Saturday, June 28, 2014

Aaron Yan photo updates

Aaron Yan recently has been rocking his photos with a new look, full of his new life using "Drama" & "Cut" to pass through everyday. 
He has stated before that dancing would be included into the albums, and he has been rehersing. Currently "Cut" has only released "No Cut" MV featuring Fuji Lena from Japan. 
Aaron has been rocking this big sunglasses giving off a SUPER IDOL image but his new signature pose is thag crooked smile viewed above (^^) 
The photos here are off Aaron before and  After dance practice. He recently has also been very proud of the nicely built image his body has moved into. 

Working on dancing, his drama, and still promoting his album Aaron is keeping busy. 


Wow 4years Celebration- Calvin one day in store boss

"WOW is a great success"
This saying is known to represent Calvin Chen's company WOW! Which designs clothing and supports him and his friends idea of what success should be represented as. Calvin a successful artist himself has established WOW for 4yrs now, and on 07/06 he will become a one day in store boss to share Wow's great success with fans of the brand. 
Some fans will have a chance also at attaining the newest piece for Wow, a necklace with a new charm Calvin has been designing. 


Calvin Chen [Photo Updates-what's he doing]

Calvin Chen has been keeping everyday updated on his daily activities. He also has announced that his niece has started to walk now. 
Above Calvin posted "It's Sunday, Have a good day everyone. Time to work out."

This image I do not recall what he had posted but I can say one thing, it was quite well taken and this style he is wearing is very fitting. A european elegance type of style.

Calvin Chen is celebrating his 4 year establishment of WOW is a great success! 

Calvin Chen's friend gave him an oreo cheesecake Yummy! 

Recording!!! cannot wait till his album is released!! 


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jiro Wang IG updates- Kristen Ren/George Hu found! haha

Talk about a booming IG account!
JIRO ROCKER isn't ever too busy to be a little conceded haha~ Jiro updates and lots of photos!
"HERO or Ruffian?"

- HERO or Ruffian, well either way he looks great right~!  A nicely cut out suit open chested and dazzled by a simple big ring and black shades. SO JIRO!
Its so early yet, my schedule is already packed.

-Jiro look so tired here, but I have to say only he can make tired look this cute. I can't stop looking at those LIPS!

"Look who I found!"

-Jiro may be busy, but he always find those small joys in life~! and look its PIKACHU! Pika Pika~

"Look who I ran into? Feels like I'm shooting KO3 An Guo Again!"

Everyone must have been working in Kao Hsiung that day because that is where everyone is hiding it seems haahaa.
Jiro ran into George Hu while George was working " Checking up on the buddy"
Shooting is coming to an end today but progress is made~

Jiro makes the silliest faces haha X-Dormitory don't forget to support!


So tell me? How do you like Jiro? sleepy and precious? rocker and handsome? cute and funny?

Aaron Yan shows up to support Yoga without makeup

Yoga Lin had celebrating his new single, "Speaking in Tongues" in Xi Men Ding and while holding his fans meeting, he had a special guest arrive.
Aaron Yan! But not as a well prepared Aaron Yan, he showed up sweating and in his glasses not contacts and happily without any makeup Aaron expressed : "Yoga always says I'm too handsome, so I'll let him be handsome today :D"
The two good friends have been quite close ever since Yoga's debut, and after Aaron debuted his solo album career, the two music geniuses have been side by side during many shows and ceremonies. Lately though, it has been quite hard to see the two together, fans of Aaron and Yoga call them "YanJia" combining Yan from Aaron's last name, and Jia from Yoga's name Lin You Jia.

Yoga after seeing Aaron came all the way to support him, said " I saw him earlier, walking around because I know he works out around here, but I didn't expect him to show up for my fans meeting! I mean he isn't wearing make up or anything look at him still so handsome!"
Many netizens and fans on the site called out "Xiao Lu" when seeing Aaron appear in glasses and bangs down, he laughed and said if he appeared with his hair set they'd better call him Lu Tian Xing.

