Yalun. Only limited for CNY. He later allows them to introduce their first debut song "Yi Zhi Yi Zhi Ai" which is a remake of the classic "Pretty Boy"; the two girls sing a part live before the song itself is played.

Afterwards the girls go on talking about how to prepare themselves before going onstage for a performance, and Aaron asked them first what kind of question it that and YuShan simply says "I was curious, so I wanted to ask." Aaron laughing replies "During the RedWhiteShowcase I was really nervous and the first thing I do when I'm nervous is that I have to ask others and since Yoga was behind stage with me I asked him since he performs with instruments alot, and he was more nervous than I was."
They then play Aaron's "BeiWangLu"

The following topic was probably the funniest one of the night considering Bao Er finally asked a very peculiar question to towards Aaron, She is curious since Aaron worked with their cutie Yu Shan and Aaron first question this statement by saying "Cute? you sure you didn't mean the manliest?" and Bao Er says "manly & cute?" and finishing asking about how they had their Insomnia performance and the kiss was an accidental incident but how did Aaron feel about it. Aaron laughs and says "Well honestly if you're wondering about the feeling then, they were soft. Her LIPS were soft, definitely real with no botox at all!" and all of them laugh while Yu Shan whom is very embarrassed still tries to open to the next song. (It was AMei's song but it was cut out but JiaJia's ad is still played)

The End the show by sharing how they wish to spend their new year, and Aaron openly starts off by saying that other than sharing time with family, working out more and working hard on his career he just hopes to create future plans and wants to accomplish everything one by one. Yu Shan surprises everyone by saying she wishes to go sky diving before she gets to an age where she is too scared to do such daring things. Bao Er on the other hand says she wants to work harder on her other talents besides singing and dancing, known as on of the more flexible members in PopuLady she mentions wanted to learn how to do a mid-air back flip but their manager thinks it is too dangerous.

Papaya's Show - Aaron, YuShan&BaoEr  *listen here if you wish :D

Chun out with the family

Chun's Daddy essence has become stronger lately, after listening to his daughter and him on the radio over their New Year's broadcast it is very easy to hear how happy of a daddy this gentleman is, also he isn't exactly hiding his family anymore now.

Many fans have spotted him out and about but they are all very courteous of their privacy only shooting photos of him. Considering Chun still wants to keep him family on the down low as much as possible for safety of course. So also as a reminder I just wanted to make sure everyone knew to not over post any photos of his family or where he lives or whatnot for the safety of the little ones <3

The family this time though went out to a little burger joint restaurant when this fan ran into Chun, and they were getting a bite to eat when the fan realized the table next to their's was Wu Chun and his little ones along with his wife.
She posted how she was very happy but didn't want to ruin their meal and only snapped a few photos and his wife told him orders and he went up to order their meal.

Honestly, I think he has never been happier :D


Aaron Yan New Drama- Female Lead not going to be Puff Kuo

Aaron Yan is to start shooting his next Settv drama "Loving Both Of Me" (Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo).

The issue though is that his ideal actress Puff Kuo, who last year in their drama "Just You" won the hearts of many, may not be able to complete this drama with him. When the script was brought up and given to Aaron he nodded and agreed quickly as the character will be similar to Qi Yi in Just You but rather he will have a day life and a night life- both sides of his character are said to have a dramatic difference.
I personally don't believe this will be very hard for Aaron considering he is a hard working actor, also after watching "Death Girl" his performance as Shen Qi and Gao Chao the same drama allowed me to understand even more that he is doing his best to act out every character he meets.

The issue this time though did occur on Puff, considering she has just recently accepted to do an assignment for the Korean Show "We Just Got Married" (that if I may note: Gui Gui also did, and just happened both ladies both won best onscreen couple with Aaron Yan) ; I have a feeling he will make another name cameo for WJGM, but regardless Puff schedule is too packed to accept a new drama that requires shooting right after Deja Vu ends its season in a few weeks.
There has been news leaked out that Dream Girl's other member, Tia Li (Li Yu Fen) might pick up the script considering that if Puff does turn down this script then Tia would be the next pick.
Tia who has been improving very well in her acting career but only manage to get second female lead parts has been waiting on a female lead role. This may be her chance but she only replies that she has seen the script, so it is still unconfirmed that Tia will or will not accept.

Dream Girls after releasing their 3rd album has had many dilemmas over Puff&Tia's popularity regardless it be dramas, advertisements or singing - personally I believe that both ladies are very hard working individuals whereas Puff is a little more outgoing, I find Tia more poised and elegant and a quiet girl in nature.
On a personal note, I believe Tia's acting is matured to a point she can try a female lead role (she has acting in dramas like Summer's Desire, Miss Rose, Office Girls ect.)

Whoever Aaron gets to work with I'd be willing to give a chance too, because his acting does seem to bring out the best in many actresses and he has a way of starting them off on their new paths. 

"DreamGirls" (L-R) Tia Li, Puff Kuo, Emily Song

Tia Li & Aaron Yan
Personal note:They are both very attractive 

credits: http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2014/new/feb/9/today-show1.htm?Slots=BShow