Wednesday, July 20, 2011

yan yalun's best weibo post shanghai seeing kobe bryant

Shang Hai's Sprite Basketball Tournament! Beijing's Aaron Yan Concert! Awaiting Seeing You Guys (Fans), and Kobe!!!(Kobe Bryant)
Aaron Yan's album was release this year in 2011 and this year he also will be able to see his Favorite Idol Kobe Bryant of the Lakers basketball team....Aaron has a collection of numerous things from/about an action figure...kid shoes he plans to give to his least 5 pairs himself...a jersey and so much more....his love of Basketball/and Kobe is known by Puddings worldwide...for his dream to come true we should also be happy for him!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

AhYi&XiaoFeng-Reen's choice:阿一&小風愛情...

The much welcomed Drama Love Buffet has every fan group in a puzzle who do love more ahyi&xiaofeng the love that was always hidden and full of misunderstandings or daye&xiaofeng the love that didnt go well the first time and was given a second chance for mistakes....Well why dont we hear exactly what our main actress has to say about which character AhYi or DaYe would she of been more attracted to and/or became her final choice....and the answer is
AARON YAN's character AhYi....Reen confessed she preferred the mysterious and shy guy that would always be there , and as for Calvin's character Da Ye a happy and outgoing character would become a best friend faster than a those AhYi fans that were so sad with the Da Ye and Xiao Feng outcome dont be ...become AhYi and Xiao Feng won in Main Female Lead Actress Reen Yu Hong Yuan's Eyes....^^

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just One Look By AaronYan and Olivia Ong-最後一眼 MV

最後一眼MV "Just One Look"...By:AaronYan ft.Olivia Ong is out...built upon beautiful voices and talent the two sing a sweet song on the last look of a loved one...the MV includes the clips from Aaron Yan's Touch and Go Concert originally held on 6-11-11 at Taiwan's National Uni...and with Animations to show the feeling expressed this song will take your heart away and return it harmlessly....
Please listen and enjoy:

heres the link:

AaronYan's The Next Me Album Now Available on Yesasia the Artist!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


ha, its been a while, since i've been on here, posting new, or just anything.
With everything doing on, i hope everyone stays strong, everyone has their own difficulties, and problems, but stay strong.

Monday, July 11, 2011

View the Fahrenheit Page

Anyone who would like to see some short stories on FLH please veiw our FLH page up in the tabs Thanks...the stories are at the bottom

Jiro Wang Album

Jiro Wang the 'Rocker' out of Fahrenheit is currently working on his Solo Album!!! Will it be of his own songs...lyrics and composition...or will it be with DCW...or will he just surprise us?!
Either way its gonna be an amazing album jia you wang dadong!
As for those who are putting Aaron Yan and Jiro Wang albums on the line, yes those of you who keep choosing sides about who did this and that why cant we just leave it alone for least until his album is out?


ups and downs....

Going through a hard time right now! But i know...all well ends well! But anyways its been so long since we've check on our followers! How has everyone been? Hoping that you guys dont work too hard! But if there's anything! We are here to support you guys! JIA YOU! HAO MEI! XIAO MEI! JIE NI! WU CHUN! AARON! CALVIN! AND JIRO! wo ai ni men! THANKS FOR SUPPORTING WO!
~Xiao Lin~

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chun and Aaron body figure is so similar...

With Wu Chun and Aaron Yan's age difference it would've been hard to realize it but the figure of both of these heart-throbs are equal!!! Both could be well built men! Aaron now at the age where his figure is shifting into a man started to work out more and in Love Buffet everything he wore looked amazing but it kept reminding me of Wu Chun for some reason...I finally watch the awaiting Sunshine Angel and in the first EP I saw Chun wearing a calm cream colored sweater when he fell in on Rainie showering it instantly reminded me of Ah Yi's figure his red sweater he wore when he and xiao feng were gonna kiss...anyone who looks closely will see if Aaron was to really work out Chun's body every is envious of in Taiwan could just belong to him...of course he has already cleared he doesnt want that body..hehe
~xiao mei~

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HIM dont forget what Fahrenheit has done for Taiwan and Brought to You

As a fan this may seem a bit over the top and the company HIM may be doing its best but I believe it can do better, I dont want anyone to forget Fahrenheit is Taiwan's most outstanding Boybands! Why?...b/c not only did they introduce Japan and Korea to Taiwan as Ambassadors they showed a lot of us that different personalities can become something amazing~! I want HIM to know that they are to keep supporting Fahrenheit as much as possible! HIM if you dont see this Here I'll lay it out on the table...HIM was slowly getting recongnition by S.H.E and Power Station it was Fahrenheit this super boyband that showed the charts not only did Golden Typhoon, Sony Music, and Warner Music own the charts but HIM could also be on the charts....why? because Fahrenheits talents and hard work brought them HIM please give these MEN I quote "MEN" some justice quote again"JUSTICE" they deserve it....

Monday, July 4, 2011


I really hate this feeling! Sometimes when I think for some reason i feel like I'm suffocating...due to the vain where you can find your heart beat...I kind of think that its what I am thinking about...but then sometimes when I dont think about ends up doing that i'm not really sure...on the other hand...I havent been feeling good lately cause many things are going through my head...called Mei mei yesterday and for some reason just burst....Mei Mei! Once you come home...lend me your shoulder! There's many things that i cant stand anymore! If I wasnt here then both my Mei Mei wouldnt have to suffer! I'm always the one who causes them to have so much bad luck! Shi ing wei wo bu hao! what kind of friend am i? wo bu shi hen hao! Everything happens for a reason...just hoping that everything goes out well and that, that "ren!" na wo bu xi huan gets it twice as hard cause you know, what goes around comes around! I really wanna break free from not being able to make my own decisions of who i wanna be with and who i dont! I know what's right from wrong! unlikely mo ren! well i'm also wishing my mei mei's the best! i guess its like what i friends experiences the most hard times together! wo men you jia you!
fahrenheit! JIA YOU!
<3 <3 <3 <3
~Xiao Lin~

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Japan EP out Aaron Yan's The Next Me

Its out finally after some time Aaron Yan's EP The Next Yan Yalun is out in Japan if you read earlier blog post I gave a sneak peak here you go a full version connected to another blogspot CKPOP!!!
 heres the link:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Aaron Yan We Love You Dont stay like this forever

With fans against him...Chun gone and him still trying to put up an album,  Arron's pressure is up there!
please understand Fans no matter who you love or support its all still Fahrenheit in the end...
please look at this video and say he doesnt look the same:

the cute and handsome Arron Yan's Flames for music seem to have lighten up...Arron we need you dont give up!
when he pointed it was at a chunlun poster when he sings its chun's memories...dont blame him anymore or any of them...dont blame the one that stood up for his own fans!~

Music Charts Aaron and Wu Zun one week in Chinese popular indicators

On the Chinese Music Charts for 6/27/11 Both Aaron Yan and Wu Zun took the charts respectively 1st and 2nd...guess everyone who got what???
our charming winter prince with his album The Next Yan Yalun took 2nd place having getting awards being recognized for various shows and covering so much with a Mini Solo Album
alongside HanGeng Wu Chun took 1st place no.1 with Da Wu Shung (the kingdom) the two handsome faces known everywhere in China they are well welcomed celebrities and artist! *Fahrenheit's Aaron Yan and Wu Chun!

(*they are both members in my heart)