=) XM-

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aaron Yan & Tia Li- Hua Liu Magazine Fans meeting

Aaron Yan and Tia Li came together on the 26th to celebrate Spop Hua Liu's magazine success with fans at the Settv station. 

Aaron even jokingly teased fans and Tia constantly. When asked about the issue of their lips both being affected at the same time, Aaron questioned Tia "Yea? how was the timing so right?" 
Tia laughed and said "I had nothing to do with Aaron's lips but mines did get hurt the same day haha"
Aaron responded "I bit my lips that day and it was swelling that night." 
Fans though love these scenerios so the "fan story" goes "What did Aaron and Tia do to have the same hurt lips that evening?" 

When Aaron and Tia walked onto stage was probably when the screams reached a climax, having the host day if it got any louder the building would collapse. But later when taking photos some of the screams went down some an Aaron kept teasing to leave.
When telling jokes the two rotated and at the end of Aaron's joke everyone knew the answer leaving Tia only to laugh. One joke where no one laughed only Tia and Aaron laughed left everything awkward yet amusing.


Monday, June 23, 2014

AaronYan - NO CUT MV released !


Taking place in japan, with beauty Lena Fuji. We have a beautiful placement of Aaron Yan taking on his song "not cut" to a different level, fast paced but with a light flow to his music now Aaron has brought in some small dance moves. 
Aaron now has also taken on Rap, which he stated he hadn't had the chance to do while in Fahrenheit. 



Calvin meets up with Cai Huang Ru & TWINKO

Aaron may be the busy one lately but he isn't the only one in Fahrenheit getting his hands full of beauties :D
Fellow bandmember Calvin Chen ran into his last co-star from " Lucky Touch " - Dou Hua Mei (Cai Huang Ru) one of the first girls to be considered a Goddess when the rumor of the proclaimed "GODDESS of Taiwan" swept the ent. circle.
Below is a photo of the two :D so cute still!

Calvin Chen also has picked up a cameo role, but I have yet to see which one it is. All I know is that the new girl band TWINKO is featured in it. One of the members of Twinko (which is proclaimed to be a short girl group) has also worked with Aaron Yan before on a commercial :D 

Below is Calvin at a high school, while running around for hosting :D

Calvin after returning to Taiwan from China, said that he was home finally and snuck onto the subway hopefully on one noticed him XD

Well, that is Calvin's schedule so far this past week. We'll wait and see what drama, and shows are to come up next ~~


Friday, June 20, 2014

BTS Fall In Love With Me Magazine Shooting (eng sub)

Eng Sub to the BTS of HuaLiu Magazine shooting between Aaron and Tia.
These two are just too cute~^^

6/22 they will be having their fansmeeting~^^


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jiro ask to be NeiNei's manager- Chun rejects

"I love you bro, but this is my daughter."
This phrase can be used to explain Wu Chun and Jiro Wang's funny situation currently.
Jiro Wang who has recently taken on Producing and becoming a judge/show host on mainland china's child's voice show, has taking on a liking to the idea of becoming a manager/boss of his own company.

When posed with the question of if he did do so what would be his motive behind the company. Jiro claims he wouldn't be signing on artist/actors/actresses that were already past their childhood, because he started to have this though after join the show "Child's Voice" (a singing show for children). I want to help them achieve their dreams faster and be able to fulfill their hopes, in trade for the happy faces and innocent childhood memories- it is something so precious that we as adults tend to forget after a long time.

Jiro was later asked if he had asked anyone yet, and Jiro laughingly said "Yes, and I was rejected by her father."
Who ? Who was it...?
That's right no other than "Nei Nei - Zun Xin Li" haha, Wu Chun was quite quick to reject me too joked Jiro who couldn't wipe the smile off his face while speaking of Chun.
"She is really cute and I believe she really does have some potential. But Wu Chun has already said no, and I still have so much to learn. We will see in the future."

One day she may join Daddy on stage, but as of right now, home is best.

