Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MuaJoXWow "RockCute" Designs opens up sales

[Calvin's factory 7 site is a little easier to understand]

"ON SALE NOW~! 5/21-6/16 ^^"

Jiro and Calvin has finally started the joining of their two brands "Rock-Cute"
The meaning behind the name comes from the ideas of the their personal brands, whereas Jiro's brand Mua-Jo is striking a more Rocker approach, Calvin's brand WOW is more of a cute affect. This combination makes up the Rock-Cute collab of the two Fahrenheit members.

They have had fans anticipating for days with their continual posts on weibo about the collab, but it is official as Spring starts up and meets with Summer, Rock Cute has joined the next call for FASHION.



We Want We Want ROCK-CUTE!


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