炎亞綸 Aaron Yan [一刀不剪]

炎亞綸 Aaron Yan [一刀不剪 No Cut] 官方歌詞版 Official 

Aaron Yan has just released his new song, "No Cut" (Yi Dao Bu Jian) where he now challenging for the first time, rap and heavy pop styles.
Aaron Yan in the past has been more of a "Ballad" artist but for these two albums he has stated before he loves music and he loves challenges, it doesn't matter if its him off screen or behind the scenes he wants to experience new things and make the best music for his fans and others to hear.

Enjoy Aaron Yan's NO CUT....


Aaron Yan- New album Cut to release

Busy as he is with Dramas, and flying from country to country he isn't done.

Cut has finished up recording and Aaron Yan is almost ready for another released.
As of right now H.I.M has stated that the expected date will be 
June 26,2014!!!!

Drama has gained great reviewed but so far only one song has been leaked from Aaron's Cut album~!!!

(stay tuned I will release the song soon!)


Monday, June 16, 2014

Fans reaction to Fall in Love With Me ep11- uproar may shake ratings

The heat is on, Episode 11 premiered last night with undying drama. (SPOILER ALERT!!!- if you do not want to know some parts don't read!!! SPOILERS)
Tao Le Si figures out who Xiao Lu really is, heart broken now she is unable to even listen to what he has to say. With betrayal and a broken heart leading her entire character she will be the one character fans wished would become more "smart" as some say.
Huan Huan, heartbroken and also shaken by the fact that her beloved Lu Tian Xing is going to disappear so that Xiao Lu can live by Tao Le Si forever she keeps trying to contact him.
Lance, as a  brother to Huan Huan and one of the Co-Owners of Tian Ji can no longer watch Tian Xing carry on with his actions.

After sending the video to Tao Zi and she tells Lu Tian Xing everything she leaves and Tian Xing undying persist her to make her listen to his reasoning. Huan Huan who cannot contact Tian Xing, calls Tao Le Si asking for him, Tao Le Si then has Huan Huan meet them so she can take Tian Xing away.

The turmoil starts here when Tao Le Si accidentally slips off the ledge after wrestling with Lu Tian Xing, Huan Huan walking forward to help also slips. Leaving only Tian Xing (Aaron) to hold both ladies. Huan Huan seeing that her beloved Tian Xing is injured let's go of his hand and falls to the bottom. Rushing to the hospital only to realized that she may never walk again.

Fans were very angry with this part in particular because they state this is a "OLD TRICK" of dramas, also that this episode shouldn't have even included that scene because it makes it feel like "Fall in love with you"  is part of the daily dramas and not the sunday dramas genre. Many fans reacted very angrily with the scene of Huan Huan losing her legs and the factor that Tian Xing may have to retain by her side and may never get to explain to Tao Le Si. But regardless the rating that day did go up, and I personally feel that the scene was quite reasonable considering the area of the argument.

Aaron also was watching and continually posted up photos of himself watching well...his own drama!
On one post where Leo calls him : Lu Tian Xing, Aaron uploaded the comment " Omg~!"
Which personally I found adorable haahaa. Well until next week.


Calvin returns from Europe to Shen Zhen

Found Calvin~
In previous facebook post he uploaded that he was leaving but wouldn't leak where to, the sunshine boy evidently took a long awaited vacation to the beautiful Croatia, located in Europe.
He and some of his friends spent time viewing the beautiful country's waters, natural life, and of course ladies~ (because its calvin come one haha just kidding). But the did happily post up continual photos of beautiful places located in Croatia such as a church, the water falls or local markets.

Calvin did abruptly return to China just yesterday though to say that he was returning to Shen Zhen to do some on-show hosting again, he posted "Hi Shen Zhen I am back. It is very last minute, but I am here."

Calvin went onto the show Xin Nian Dai (New Generation) and later that day uploaded the photo of him in a high school uniform. Though the star claims he will no longer do any more school related dramas but this one doesn't count. :D plus he looks so SUNSHINE!

A vacation well earned for Calvin. He had fun and that's what matters~~!!